Dog Water Bottle

Dog Water Bottle

You can buy a Dog water bottle from easily from its official website. There is a great variety of pet water bottles on Dog Water Bottle You can easily avail the bottle that suits your needs and your pet’s requirements. These bottles have unique designs and are available in a variety of colors and materials. You can select among them and if you want to gift a water bottle to a pet lover, I’m sure you will love the variety of bottles this platform has.

What is an Asobu Bottle?

Asobu Bottle is a platform that sells water bottles for humans and pets. Furthermore, you can find wine and beer carriers and coffee mugs on this platform. There are many features that keep this Asobu Bottle company ahead of its competitors like inventory, variety, designs, material, and colors of the water bottles and coffee mugs. It is a Japanese culture-based website that deals in modern design bottles and other water accessories.

Dog Water Bottle
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Features of Dog Water Bottle

Now, we discuss the key features of the bottles from that make them different from other brands’ bottles.

1. Lightweight and durable material:

The water bottles from are made of Tritan. It is a high-quality material that is both lightweight and durable. This material is strong enough to resist scratches and can also bear the rough usage of bottles.

2. Detachable bowl:

The bottles from come with a detachable silicone bowl that you can slide off when it’s time for your pet to drink. This bowl is designed to fit the base of the bottle and is easy to clean. This is because some dogs or pets cannot drink water directly from the bottle.

3. Anti-slip base:

Another Key feature of this bottle is that pets can drink without any difficulty. It is because the base of the Dog water bottle has a design with an anti-slip feature.

4. Large capacity:

The bottles have a large capacity that can hold enough water for both you and your pet to stay hydrated for a long time. It means that you don’t have to carry a separate bottle for yourself. While walking and jogging you can carry a single bottle that is enough for both of you. There are separate panels in which your water and pets’ water stay.

5. Easy-grip handle:

The bottle has an easy and firm grip handle that makes the Dog water bottle easier to carry even during long walks or trips. The water bottle does not slip from hands and does not take much effort to carry.

6. Vacuum insulation:

The bottle has a feature of vacuum insulation. This insulation is because of the construction of the interior with two walls of stainless steel. This insulation can keep the water cold for several hours. It can keep the water hot according to the atmosphere.

7. Leak-proof lid:

The Dog water bottle has a leak-proof lid that prevents spills and avoids any mess. Pets especially, dogs often love to play with water bottles and if the water has a leakage problem then, they create a great mess.

8. Hygienic Design:

The bottles are designed to be hygienic. This helps encourage your pet to drink from the bottle rather than from unhealthy water sources.

9. Different colors and styles:

The bottles are available in various colors and styles so that you can find one that suits your taste and your pet’s needs. The colors are very unique and stylish.

Dog Water Bottle
Image source: AsobuBottle


Benefits of Dog Water Bottle

Following are a few benefits of using a water bottle for your pets instead of using conventional method water bowls.

  • First of all, using a water bottle makes sure that your pet has access to fresh and clean water all day long. You can carry the bottle all day without getting any tiredness. Whenever your dog wants water you can drink it on the spot.
  • Dog water bottle prevents the water from spilling and splashing around which is very useful if your pet is messy or likes to play with their water bowl.
  • Another great benefit of using a water bottle for dogs is it helps to keep the water cool and refreshing. This is again very important during hot weather.
  • It can be a good way to monitor your pet’s water intake, as you can easily see how much water is left in the bottle and refill it as needed. It means, using a pet water bottle can help to ensure that your pet stays hydrated and healthy.

Blowbacks of Dog Water Bottle

Now, we will also discuss the blowback of using these water bottles for pets like dogs.

  • One issue is that these water bottles are sometimes difficult to clean properly. If you do not clean them properly and frequently, it can lead to bacteria growth inside the dog water bottle Your dog may become ill or sick because of contaminated water. You have to visit the vet for the recovery of your dog.
  • Some pets, especially dogs may find it difficult to use the bottle for water drinking if they are not used to it. Therefore these dogs prefer to drink from a bowl.
  • Another problem is that the bottles can sometimes leak or break which can lead to water spills or insufficient water supply.
  • The next drawback of using a dog’s water bottle is that some dogs can break and chew on the bottle, which can damage it and create a safety hazard. You need to visit the vet doctor in this case. Using a Dog water bottle is an easy way to provide water to your pet. In some situations, they are not suitable for every pet or situation.

Best Water Bottles for Dogs:

Following are a few best water bottles that you can avail of from for the proper care and hydration of your dogs and other pets.

The Pink Barkley:

The pink Asobu water jug is lightweight but has a big 50 oz capacity. It comes with a detachable silicone dog bowl so you can share water with your pet. The exclusive design handle makes it easy to carry, even when full. It’s important to hand wash this product. The dimensions are 5.49 x 5.49 x 8.

Dog Water Bottle
Image source: AsobuBottle


White Might Jug:

The White Mighty Jug is a versatile bottle that can carry up to a half gallon of water or beer. This water jug has the ability to keep water cold or hot and that makes it perfect for outdoor activities. You can also use it as a beer and alcohol carrier or ice bucket. This jug has a capacity of 68 ounces. It is a great accessory to carry for weekend adventures.

Midnight Marble Dog Bowl Bottle:

The Midnight Marble Dog Bowl Bottle allows you to easily share your water with your dog without worrying about cross-contamination. It’s made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel that keeps your water cold for a long time. This water bottle comes with a detachable insulated dog bowl for your pet to drink from. The leak-proof lid, durable construction, and easy-to-carry handle are perfect for outdoor adventures.

Blue Dog Bowl Bottle Lite:

The ASOBU Dog Bowl and Bottle Lite is a lightweight, durable, and BPA-free dog water bottle made of Tritan. The Bottle comes with a detachable silicone bowl, which has an easy-grip handle. It also has an anti-slip base which makes it easy for pets to drink from it. The large capacity ensures the pet’s hydration even on hot days. It promotes hygiene and prevents unhealthy water sources.

Dog Water Bottle
Image source: AsobuBottle



Q. Should dogs drink from water bottles?

You can teach and train a small dog to drink water from a bottle. But if you have a bigger dog, it’s better for you to use a bottle with a big and wider opening so that their tongue can fit inside.

Q. How do you use portable dog water?

To use the dog’s water bottle, You need to hold the Dog water bottle flat and move the lock to the right to unlock it. Now, you have to push the water button to pour water into the tray or bowl of the dog.

After that, You should hold it upright and press the water button to pour any leftover water back into the bottle. When you’re finished after giving water to the dog, You should move the lock to the left to prevent any water from coming out.

Is it OK for a dog to chew on a plastic bottle?

Giving your dog an empty water bottle to play with might seem like a harmless activity. Most vets advise to not leave your pet alone with it. Even small puppies can easily damage the plastic surface of the bottle. Unfortunately, your dog can swallow small pieces of plastic or the cap, which can cause harm.

Is distilled water better for dogs than tap water?

Giving your pet a little bit of distilled water is safe, it shouldn’t be their only source of water. Because if you give only distilled water, it can cause health problems because it doesn’t have the minerals that your pet needs. It can make the body lose important electrolytes through the kidneys, leading to low blood levels. According to Hennessey, it’s best to avoid using distilled water as the only source of water for your pet.

Bottom Line:

Asobu Bottle is an excellent platform for purchasing water bottles for yourself and your pet. There are a variety of bottles in terms of color, design, and material of construction. Dog water bottle can help your dog stay hydrated and healthy. You can provide water to him anytime he wants during walking or jogging.

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