Most Famous People Who Have Become Rich from Gambling

Most Famous People Who Have Become Rich from Gambling

Casinos certainly enjoy when gamblers play in their casino, especially as the odds are often siding with them. However, they surely don’t enjoy it when one gets rich off their casino. It’s almost like a slam dunk when you score huge wins gambling on poker, slot machines, or something else. Throughout casino gambling history, there have been many people who have done this. In this article, we’ll take a look at some players who have gotten rich solely from betting the chips or spinning the slot reels.

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Well, now let’s move on to the list of real lucky winners!

People Who Got Rich in a Casino

Whether you believe it or not, winning big while gambling is not totally based on luck. Skill too plays a major role. The individuals mentioned had the better share of the luck, or unrivalled skill when gambling, or both. Below are some of those who got rich from life-changing casino payouts:

Soraya Lowell

This English mother certainly did not expect to be worth a million dollars playing bingo, but fate had other plans. 38-year-old at the time, Soraya had played bingo right from her teens and had gathered small and medium-range wins over time. However, on the day luck smiled on her, in 2008, she won $1.5 million on a Bingo table. She used this money to purchase her dream house and sponsored her family’s trip to the Maldives.

Annette Obrestad

Talk about someone who started gambling at only 15 years old, and is now a successful gambler. In her early career, she gambled mainly in Europe, since she wasn’t old enough to gamble in the USA. Annette’s wins came steadily, throughout her infant career, where she won almost $1 million. She eventually became legally of age to gamble in both Europe and America. At 19, after a $2 million payout at the World Series of Poker Europe, she recorded her largest casino win ever!

Vanessa Selbst

This woman has accumulated something on the positive of $10 million over the course of her poker career. Vanessa is regarded as one of the most skilful poker players of all time, and her prize money is a pointer to this. In case you didn’t know, she’s the only woman who has topped the Poker Global Poker Index. She’s also a Law graduate at Yale. The 38-year-old has three World Series of Poker rings and eight final table appearances.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a New Jersey professional gambler who did the unthinkable – he made winnings worth $15 million in prize money over just 6 months. He did his tricks and defeated three reputable casinos in that period, over a game of Blackjack. At Caesars, he won $4 million, while he won $5 million at Borgata. His wins seemed to increase with every casino, and he finally cashed out $6 million at Atlantic City. These wins made this one of the biggest casino victories ever, and Don Johnson is now a force to reckon with in casinos, especially ones that have Blackjack.

Billy Walters

Billy finally decided to become a professional sports punter after losing a bet on the New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series. Billy decided to start wagering on sports, and at first, was only getting mediocre wins. He didn’t relent and kept on winning occasionally but losing more frequently. However, check back 2023 and he is worth a stunning $200 million. Billy Walters is regarded as one of the most successful and important sports bettors of all time, and it’s no wonder given that he has had a successful punting career.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Also known as “The Joker” in casinos, Zeljko made his name so scary that casinos started banning him. Through strategy and innovative gambling, he was able to stack wins to an extent where he’s now worth approximately $600 million! His favorite betting categories were Blackjack and Horse betting. In fact, due to his prowess, he was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. This gambler has had his fair share of controversy in recent years. However, his gambling skills can’t be denied, especially considering his success while at it.

Well, Are You Ready to Be on That List?

The list above is a short compilation of those who have successfully used gambling as a lucrative source of wealth. There are certainly many more where those came from, and their wealth is an indicator of how fruitful the activity of gambling can be. You also could be the next “Joker” in a casino setting. Just make sure to keep wagering. And do that with the best risk management strategies available. Good luck!


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