How often to water pothos in different Seasons & Temparature?

How often to water pothos in different Seasons & Temparature?

The pothos is so popular indoor strong plant. If you give them too much water they lose 1 or 2 leaves but they recover quickly is the perfect thing for learners. However, one of the biggest mistakes is watering not enough that’s the quickest way to kill them.

Most people believe that photos are temperate plant, and it requires water every day. It’s also simple to believe that watering it every one to two weeks will be enough to keep it healthy. However, all these beliefs will kill your plant easily.

The first step is to take care of them carefully. And understand the watering schedule in every season. Let’s talk about how often to water pothos and which weather is best for them.

How often to water pothos?

Sometimes people want to know How often to water pothos. The answer is that in the first month, weeks give water to your pothos every 1-2 weeks. In these 2 weeks plant’s top leaves will dry and soil. And notice the behavior of your plant. Then, set the watering timetable. The watering schedule also depends on container size, moisture, and light direction.

Frequently watering turns the leaf’s colour yellowing and black. While less watering turns the plant leaves will bend and dry. Before watering, always check the moisture level of the mud and water it a little too deeply.

Watering pothos with seasonal behavior

Springtime pothos watering

The pothos is no different from most indoor plants which bloom in the spring season. However, unlike other indoor plant types, it does not bloom quickly when winter coolness is gone. Instead, May the very last month of spring is the growing season of pothos. In this season pothos plants don’t grow quickly and suddenly you worry about knowing How often to water pothos.

Summertime Pothos Watering

You should give water to your pothos two times a day. But it is not suitable during the summer season. Like humans, plants also require a large quantity of water as compared to in winter season. Now that summer is in full blow, it’s time to start the pothos’ main growing season.

Your pothos plant will be in an ideal growing environment because the pothos blooms at temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which are typical of summer in most parts of the United States.

In the United States summer pothos is in good conditions warm, moist, and visible in the sunlight. They grow quickly in the summer season. You’ll water your pothos in the summer, just like you would in the spring.

Fall season watering of pothos

When starting your normal watering schedule for the fall season, watering your pothos every 7 to 12 days is a perfect season to start. When transferring whether from one season to the next, pay particular attention to your pothos. Most Indoor plants do not stop growing in the fall season.

Be ready when pothos plants can grow well into the fall. However, you should think about watering your pothos a little less often than you did in the summer until you can decide How often to water pothos requires to grow in the fall.

Continue watering in the weather in September and October because the mud is dry quickly. Keep up your summer watering routine for the pothos.

Watering Pothos in the Winter

I suggest using your hand to feel the soil to see how often you need to water your pothos in the winter. Once every 10 to 14 days is an excellent beginning point.

In December, when winter officially begins on the calendar, the pothos can still grow. Since the other plants in your indoor garden have since gone sleeping and the pothos are still active at this stage, don’t be upset if it need more water.

What is the ideal temperature for a Pothos?

In the USA the majority of houseplants like temperatures between 65°F and 85°F (18°C and 30°C). Try not to let the temperature in your home down below 60°F (15°C).

6 rules to moisture your Pothos plant

Let’s talk about the six rules that all pothos plants should follow for all indoor plants. If you apply these rules for watering your plant, your plant will always be happy in every season.

  1. Watering your plant when mud dries in the pot at least 2 inches in depth
  2. Don’t follow any chart or mobile app as a watering reminder. It’s a big mistake. Always check the moisture of the soil and then water the plant.
  3. Instead using a water gallon for watering the pothos. You should use the cup to moisturize the plant.
  4. Pothos roots are damaged with cold water. You must try to do it with room-temperature water.
  5. Water your pothos regularly. To keep soil moisture. Don’t overwater otherwise pothos plant will be damaged and not grow.

Pothos Might Be Thirsty If…

The most typical warnings that your pothos is thirsty are:

  • Leaves that are weak or thin
  • Drooping plants and branches
  • The leaf color becomes yellow
  • Broken leaves
  • Wavy leaves
  • Burning, waterless leaves

If your pothos show these signs, test the mud and give it a good soak. Your pothos require more regular watering.

Overwatered pothos warnings

The following are the most typical warnings that your houseplant is being overwatered:

  • Failing leaves
  • Brown leaves with soft patches
  • Black spots on leaves
  • crumbled roots and branches
  • leaf dots that are brown with a yellow edge
  • water burns
  • Drooping
  • falling leaves
  • Mold on the soil’s top
  • Around the plant, fungus bugs are flying.

The majority of these symptoms take time to appear. But when they become apparent, though, your plant’s health is seriously complicated. And then beginner farmers search for How often to water pothos. If you find these symptoms For example, if your pothos has black leaves and stems, it has been living in wet soil for weeks and needs your quick attention if you want to save it.

Frequently ask questions:

Q. How do I know when my pothos needs water?

If you searching for a long time How often to water pothos? I’ll give you the exact answer to your query. The wilting of the leaf is a clear sign that your plant needs water. The ideal time to water is just before the plant starts to wilt. You should always feel the soil in addition to keeping an eye on the plant.

Q. How long can pothos go without water?

Pothos can survive for up to two or three weeks without water with the right care. But if you don’t give the plant the right conditions, it could perish from thirst in a week or so.

Q. What does an overwatered pothos look like?

An overwatered pothos plant has yellow and brown leaves, rotting roots, and moldy soil.

Q. Should I bottom water my pothos?

Pothos. Pothos plants, like jade plants, are susceptible to water splash-induced leaf blotches. Spots are avoided and healthy soil hydration is ensured by bottom watering.

Final verdict:

I’m sure dear readers you perfectly get the answer of How often to water pothos? When the top 2 inches of soil feel dry to the touch, you should typically water your pothos. In the summer, this water quantity applies once each week, and once every week and a half in the winter. For more info you can comment in the below section I’ll shortly respond to you as soon as possible.



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