Rod Wave Net Worth – How Rich He is? Bio, Age and Lifestyle

Rod Wave Net Worth – How Rich He is? Bio, Age and Lifestyle

According to predictions, Rod Wave net worth is $4 Million. Rod Wave earned all of his income through his musical career, Sales of his music album, concert tickets, YouTube, Spotify, Real Estate, and Selling Branded merchandise. Along with his musical career, he invested all of his income in different projects and ventures to boost his net worth.

In this article, we will explore all the details of how Rod Wave made his wealth and where he invested it.

Who is Rod Wave?

Rod Wave is an American Rapper and Singer. Rod Wave is his professional name. However, his real name is “Rodarius Marcel Green”. He is also famous because of his Incorporation of Hip Hop and R&B. His fans also like his strong and great voice which hit him. He became famous after his single “Heart on Ice” and his debut Album “Ghetto Gospel” hit. Moreover, he is also known as a trailblazer of “Soul-trap”.

Who is Rod Wave?

Rod Wave Net Worth, Monthly and Yearly Income:

As per the estimation, Rod Wave net worth is $4 Million. Rod is known because of his great talent in music, emotional lyrics, and his distinctive sound. He continuously struggles and invests his income in many other different ventures, projects, and music albums to boost his net worth.

The journey of Rod Wave’s success holds persistent efforts. Rod Wave continues to struggle not only to make his financial future but also to work hard to make his mark on the music industry. His growing net worth indicates and reflects his dedication to his work.

Net Worth$4 Million
Monthly Income$10k +
Annual Income$0.2 Million

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Rod Wave:

In the table below, we will discuss Rod Wave’s yearly growing net worth. The current Rod Wave net worth is $4 Million. keep in mind that the net worth is gradually increasing per year.

YearYearly Net Worth
In 2018$1 Million
In 2019$1.2 Million
In 2020$1.5 Million
In 2021$2 Million
In 2022$3.5 Million
In 2023$4 Million

Now, let’s have a look at a graphical representation of the net worth of Rod Wave. The graph will show you a clear look at his growth per year.

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Rod Wave:

What is the source of income of Rod Wave?

As we already tell you the estimation of Rod Wave Net Worth is $4 Million. he generates all of his income from his hard work and dedication to his work. Now, let’s explore all the avenues that become the reason for Rod Wave income.

What is the source of income of Rod Wave?

Sales of Music Albums:

The impressive income of Rod Wave comes from the sale of his music albums. These music albums became the reason for his substantial earnings which went from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. His fans love his music and support him which results in robust sales and a consistent flow of revenue. The estimation of his income through sales of music is 20%.

Concert Ticket Sales:

Rod Wave can also earn almost 8% of his income through his concert ticket sales. The average ticket amount for his concert is between $78 to $247. Rod wave concerts are held in different states of the USA and also on a global level. Furthermore, along with his talent for resonant tracks and crafting, Rod Wave continues to prove that his music entertains his listeners.

Earning through YouTube:

Rod Wave’s YouTube Channel also helps to support Rod Wave financially. It brings remarkable growth to his income. The estimation of rod wave income through YouTube is $10K monthly and $120K Annually which is almost 15%. On his YouTube channel, he uploads his musical videos on his channel but also compelling his rap performance.

Sells Branded Merchandise:

Rod Wave also earns money by selling merchandise online which includes hoodies and shirts. You can also order them at a reasonable price. This merchandise is very fashionable and stylish. On the hoodies and shirts, a picture or name of Rod Wave is printed. The income Rod Wave generates from selling merchandise is about 6% on his income.

Sells Branded Merchandise:

Music Concerts:

Rod Wave earns a massive amount of income by performing at music concerts. People pay an amount to see his live performance. All of these musical concerts are just like big parties where Rod Wave fans come to see him and enjoy his music. Rod Wave makes a lot of money which contributes to 12% of his net worth.

Earning Through Contracts:

Rod Wave also established a financial success because of signing record deals. Rod Signed to “Alamo Records” and later to “Columbia Records”. These contracts not only boosted his net worth but also significantly elevated his profile in the music industry.

One of the achievements he got in his life was when his album was released which debuted at number 2 on the “Prestigious Billboard 200 Chart”. He earns almost 5% through contract deals.

Earning through Spotify:

Rod Wave also boosts his net worth through the realm of music streaming platforms. Spotify is also a significant source of income. Rod has almost 9.7 Million Monthly listeners in his Spotify accounts. every time he posts his song, he earns a huge portion of the income of the streaming revenue which is about 4%.

Investment in Real Estate:

A substantial portion of Rod Wave net worth comes from his investment in real estate which is around 30%. His investment is streams through the stock market, commodities, and real estate. For his financial future, Rod Wave built a safety net for himself. The reason behind Rod Wave’s success is not only his musical career but also as an investor.

Where did Rod Wave Spend his wealth?

Throughout his career, Rod Wave earned a massive amount of income which is about $4 Million. Along with his successful career, Rod also lives a luxurious life in luxuries. Now, let’s have a look at where Rod spends his money.

Cars Collection:

Rod Wave has an impressive collection of cars in his garage. He uses these fancy and impressive wheels to go anywhere. It is not just his hobby to collect cars but all of these luxury wheels are a sign of his success and everyone knows about it.

Chevrolet Corvette StingrayMercedes Benz Convertible
Dodge Durango Srt HellcatRolls-Royce Cullinan
Volvo S90Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S Coupe
Infiniti Q60 Red Sport

He posted his pictures on his social media accounts along with his cars. Let’s have a look at which car model Rod Wave has.

Cars Collection:


The financial prowess and success of Rod Wave spread out continuously. In New York, he recently bought a lavish apartment near the iconic Central Park. The estimated worth of his apartment is $1.8 Million. keep in mind that Central Park is one of the most high-class and exclusive areas in New York City.

Jewelry, watches, and Brand Accessories:

Rod spends a lot of income to buy expensive jewelry and brand things. the dazzling pieces of jewelry tell about his high-end fashion and luxury taste. Along with jewelry, he also buys various branded things from popular brands such as “Gucci and Dior”.

Moreover, Rod recently bought a “Patek Philippe Diamond” watch worth $390k. All of these brands are famous because of their style and premium quality.

Jewelry, watches, and Brand Accessories:

Poker and Gambling:

The big success of Rod gives him a huge amount of wealth. However, along with other things, it is come to know that Rod also plays poker and gambling. During a trip in which Rod travels to Vegas along with his 4 friends. He experiences the lows and highs of the casino world. Within 2 days, the Rod Wave lost $160,000 and faced a significant loss.

Poker and Gambling:


Along with artists in the music industry, Rod Wave invests his income in renowned companies. Rod Wave invests his wealth in the most prominent companies such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, Tesla, Netflix, and Verizon. These investments boost his net worth in the future and his financial acumen.

Rod Wave Key Points:

Let’s have a quick look at the key points of Rod Wave:

  • Rod Wave is an American Singer who came to be known after his Single hit in 2019 which is “Heart on Ice”.
  • His Single “Heart on Ice” peaked at number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 after going viral on YouTube and TikTok.
  • In 2019, Rod’s Debut Album “Ghetto Gospel” peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 in the USA.

Social Media Accounts:

In the table below, we enlist Rod Wave social media accounts that help his fans to interact with him digitally. Have a look at them.

Accounts ID

Final Words:

Rod Wave is an American Rapper and Singer. He is a hit because of his singles and album debuts. Rod Wave net worth estimation is about $4 Million. he earns all of his income through his hard work. Along with his musical career, Rod Wave also has invested his income into real estate to boost his net worth. However, he also has found luxuries and cars. if he earns an income, he also invests it to buy his favorite things

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