What does Rizz meaans on Tik Tok – A Way to attract Women?

What does Rizz meaans on Tik Tok – A Way to attract Women?

As a Tiktoker or frequent social media user, you may often come across the word “Rizz.” So, if you are wondering what does actually Rizz means. The answer to this question is, one calls this word to a person who has a skill of smooth flirting or attracting women. However, this word may carry different meanings in the context in which it is being used. In this article, we will discuss various meaning of this slang and what does it mean in a different context.

What is a Rizz?

Rizz is slang that you may often come across on different social media platforms like Youtube and TikTok. People often use this term to call a person who has a charming and charismatic personality. It means, Rizz is basically a short form of “Charisma” or “Attraction.” If you focus on the pronunciation of the word “Charisma” which is “Ka + Rizz + ma”, you may notice now this slang actually comes from a real word that carries a similar meaning.

Therefore, you can call it a person in your homies having great flirting skills and attraction for women. The modern generation avoids using words like “Charisma” and “Charming Personality” and it generates its own new slang for such words. So, it means Rizz is a short form of slang that is used instead of Charisma.

Why it is so popular on TikTok & Youtube?

Most of the time, Youtubers and Tiktokers use this slang quite often in their videos. They further use tags like “#Rizz” in the caption of their videos. A famous Youtuber Kai Cenat first used the term “Rizz” in his Youtube and Twitch videos. He further explained how he came up with this word. In addition, Kai Cenat actually used this term first in 2021.

Therefore, Youtubers and TikTokers often use this slang to call out a person who has a great charming personality of flirting or attracting a woman without talking or saying anything to her.

Rizz Explanation:

Kai Cenat when used this term in his Youtube videos, people often wonder and asked him about this term in the comment section of his videos. Later, he explained the term “Rizz” in his videos and told the audience that one call says “You got a Rizz” or “You have a great Rizz” to a person who has an excellent and charming personality to flirt smoothly with a woman.

Kai further explained that there are three different levels of this slang. Further, there are videos explaining the different levels of this slang. Let us now discuss the levels of this slang that Kai has invented.

Levels of Rizz:

There are basically three different levels of this slang. These levels or types are “W”, “L”, and “Unspoken Rizz.” There are three different meanings for this these levels and types.

W level:

W level means “Win” like if you encountered a girl or woman and make eye contact. That girl or woman is highly impressed by your personality and good looks. So, you move towards and have a chat with her and get her number, Instagram, or Snapchat ID, which means you have a “W level.” in this scenario, you just won the Rizz game.

L Level:

Talking about L level, it means “Lose.” I would like to quote the same example you saw a girl and made eye contact with her. She liked it and smiled back at you, you walk towards her and ask for her number or any contact ID. however, during the chat, you could not impress her. Now, she left you without giving you her contact number. It means that You have L Level. In this scenario, you got Rizz to seek her attention but ultimately could not impress her.

Unspoken Rizz:

Unspoken Rizz is explained by Kai Cenat as attracting a woman without talking or speaking to her. Therefore, it means that a person has an “Unspoken” charisma that can seek the attention or attraction of a woman without even having a single word chat with her.

What does “Rizz Up a Girl” means?

This term is also widely used on many social media platforms. Its meaning is to attract or impress a girl with your charming personality and charisma. Further, you have such strong charisma and personality that that woman can give you her contact with a little chat with her. You may ask her for dinner or a date.

Final Thoughts:

Rizz is slang that one may often encounter on Youtube, Tiktok, or any other social media platforms. This word is derived from “Charisma” and it carries the same meaning also like attracting a woman or girl with your personality.


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