How To Give Yourself a Hickey?

How To Give Yourself a Hickey?

The hickey is made because of deep biting and suction pauses the Blood Vessels below your skin. A lot of people need to remove the hickey. Furthermore, if you are one of those who are trying to give themselves a hickey or want to show it off but you don’t have it.

then here are some methods that you need to follow for how to give yourself a hickey. These techniques will help you a lot. Let’s try them.

What is a Hickey?

A mark on your skin that is reddish or purplish in color is called Hickey. Hickey is like a little infection that will fade and cure after some time. mostly this mark is found on your neck. Moreover, a hickey is made after the damage to blood vessels. Because of the biting and suction, a little blood vessel damage. That’s why the blood will flow into your muscles.

How To Give Yourself a Hickey


Techniques how to give yourself a hickey?

Here are some techniques and methods that you can follow to give yourself a fake hickey. Let’s explore the best method for you.

Cupping Process:

Do you know about the little things like cupping which are used for different medicines? If yes, then select one cup with an acceptable size. On your body part, where you want to create a hickey, use this cup. You can easily use these types of cups to make hickeys because these cups will make an outcome on your skin.

These cups are used to create a hurting effect for the hickey. When the blood vessels will damage then hickeys make. Remember that don’t do it over otherwise, it becomes more dark. A lot of time their shapes are uneven and elongated.

How To Give Yourself a Hickey by cupping process


Use of Vacuum Cleaner:

When you are trying to give yourself a hickey by using a vacuum, a vacuum offers you many attachments with it. to give yourself a hickey use the attachment that is small in size and then use it many times where you want to give yourself a hickey. This will give you a hickey which is getting longer in shape. So, ensure while making it that you create it like a real one.

Use of Blackhead Vacuum:

When you want to clean blackheads from your skin then a blackhead vacuum is the best option for you. The vacuum which is used to clean the blackhead from your skin sometimes catches your skin also. Which will give you a little hickey on your skin. So, if you try to clean the blackheads from your face, you can use a blackhead vacuum to make a fake hickey.

Use Straightener or curler:

Every girl has a straightener or curler to make her hair. You just need to take it and heat it for a while. Remember do not heat your curler or straightener too much. It may burn your skin. After that, place your curler or straightener on the selected area. Just put a little bit of pressure and stop. In that way, you can create a fake hickey.

How To Give Yourself a Hickey by use a curler


Use Makeup:

If we talk about how to give yourself a hickey by using makeup. Then, you can use red, purple, and blue colors. combine all of them to make a unique color for the hickey. Now, use this mixing color combination and apply it where you want to make a fake hickey. Remember that don’t use too many darker shades. Furthermore, after applying it you can also use makeup fixer spray to fix it.

How to give yourself a hickey by using a water bottle?

Here are a few steps that you need to know how to give yourself a hickey by using a water bottle.

  • First of all, take a water bottle, squeeze it by placing it between your hands, and fill it with water.
  • Now, place the mouth of the bottle where you want to make a hickey.
  • Leave the bottle for at least 15 seconds and then remove the bottle from the area.
  • When you are going to remove the bottle don’t injure yourself.
  • Remember that the less air present in the bottle the more suction will be on your skin.
  • The more pressure will create a hickey faster and the hickey look more intense.

How to give yourself a hickey by using a water bottle


How to give yourself hickey by using Alcohol Activated Paint?

You can also create a hickey by using Alcohol Activated Paint. Furthermore, these paints are mostly used for theaters and film because they remain for a long time and sweat conflict. Here are a few steps for you to make a hickey by using alcohol-activated paint:

  • Open the bottle of Alcohol and add some alcohol to the paint plate.
  • Place the cotton ball in the center of the paint plate and soak it.
  • Now, squeeze it and make a little wet patch of it.
  • Dip the edges of it in the alcohol and squeeze it.
  • To absorb the extra leftover alcohol, place it in the paper towel.
  • To give yourself a hickey, stand in front of the mirror.
  • Now, apply the 1st layer of red paint color. simply dip it into a red color and make a little oval shape.
  • After that, dip the same cotton ball into the dark blue color and place it where you apply the red color.
  • To blend both colors, dip cotton into the alcohol. Remove the extra excess alcohol by squeezing it.
  • Now, place it where you apply both colors. This will help it to blend them.

How to give yourself hickey by using Alcohol Activated Paint

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long do you have to hold to make a hickey?

You need to hold your skin for at least 20 to 30 seconds. After almost 10 minutes the hickey will appear.

Q. How do you give a hickey without biting it?

There are a lot of methods you can use to hickey without biting. Here we will discuss some of them. you can give yourself a fake hickey by using

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Straightener or curler
  • Makeup
  • Blackhead Vacuum
  • Cupping Process
  • Water bottle

Q. How do you get a hickey at home?

The easiest way to give yourself a hickey is you can take a water bottle and compress it by placing it between your hands. Now fill it with warm water and place it where you want to make a hickey for at least 15 seconds. Repeat the process after some time till your hickey is not bent.

Q. What do hickeys look like at first?

Because of the damage and intact red blood cells, it is red in color at first. The bruise is partisan down with hemoglobin below your skin. A lot of hickeys are purple or dark red in color. Like other injuries, it will also disappear and change its color.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to create a fake hickey on your skin, then it will be harmless and more fun for you to experiment with new things. By following all the guidelines which are present in this article you come to know how to give yourself a hickey. Moreover, you can get a hickey that looks more realistic. It also adds an intriguing element without harming and discomforting your skin. After making a fake hickey, have fun with your creative and temporary look.


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