Mace Coronel: Age, Relations, Career and Personal Life

Mace Coronel: Age, Relations, Career and Personal Life

Mace Coronel is an American actor, who starts his acting career when he was just seven years old. His first roles were in indie short-film, and on these sets is where he discovered his love for acting. Mace begins taking acting classes when he was just seven years old. He got to world fame as Dicky Harper in Nickelodeon’s comedy series “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.” He is also a social media influencer and has been a digital face and promoter of multiple fashion brands.

In this article, we will look into Mace Coronel’s life and career, successes, and qualities that mark him as a rising star in Hollywood.


Many people in the entertainment industry manage to win our hearts with their skills and charm. A good example is Mace Coronel, who is currently taking the industry by storm. He is a young American actor whose creative efforts are connected to Nickelodeon. During his early years, he became amazing. Regardless of his young age, Mace’s dedication and excitement took him to new levels that make him a rising Hollywood star.

Personal Info of Mace Coronel

  • Full Name – Mace Eddie Coronel
  • Birth Date – March 10, 2004
  • Zodiac Sign – Pisces
  • Birth Place – Whitestone, New York City, NY
  • Home Town – New York City
  • Profession – Actor, Social Media Influencer
  • Hobbies – Mix Martial Arts, Snowboarding, Playing Guitar & Piano
  • Religion – Christian
  • Nationality – Dutch-American
  • Address – Los Angeles, California

Physical Appearance of Mace Coronel

  • Height – 5’7 ft (1.71m)
  • Weight – 60 Kg (132lb)
  • Eye Color – Dark Brown
  • Hair Color – Honey Blonde

Education of Mace Coronel

  • School – Homeschooled
  • Qualification – High School Graduate
  • Language – English & Dutch

Mace Coronel Family

  • Father – Marc Coronel (Fitness Instructor)
  • Mother – Grace Coronel (Former Actress)
  • Siblings – N/A

Mace Coronel Relationship

  • Affairs – N/A
  • Marital Status – Not Married

Earnings of Mace Coronel

  • Net Worth – ≈ $5 Million
  • Source of income – Acting

Let’s go on a journey with Mace Coronel and find what makes him such an ideal talent.

Early Life and Career Beginnings of Mace Coronel

Mace Coronel’s love for acting was clear from a young age. From the beginning, it was clear that he got a natural talent for acting Mace takes his first steps toward the showbiz industry, inspired by his loving family. Seeing his great potential, his parents took the risk of moving to Los Angeles to present him with additional chances in the world of entertainment.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Mace Coronel had his acting debut at the age of seven in a local theatre performance and fell in love with the profession fast. He appeared in scenes of “Hart of Dixie” and “Days of Our Lives” when he was just eight years old. He appeared as R J. Forrester in the CBS television show “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Mace Coronel’s rise came in 2014 when he was cast as Dicky Harper in the famous Nickelodeon show “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.”

He gained the focus of cast managers and directors as a result of his work in mutual advertising. His performance earned him major recognition and set him as a rising star in the entertainment industry. After amazing work, Mace turned to his actual love, independent film. Mace began as the main character in the highly praised coming-of-age movie “Pocket (2019)” soon after quitting Nickelodeon.

Rising Stardom

After his debut on “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn,” Mace Coronel moved on to have a successful career in many different kinds of roles. His flexibility as an actor came clear as he played lots of characters in different styles. Coronel’s abilities were recognized, and he was quickly cast in the popular television show “The Bold and the Beautiful.” RJ Forrester, the son of known characters Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester, was played by him. His acting added drama with new life, and he won great praise for his delicate performance.

Mace Coronel Filmography

TV Shows

  • In the Year 2012 – Up in Arms
  • In the Year 2013 – The Ghost Speaks and Hart of Dixie
  • In the Year 2014 – The Bold and the Beautiful, Santa Hunters, and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky &Dawn
  • In the Year 2015 – Ho Ho Holiday Special (Nickelodeon)
  • In the Year 2017 – Sizzling Summer Camp Special (Nickelodeon)
  • In the Year 2019 – Zoe Valentine
  • In the Year 2020 – Wireless
  • In the Year 2021 – Colin in Black & White
  • In the Year 2023 – That 90s Show


  • In the Year 2013 – TSI: Hollywood, Shoelace, Neverland, and M Is for Mom
  • In the Year 2014 – Tesla Motors: Modern Spaceship, We Make That Lemonade, Palette, Money Shot, and Spirit Town
  • In the Year 2016 – ABCs of Death 2.5
  • In the Year 2019 – Pocket

Best Known For

  • Dicky Harper in a comedy TV show, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.
  • R.J. Forrester in the popular romantic and long-running TV seriesThe Bold and the Beautiful.

Personal Growth

Whereas Mace Coronel’s skill and success are clear on the screen, his personality change and effort for his profession have also played an important role in making his career. Coronel embraced the hardships and tasks that come with growing in the world of entertainment as he grew from child actor to adult. Regardless of being young, he regularly participates in helpful activities, supporting many different kinds of charities. Coronel has connected with his followers through many social media networks besides his acting efforts. His excellent social media profile allows him to connect on a personal basis with his audience. Mace’s platform is used to raise attention about important social problems and to call on his supporters to make a positive difference in the world.

Brand Endorsements

Mace Coronel has appeared in advertisements for the following companies:

  • Tesla
  • Samsung
  • Hot Wheels
  • Amazon Fire

Future Events

As Mace Coronel improves as an artist, the road ahead looks bright for this amazing young actor. With his undoubted skills, passion, and willpower, there is no question that he will keep on attracting audiences on both the small as well as big screens. Audiences are excited about his future goals and the new levels he will achieve.

Social Media Presence

Facebook – Mace Coronel

Instagram – macecoronel

Twitter – @macecoronel

YouTube – Mace Coronel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Mace Coronel do now?

Mace went on to appear in the internet series Zoe Valentine, Wireless, and the film Sonny Boy, after his role as Dicky,

Q: Why did Mace Coronel leave Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn early?

According to Deadline, Nickelodeon officials confirmed that the actor and channel “mutually parted ways” and that Mace Coronel’s exit from the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn cast was “a mutual decision.”

Q: Is Mace Coronel half black?

According to IMBD, Mace’s ancestors are Surinamese, Sephardi Jewish, French-Canadian, and Aruban.

Q: Are the Harper quads really quads?

Mae approaches them and shares that the Kramden Quadruplets are true multiples, but one of the Harper Quadruplets is not connected to the others. The Harpers feel disappointed that they are not all biologically related; but, Anne and Tom convince them that it is love that builds family, not blood.

Q: Are Dicky and Dawn really related?

She is Nicky’s, Ricky’s, and Dicky’s older quadruplet sister. She is Anne and Tom Harper’s eldest daughter.


Mace Coronel’s meteoric rise from young actor to growing star shows his outstanding skills and constant determination. Coronel always showed his love and dedication to his creation, since early days in New York to his debut appearances on popular television shows.

With each new job, he shows his range and ability to relate deeply with audiences. Beyond his successful career, Mace’s focus on personal development and charity shows his excellent character. We look forward to Mace Coronel’s next projects as he keeps on motivating and entertaining, sure that he will leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

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