Who is Misty Loman? What was happened and where she is?

Who is Misty Loman? What was happened and where she is?

Misty Loman was a girl who got addicted to drugs after losing her 3 sons. Because of this trauma and extreme stress, she was diagnosed with Scleroderma, Lupus, and Bone Cancer. These diseases affect her skin and body tissue. However, she got her treatment and recovered from these deadly diseases.

Go down and read all the life history of Misty and know what happened to her.

Who is Misty Loman?

The full name of Misty is “Misty Dawn Loman”. Misty was born in 1979 in the Kentucky town of Bowling Green. She was married to her long-term boyfriend “Gary Glass Jr.”. They were happily married but unfortunately, their life took a horrible turn when 3 children of Misty died.

What happened with Misty?

Misty was living a happy married life with the love of her life. Unfortunately, one of her sons has died and because of her son’s death, she was suffering from extreme stress.

Moreover, after some time, she again lost her twin sons. One of them died in the womb and the other son only survived for 28 days and then died.

Because of this trauma and stress, She started taking drugs and was diagnosed with horrible diseases of Scleroderma, Lupus, and Bone Cancer.

Why does Misty Dawn Loman start taking drugs?

As she lost her 3 sons which is a huge loss for her, she started taking drugs. After getting cured, Misty said in an interview:

“These incidents became a reason for extreme stress and traumatized me.

I didn’t see anything and my spirit, body, and mind were broken.

I lost everything, my home, kids, mind, and I didn’t want to wake up.

I didn’t even think that I’d ever get back to my normal life or not”.

Did Misty suffer from any of the diseases?

Yes, she was suffering from 3 diseases; Scleroderma, Lupus, and Bone Cancer. Because of the incident she went through stress and started taking drugs which led her to near death.

She even suffers from skin disease which affects her face skin, scalp, and arms. Moreover, Scleroderma and Lupus also attacked the adipose tissues in her body.

Did Misty suffer from any of the diseases?

Misty Loman went through chemotherapy. As a result of chemotherapy, she lost her weight and hair.

Misty said:

“As time went on drugs made it worse and I know about the facts.

However, if you see the lupus panniculitis and pictures, you will understand more.”

Did Misty get cured of the disease?

Yes, she totally recovered from the disease and lived a healthy life at that time. Her family and 2 older sons Jacob and Corey, appeal and seek help for her. However, the Court ordered her long-term treatment.

she was admitted to “Sisters in Sobriety Facility” in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In 2021, she completely recovered from her disease after completing her treatment.

“I Knew a lot about recovery but I never wanted to apply, like.

I couldn’t get my mind right. I was so disturbed”.

Source: WBKO

She also added;

“I had no intentions. I was gonna get high until I died.

Doctors didn’t give me much time to live and I just spiraled out of control.

I saw no way out. I was so depressed. I didn’t want to wake up.

I lost all my hair, it got really bad. I lost my kids. I was Homeless. I was at rock bottom”.

Source: WBKO

Did Misty ever go to jail?

Yes, she went to jail for 15 times in her entire life because of her drug addiction. In July 2019, she was arrested for drug possession, meth, and other illegal narcotics.

Did Misty ever go to jail?

Is Misty Loman Still Alive?

Yes, she is still alive and lives a happy life with her family. She fully recovered after her successful treatment and getting day by day.

“If you are struggling and you see no way out and your mind, body, and spirit are

broken, just as GOD. Prayers really work they really do. I’m living proof of it.

GOD will help you in your weakest moment”.

Source: WBKO

How do people know about Misty Loman?

Misty went viral on social media after Sheriff Adam Bieber published her mugshot online. This mugshot is best for those who taking drugs.

A lot of people should take a lesson from her story and stop taking drugs. Well, the good thing behind this is Misty gets cured and stops taking drugs.

Is the story of Misty real or fake?

Misty’s story is truly based on a real story. Her life is a great lesson for those who taking drugs and ruining their lives. Moreover, she is also an inspiration for those who lost everything in their life but must have patience and ask GOD for help.

Misty Loman Social Media Account:

There is no information available from Misty’s social media account except her Facebook account. She is active on her Facebook account and actively engages with her fellow and friends. Visit her Facebook account to see her latest updates.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is Misty Loman now?

According to her social media details, Misty belongs to Kokomo Indiana, and lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Q. Where did Misty get her treatment?

Misty gets her treatment from “Sisters in Sobriety Facility” in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


The life story of Misty Loman was a great lesson for those who take drugs and for those who lost hope. She got cured of these diseases and said “GOD will help in your weakest moment”. So, you should also not lose hope and trust in GOD. However, Misty is now living a healthy and happy life with her family.

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