Mikki Mase Net Worth – A Pro Gambler

Mikki Mase Net Worth – A Pro Gambler

Mikki Mase Net Worth is approximately about $8,450,000. He is a popular professional gambler, poker player, entrepreneur, and businessman in America. This is no surprise that the extraordinary gambler uses all the calculations, projections, formulas, and possibilities in Las Vegas and leaves with a loss. Only Mikki Mase is the Special Case. Through his social channel @DirthGothBoi, he beats Vegas. Mikki Mase is making waves as he reveals what is going to happen in the High-Stakes Gambling World. 

Net Worth of Mikki Gambler:

Mikki Mase is a very well-known figure in the world of Gambling. He started his profession as a professional poker player. After that, he expanded his career to more cities. He struggled for almost 15 years to earn his name as a successful and skilled player. Mikki Mase Net Worth is estimated to be about $8,450,000. He earns all of his income by struggling alone.

Full Name Michael David Meiterman
Nick NameMikki Mase
Age31 years old
Net Worth$8,450,000
Birth of DateOctober 27, 1991
Birth PlaceNew Jersey
NationalityNative American
Known forprofessional gambler, poker player, entrepreneur, and businessman
Weight 51 Kg
Height5 Feet 5 Inches

Growth rate of Mikki Mase net worth:

YearNet Worth
In 2010$500,000
In 2011$1,200,000
In 2012$3,500,000
In 2013$6,800,000
In 2014$12,500,000
In 2015$20,000,000
In 2016$28,000,000
In 2017$38,000,000
In 2018$52,000,000
In 2019$72,000,000
In 2020$100,000,000
In 2021$140,000,000

Personal Life of Mikki Mase:

Mikki Mase opened his eyes in New Jersey on 27 October 1991. Mikki faced a very tough time in his early age and spent most of his time in prison. Moreover, he spent 6 years of his life before 21. During that time, he had no sensible bounds of significance. He was disqualified many times from various schools. Because of his activities, his parents kicked him out of the house. Mikki turns out to be poor, homeless and starts living on the streets.

During this time, he takes part in illegal activities and becomes a member of a local gang club. Which causes a great reason to throw him into the world of crime. A sudden change came to his life when his friend invited him to Florida. Here he takes skill to the entire ins and outs of the rehab business. 

Mikki uses all of his income to open a rehab center. After he makes a connection in the pharmacy industry with powerful people. with their help mikki mase opened almost 300 Pharmacies. He works hard to make his income because he doesn’t want to be homeless again. 

Gambling Career of Mikki Mase:

The journey of Mikki Mase into the world of gambling is very sad. When Mikki’s parents throw him out of the house. He becomes homeless and joins a local gang club. Which throws him into the world of crime. After that in the Hollywood exclusive, he also becomes a gambling advisor. He uses his skills and knowledge for unparalleled success in the gambling world. 

How Did Mikki Mase Make His money?

There are a lot of ways that Mikki uses to make all his wealth. He earns money through gambling by following these ways. 

  • Fund Laundering
  • Crypto Investment
  • Clinics for rehabilitation
  • Instagram Scams
  • Presence Backed by Affluent Businesspeople.

Assets of Mikki Mase:

Houses of Mikki Mase:

Since 2013, Mikki has been living in South Florida. By using all of his stored wealth, Mikki has widely expanded his assets which he purchases from his income. Except spending his money on just gambling. Mikki has also invested his wealth to buy real estate. In a prime location, he purchases Luxury Properties. 

Cars Collection of Mikki Mase:

Mikki loves to collect impressive and luxurious cars. the money he earns from the high element of risky gambling and poker strategies and competition gambling schemes. He also uses his income to gather luxury vehicles. Moreover, the garage of Mikki holds the world’s most expensive and high-end automobiles or vehicles. Additionally, no authentic information is available about which car brands Mikki has in his garage. 

Did Mikki Mase Ever Scam Anyone?

Despite the internet presence being widespread with all concepts. There is no news about whether Mikki Mase ever cheated with anyone or not. On the other hand, he holds a lot of funds at the start. But now, we are not able to find any information about them. 

What Happened with Mikki Mase?

One of Mikki’s videos went viral, in which he talked about his current scandal. This scandal might be about his casino. His casino was caught several times in cheating cases. There is something mysterious in his casino like maybe the cards are not showing the exact details or data of the card. The information on the cards might be wrong. Furthermore, in his Instagram Bio, he tells us that he was kicked out of Vegas. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How did Mikki Mase make his money?

Mikki Mase made all of his wealth through gambling and as a poker player. As he is a famous gambler and poker player in America. 

Q. How much money is Mickey the Gambler worth?

According to some reliable sources, Mikki Mase net worth is almost $8,450,000. He just does not spend all of his wealth on gambling. Mikki also invests his income in real estate.

Q. Who is the No 1 gambler in the world?

The world’s number 1 gambler is Kerry Packer. Kerry Packer net worth is around about $5 Billion. He is the richest Australian Gambler. 

Q. What is Mikki Mase’s biggest win?

The biggest ever win of Mikki Mase is 11,526,000. He uses all of his knowledge and skills to win the bet and get a million dollars from just one bet. 


In his childhood, Mikki joins a local gang club and starts selling drugs. MIikki went to jail several times. After he moved to Florida, Mikki started gambling and made his casino. In the scandal of his casino, Mikki got arrested many times because there was something wrong with the cards. Because of this scandal, Mikki leaves for Los Vegas. Mikki Mase Net worth is around $8,450,000 which he earns through gambling or as a Poker Player. 

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