what is Oacian? Is it Animal or Something Else? Come to know

what is Oacian? Is it Animal or Something Else? Come to know

Oacian is basically a clothing store and brand that operates in the USA. The brand deals in different items like T-shirts, Tracksuits, Jackets, sweatshirts and Hoodies. They are all made with premium quality material. You can purchase them from their official website. There is no physical outlet or store of the Oacian in the operation of direct selling to customers. However, the inventory store of the website is in Virginia, USA.

Do you want to know about the Oacian? What is actually the word Oacian? Is it really an animal or any clothing brand? This article will disclose all the complete details about this word. We will further clarify what this word actually means. So, do not forget to read this article completely to have a better understanding of this unique word.

What is Oacian?

Oacian is basically a clothing brand that is based in the United States of America. This brand deals in very limited clothing stuff. The clothing of this brand provides a casual look. The material of these clothes is very soothing and soft.

Oacian deals in premium quality clothing that gives the customer complete satisfaction and a nice outfit to wear. The brand also believes that its clothing material is Eco-friendly and there is no harm to the atmosphere using their stuff like T-shirts, Hoodies, and jackets.


Currently, the brand is actually dealing with the B2C business phenomenon. This clothing is still emerging and they have a very low inventory. But the idea is big and the goal of this brand is to make a bigger difference in the clothing market of the United Kingdom.


The T-shirt is one of the items that Oacian sells on its website. The material of this T-shirt is very premium. It gives the user a great experience of relaxation in the summer. It comes in different colours and the logo of the brand is quite visible on the chest of the T-shirt.

You can select the T-shirt of your favorite color from a variety of colors. Moreover, the t-shirts are available in all possible sizes that range from extra small to Triple X large. It means that the brand has covered the market of every possible size.


They did not target any specific size or age. The price of the T-shirt in normal situations is around $120. Currently, there is a discount offer that is running on the official website. The new prices are between $70 to $90. So, make sure you benefit from this offer and purchase quality T-shirts for your wardrobe.


The most hot-selling item of the Oacian brand it’s premium quality Hoodies. The Hoodies range from Extra Small size to Triple Extra Large Size. It is one of the most popular designs in this brand’s line. Oacian Hoodie can be an authentic and great addition to your wardrobe due to its uniqueness of colors and logo design.

The product can keep you warm and at the same time provide a great outlook of your personality. This clothing brand does not compromise on the quality and display of the products. The normal price of these high-quality hoodies is around $150.

But due to the discount offers, you can avail these hoodies for just $90. These hoodies are available in Black, Purple, and White colors that can be matched with different colors of pants and trousers.


This brand also deals in high-quality tracksuits that are very important in the Winter seasons. You can purchase this product from the official website of the Oacian Clothing brand. The brand believes in the material and sustainability of its products and clothing.

Moreover, these products are eco-friendly also. The Tracksuit item of this brand is available in four classic and stunning colors, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, and off-white. You can select among your favorite colors. Moreover, these tracksuits are also available in multiple sizes that range from extra small to triple extra large.

The discount offer is also applicable to these tracksuits. The normal price of these tracksuits was $180 but after discount, you can buy them at a very reasonable price of $120 to $130. The name of the brand on the front gives an appealing look and these tracksuits feel warm and soft in the winter season.

Future Goals and Products:

As discussed earlier, Oacian clothing is at its early stage. The brand needs a lot of hard work, marketing, and big inventory to take this clothing brand to new heights. There are different items that are listed on the website for sale but they are still not available in the inventory.

It means that they are planning to increase the number of items and products for sale on their website. The Oacian brand may also be looking for physical stores and outlets where they will sell their clothing like T-shirts, Tracksuits, Jackets, and Hoodies in the future.

There are a few items that are listed on the website and will be available in the coming days are;

  • Sweatshirt
  • Jackets

These items were in high demand and were sold out. As soon as they are available in the inventory, the website will put them in the sale process.

Different Policies of Oacian:

The brand is running a good business and there are few formalities and policies to run the business efficiently. Similarly, Oacian has clearly stated its policies upon any activity on its websites. We will discuss these policies below;

Privacy Policy:

The website clearly states that the stores different information for the user who scrolls and visits the website. This information is taken in the form of cookies. When you open the official website, it asks you to allow cookies.

When you accept the cookies, it means the website stores different kinds of information like your location, IP address, and personal information. Similarly, if a user enters his billing information, like credit card details, home address, and name, all information is stored on the servers of the website.

The website does so to ensure there is no fraudulent activity on the website. The information is also stored to save your time if you again purchase any item from this website. This information is collected in the “Device Information” of the website.

They process your information to Google Analytics to give them an exact answer to how users scroll and use their website. This website also shares your data with other shopping brands and marketplaces to line up their online store.

Refund or Exchange Policy:

There are certain refund and Exchange policies that you should read before refunding or exchanging any product of the Oacian. For customers living in the USA, the refund or exchange is applicable within 7 days of purchasing.

If you try to refund or exchange the product after 7 days, it will not be accepted by the brand. Moreover, if you want a refund or exchange from the website, you must not use the item. Original packaging and tags should be attached to the item. Furthermore, charges of $15 will be applied on the return or exchange process.

You can reach the website through their contact page for the refund or exchange process. When you return the item, it will take 2 to 3 days to check whether the item is applicable for refund, exchange, or not. For international buyers, there is no refund or exchange policy.

Shipping Policy:

For shipping or delivery of packages in the United States, it takes 3 to 5 working days. Your order is confirmed in 48 hours. But this all depends, if there is a busy schedule like peak season or year-end sale, the process can take a bit longer time.

The website uses fast delivery services of the USA like USPS, DHL, and UPS for the delivery of their packages and orders. This delivery of the customer’s order can be delayed due to holidays or traffic issues.

The website sends the customer an email when they send their order. So, it will take 3 to 5 working days to reach the order at your doorstep. For international Shipping, UPS service is used to deliver the orders and packages.

After the confirmation of your order in 2 to 3 days, the order is dispatched and the customer can receive the order in 10 to 15 working days. The international customer can also track his order via the tracking number of the order.

Cancellation Policy:

The customer can cancel the order before he pays the price of the products. If you have paid the price then your order is confirmed and you cannot cancel it. Moreover, if the product is lost on its way of shipping then Oacian is not responsible for that loss. Such changes are not refundable.


You cannot complain about your lost order. The brand will check the details and if the brand has made any mistake while shipping then you will get the refund or true order.


Q. What is Oacian?

Oacian is actually a clothing brand in the USA. There are different rumours about the exact information about this word. There is wrong information on the internet about this word. It is not any animal that can live in both water and land. There is no such animal named “Oacian” that can live on land and water.

Q. Is it any sea or land animal?

No, this is not any animal that can live on both land and water. All such information about Oacian on the internet is wrong. It is a new clothing brand that is in its early stages.

Final Thoughts:

Oacian is a clothing brand in the USA. There are a lot of other products that are listed on the website but they are in the process of the actual sale. However, there is no physical store of it present anywhere. Moreover, there is a lot of wrong information regarding this word on the internet. Read the entire above article to know the authentic information.

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