How long do you have to be Married to get Alimony

How long do you have to be Married to get Alimony

Are you looking for a fixed time duration for how long do you have to be married to get alimony? Oh, I understand your condition. So, you are in the right place. Do not worry, I will help you.

Instant Answer:

Each state has its own rules and regulations about alimony and no minimum fixed duration of marriage is required to qualify. It depends on the state and the ability of both parties to support themselves. Also, it is up to the court to grant alimony and for how long after based on various factors such as your age at the time of divorce, employment status, age and health, education, age of children if any, length of marriage, your income and assets vs the spouse’s income and assets, etc.

In this article, I will discuss the factors, types of alimony, and the marriage age in different states.

What is Alimony?

Alimony is a legal obligation and is also known as spousal support or maintenance. It is the court order payment awarded to the family for financial support. Which refers to the financial support provided by one spouse to the other following a divorce or separation.

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What is the term used in different states for Alimony?

Different states use different terms for Alimony but the concept is the same to provide financial support from one spouse to the other.

  • Spouse Maintenance
  • Spouse Support
  • Maintenance payment
  • Financial Provision

Note: In different states spouse maintenance and spouse support could explain the two different concepts of financial support.

What is the purpose for awarding the Alimony?

Alimony is especially offered during the marriage if the recipient spouse is financially dependent on the other one. It particularly provides the spouse who sacrificed their career or earning way or job to get the benefits of marriage.

  • In some states, they offer the Alimony to maintain the living standard that they had before divorce.
  • Well, some other states only offer the award if it is necessary to help the requesting spouse make ends meet.
  • In this way, it makes sure that both have the same money even if one of them earns more than the other.
  • It helps the spouse to spend their life independently without depending on others.
  • In this way, the spouse has the chance to get any earning job, business, or else to support himself.

How long do you have to be married to get alimony?

In different states that have no fixed duration required to qualify for Alimony. Well, many of the factors that are considered. So, the marriage duration may be a factor but it is not necessary. Each factor is organized and then alimony may be awarded based on the financial circumstances of the parties. However, here I will mention the expected rules of some regions.

In tax:

If at least 10 years have passed in marriage, it helps the spouses. Yes, if spouses are unable to earn a living.


California has a rule that if the couple lived together for at least 10 years or less before the divorce, spouses can receive half of the spousal support.


They considered alimony based on the duration of the marriage. If the duration of the marriage is less than 4 years, there is no possibility of receiving alimony. There is an opportunity to receive a higher alimony for 17 years. Simply put, longer durations lead to higher receipts.

New York:

If the duration of marriage is 15 years or less then spousal maintenance can be awarded for 5 years with a correct period. If the marriage age is between 15 to 20 years, then the alimony will be arranged for 5 to 8 years. Almanya will award up to 10 years if the marriage is the last 20 years.

What is the duration of Alimony?

There are several types of Alimony according to states. Here I will discuss them one by one.

Short Term Alimony:

This type of Alimony is money paid to the other spouse to help cover their financial issues during the divorce process. It is just a temporary support to ensure that the other one is okay financially while the divorce is ongoing.

Long Term Alimony:

This is also known as rehabilitative alimony which is awarded for the fixed time duration to complete their study or training. So as a result they become independent and support themselves in the future without other help.

Permanent Alimony:

Permanent Alimony is awarded to the spouse if they are unable to earn for living. Also, can not work due to age, illness, or other reasons. This type of alimony is ended when the other spouse remarries or dies.

What are the factors that affect Alimony?

Different states have their own rules. So, here I am going to share with you several factors that affected alimony.


Income is one of the main factors that help to determine the alimony. If one spouse has higher earnings than the other. So, one spouse helps the other spouse to maintain a similar standard of living.

Earning capacity:

During the decision also consider the main factor of earning capacity. If the spouse has the greater ability to earn financial income but remains employed or maybe the spouse is unable to earn money for a period that affects the Alimony.

Contribute to the marriage:

If one person sacrifices for the marriage that is also considered when awarding alimony. If one of them sacrifices their career or education opportunities to care for the household, child care, or home support. Both financial and nonfinancial are contributed.

Age and Health:

One of the main factors is the age and the heath that are considered during awarded alimony. If one of the spouses has health issues and is unable to earn a living then the chances increase for alimony. Yeah, the retirement of the other spouse is also considered.

Child Care responsibility:

If one of the spouses takes custody of the children then also an alimony effect. So, the responsibility of the children affects their ability to work or earn a financial income.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the longest alimony?

There is no fixed duration however if you get married 20 years or more that chances you are awarded alimony for a lifetime.

Q. Do I have to support my wife after the divorce?

Each state has its own rules. Well, you awarded the alimony to his wife, and the judge decided after analyzing factors like your income, property, age and health, marriage duration, etc.

Q, can you get alimony after one year of marriage?

Maybe you can get a small chance but that depends on the other spouse’s property. However, separate property remains separate. Maybe you can award a small amount of money to stabilize your financial issues during the divorce.

Final Remarks:

How long do you have to be married to get alimony is not a straightforward answer. Well, I can represent it as a factor to consider that affects the alimony as income, property, age and health, earning capacity, sacrifice for marriage, and more.

Remember that all the states have their own alimony rules and considerations. So, we can not mention it as a marriage one-time duration. You can simply consult the state judge or lawyer to know the right details of your lifestyle condition because all have different situations.


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