A detailed review and guide on White Truffle Strain, Hybrid Plant

A detailed review and guide on White Truffle Strain, Hybrid Plant

People suffering from depression, anxiety, and insomnia often use different drugs and sedatives to relax their minds. However, there are various medicines whose overdose also has sedative effects. But, White Truffle Strain is a type of marijuana that people smoke to release their all tensions and depressing thoughts.

In this blog, we will go through the effects that this drug has on the human body, the health benefits, the negative effects, and the physical attributes of this marijuana.

What is White Truffle Strain?

It is basically a Hybrid drug that is made with a cross of Gorilla Glue and peanut butter breath plants. The percentage of indica in this drug is 70% considering the other 30 % is flavored like a peanut. So, the seed of the drug is prepared in the laboratory while keeping all the necessary ingredients in proportion.

Furthermore, this drug has very soothing effects on the human body. Most people use it to provide a relaxing environment for their bodies. Because, this drug typically hits your mind and removes the depressing, anxiety, and tension elements from your body. Therefore, a person feels like he is flying around space with an amazing sensation after consuming and smoking this marijuana.

There are multiple benefits and positive and negative effects of smoking this drug. However, its addiction is something that a person should avoid. Otherwise, using this drug in a controlled amount and way will help patients dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety.

What is White Truffle Strain?

When to use this White Truffle drug?

Now, let us discuss the situation when a person needs to consume this plant but in a limited amount. However, it is very important to note that this is not actual medicine or treatment for any medical condition. Therefore, doctors and health experts will never recommend you use this drug to treat anxiety or depression.

This is because of the addictive nature of this hybrid plant. However, we will discuss here the medical conditions for which you can use this smoke this plant for settling your mental conditions and mental satisfaction. The conditions are;

  • Stressful conditions
  • Glaucoma
  • Anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Migraines

So, these are the medical conditions that demand the consumption of this hybrid plant. Usually, in these conditions, the mind releases depressing hormones that cause the person to lose his focus and be hit with panic attacks, mood swings, and thoughts changes. Therefore, this drug reacts instantly when a person smokes it and releases happy and energetic hormones to counter medical conditions like depression and others that we discussed earlier in the paragraph.

What benefits does White Truffle Strain offer?

Moving on to the benefits this white Strain plant has on the human body.

Soothing the Mood:

This Strain has a high amount of Indica sedative, which is a great element that helps in soothing the mood of a person. If a person is feeling low, and dealing with multiple mood swings, then smoking this plant will literally soothe his mind and mood. So, it is an excellent drug to calm and adjust the mood of a person.

Enhancing Focus and Creativity:

Another best benefit of this hybrid plant is enhanced creativity and focus. Most students use this drug while preparing for their exams. This is because of the enhancing focus factor of this drug. Upon smoking this plant, a person feels very soothed and his thoughts are cleared. Later on, he can work on his studies and projects with greater focus and more energy.

Better Sleep and Treatment for Disorder:

White Truffle Strain can also help in aligning the sleep cycle of a person. As a natural remedial sedative, this drug allows the person to get a more relaxing sleep and helps him to recover from his sleep disorder. After consuming, the person can sleep longer with better deep sleep and wake up as a more energetic and active person.

Better Sleep and Treatment for Disorder:

Pain Reliever:

Not only depression, anxiety, and stressful conditions, but this drug is also helpful in relieving the pain in his body. So, you can say that this plant also acts as a painkiller that removes the feeling of pain from your body when you smoke it. However, this pain relief is not for a short period but for a longer period of time. Further, this drug has a medical effect that reduces inflammation and removes the pain from internal and external wounds.

Effects of Truffle Strain on the Human Body:

Let us discuss the various types of effects of white truffle drugs on the human body.

White Truffle Strain Effects:

The usage of the White Truffle strain directly has positive effects on your sensations. After using this you will feel like you are floating on cloud 9. You will experience the uplifting of cerebral and gradual it will give sensations while transferring into a full-body stoned. Which arouses a seductive sensation full of pleasure. This strain will result in ending anxiety, depression, and stress and will provide soothing relief.

Effects on Mind:

While smoking White Truffle you will experience an intense and yet calm mental peace. This strain will rush your creative energy and will uplift your mood in a positive sense. With this feeling, you can easily tackle even very tough and complex situations very sharply. The usage of Strain can improve your focus and attention very clearly on a specific task. It will prove productive, especially for the purpose of studying and even completing complex projects.

Effects on Mind

Physical Effects:

It also leaves powerful physical impacts on your body. The usage of White Truffle can improve the efficiency and power of a physique. The indicia genetics element of this Strain will turn you happy, relaxed, and content. This is very useful or beneficial for individuals suffering from mental disorders or chronic pain like insomnia.

Sometimes you can experience increased appetite, tingling sensations, and mild euphoria. Eventually, it will turn your body into the most effective or productive asset for you.

Bad Effects:

The usage of The WhiteTruffles strain can also have adverse effects on your body like all other cannabis strains. There are some common side effects including cottonmouth due to dehydration and red eyes which you can experience after using this.

All these adverse effects are just because of dehydration while its usage. So one can reduce the chances of side effects and can experience its safe use. If you want to avoid side effects it is recommended to use it with less weight.

Bad Effects

Physical Appearance, Smell & Taste of Truffle Strain:

Now, let us grow through the details of the physical appearance, smell, and taste of this hybrid plant.


White Truffle Strain looks quite similar to rocks with irregular pores. The tints or trichomes on this plant are usually green and yellowish in color with the base color of purple. However, this purple is quite dark which gives this plant a black appearance on base.

Smell or Aroma:

Talking about the smell, this plant has a mushroom-like smell when you burn it for smoking. So, this gives another sensation to the smoker.


White Truffle tastes like an earthy musk with slight hints of mints, citrus, and lemon which on burn produces a creamy taste.


Price and Production of White Truffle:

The pricing detail of this white truffle hybrid marijuana is $260 to $280 per ounce. So, this shows that hybrid plant is among the most expensive drug that one can buy in the United States of America. However, this pricing may change depending on the factors like taxes and the location where you are buying this drug.

If you are looking for yielding this plant, you can do it in your home or outside. The seeds of this plant are available in the market. As per reports, a plant of White Truffle produces 400 to 450 grams of this drug. Furthermore, this plant grows upto 60 inches and a complete plant takes around 60 to 65 days for a complete growth.


What strain is a white truffle?

White Truffle does not exist naturally. Therefore, it is prepared by cross-breeding of Gorilla blue and Peanut Butter Starin. So, you can say that White Truffle is basically a hybrid drug that contains 70% of Indica drugs. This Indica is a strong sedative that releases the relaxing hormones of the person and provides great relaxation, energy, and focus to the mind.

Is the strain Truffles Indica or sativa?

Strain Truffle is actually an Indica drug that you can intake by smoking it. So, Indica is a highly sedative drug that directly affects your mind in no time. As a result, the person who consumes it starts feeling energetic, and with a clear thoughts mind, he can focus on whatever he is doing.

What does white truffle strain look like?

White Truffle is basically dark purple color giving an appearance like black. The trichomes on this plant are very thick in nature and usually, a yellowish or green greasy tint is present on those trichomes. From a physical appearance, this plant looks like a solid rough rock with irregular holes on its surface.

Is White Runtz a Sativa or an Indica?

White Runtz is also a hybrid strain that contains equal amounts of Sativa and Indica. From the original composition, this drug has a 50% concentration of Indica and Sativa. So, you can say White Runtz is neither Sative nor Indica but a hybrid drug that has the effects of both sedatives in equal proportion.

Final Thoughts:

White Truffle Strain, is a hybrid strain plant that has more positive effects for patients dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stressful situations. Furthermore, a person feeling confused can use this drug to clear his focus. On consuming this drug, you feel a tingling sensation with the mind feeling like moving around the skies. However, its uncontrolled use can cause severe damage to the health and overall body functioning of a person.

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