How heavy is 5 gallons of water

How heavy is 5 gallons of water

Does it ever come to your mind how heavy is 5 gallons of water? You may be surprised that it usually weighs around 41.7 lbs to 44 lbs. However, there are certain factors upon which this weight depends on. These factors are like the number of minerals in water and the temperature of the water. We will further discuss major details regarding the weight of 5 gallons in this article.

How heavy is 5 gallons of water?

The weight of 5 gallons of water is usually the same no matter where you weigh them. But there are factors that can decide how heavy is 5 gallons of water. Depending on these factors the weight can change. But in the case of normal conditions, we can say that a gallon of water usually weighs around 8.57 pounds. So, 5 gallons will have a weight of 42.85 pounds. But it varies in a range of 41 to 44 pounds. The following table will further demonstrate the weight of 5 gallons of water in different units.

5 gallons of water41.7 lbs
5 gallons of water19 Kgs
5 gallons of water3 stones
5 gallons of water19200 milliliters
5 gallons of water19.2 Liters

Factors that can affect in change weight:

Following are the factors that can have an impact on the weight of water.

Minerals and salts in water:

You may take it as irrelevant but minerals and the amount of salt also decide the weight of water. If you take normal tap water, it usually contains more amount of salts and minerals. Therefore, the weight of the water will increase a bit. Under normal usage and cases, you can ignore the factor of salt, but in case of high precisions of weight, you have to count on these small factors. This amount of salt decides how heavy is 5 gallons of water.

The temperature of water:

In the same way, the temperature of the water and its surroundings also have a great effect on the weight of the water. If you are weighing the water at a little low temperature, the weight of the water reduces. So, temperature also plays an important part in deciding how heavy is 5 gallons of water. This is because, at a lower temperature, the density of water starts decreasing. We know that density and weight have a direct relation. So, when the density of water decreases, it will automatically reduce a little.

How much is 5 gallons of water?

Five gallons of water is a significant amount that has a relatively high weight. We know that 1 gallon of water contains around 128 fluid ounces of water. So, 5 gallons of water will become 640 fluid ounces. In other measuring units like in milliliters, one ounce is equal to approximately 30 milliliters.

640 fluid ounces x 30 milliliter = 19,200 milliliters

19,2000 ml / 1000 ml = 19.2 liters

So, from the above equations, we can deduce that 5 gallons of water carry around 19 bottles of 1-liter size. Further, we also know that 1 liter is approximately equal to 1 kg. So, it means that 5 gallons of water weigh around 19 to 20 kgs. We already discussed that 5 gallons of water weighs 41 to 44 lbs. 1 pound equals 0.45 kg. It means from these conversions it is also true that 5 gallons of water have a weight of 19 kg.

Weight of 5 gallons of water after freezing:

When you freeze the water, its density decreases. You may have learned during your high school classes that ice has less density than water and therefore it floats on the surface of the water. It means the weight of water decreases if we freeze it. While freezing water, the spaces between the hydrogen and oxygen bonds do not reduce. But the state of water converts from liquid to solid but still it is capturing the same space. That is why due to empty spaces, the weight of water reduces, and ice floats on the water. It also affects how heavy is 5 gallons of water upon freezing.

What can you make with 5 gallons?

There are various dishes and experiments that require 5 gallons of water for performing them. These dishes, cooking, or experiments can be brewing wine, and making a large amount of food.


How many pounds is a 5-gallon jug of water?

A 5-gallon jug of water has a weight of 41.7 pounds. Because one gallon of water equals 8.34 pounds. This becomes around 3.77 kgs. So, from these calculations, 5 gallons of water weigh approximately 41.7 pounds or 19.2 kgs.

How much do 5 gallons of hot water weigh?

If you are measuring water in US measurements conversion rate, then we already said 5 gallons of hot water has a weight of 41.7 pounds or 19 kgs. But in terms of imperial measurements, 5 gallons of water usually has a weight of 50 pounds or 22.72 kgs. It means that conversion rates also have an effect on how heavy is 5 gallons of water.

How much does a 5 gallon water refill weigh?

Refilling water does not change the weight of 5 gallons of water. Whenever you fill 5 gallons, it will weigh around 42 to 44 pounds.

Final Thoughts:

People often search that how heavy is 5 gallons of water. The quick answer to this question is that 41.7 pounds or 19.2 kgs. However, certain factors also play their part in determining the actual weight of 5 gallons of water. These factors are the amount of salt, minerals, and temperature of the environment in which you are measuring the weight of the 5 gallons of water.

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