why does dusty baker wear gloves? Detailed Reason

why does dusty baker wear gloves? Detailed Reason

In the world of baseball, many unique and exciting sides capture the interests of fans. A particular mystery revolves around Dusty Baker, the great coach of the Houston Astros. Dusty Baker, who is familiar with his unique charm and attractive appearance, has frequently been seen wearing gloves throughout matches as well as holding a Baseball. Many people are curious as to know why does Dusty Baker wear gloves. Even though he did not discuss his use of gloves, his lady did. The purpose of this article is to look into the origins of this unique tradition and to put some light on the reason why does Dusty Baker wear gloves.

Dusty Baker – Overview

Johnnie B (Dusty Baker Jr.) is an American baseball coach and former player who debuted in the National Leagues with the Atlanta Braves in 1968. He is a three-time Major League Baseball Manager of the Year. It is a record that no other coach achieved in the history of the MLB. He has managed clubs including Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Cubs throughout his long 50-year profession. Dusty Baker has been an icon in Major League Baseball for over fifty years, inspiring players and fans worldwide with his addictive spirit and dedication on the pitch.

Key Facts

  • An all-time great MLB manager who formerly coached the Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, and San Francisco Giants before leading the Houston Astros to a historical World Series championship in 2022.
  • He is only one among four managers/players with a total of 3,000 victories.
  • 16 years as a winner all-star for the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers. There he won the Baseball World Series in 1981.
  • He keeps crowds with little-known events from his renowned career. These include teachings on teamwork, management, excellent performance, and growing under pressure.

Why does Dusty Baker Wear Gloves?

Dusty Baker might have been noticed sporting gloves while directing games. But why does Dusty Baker wear gloves? What’s the backstory here? To find out, let’s take a look at Dusty Baker’s life.

Baker has worn black gloves in practically every match since 2020. You’ll find multiple theories as to why does Dusty Baker wear gloves. However, most recent explanations are centered on the coronavirus outbreak and worldwide restrictions. Even while Baker hasn’t stated it clearly, his wife Melissa confirmed that he wears gloves to protect himself from the coronavirus, stating Sporting News that his gloves serve as COVID-19 protection.

Furthermore, according to Jayson Stark from The Athletic, Dusty Baker wears gloves to clean stuff down. As it turns out, it is fair that he would decide to put on gloves as a measure of safety. He’s had several health crises in the past and is constantly urging people to take steps to maintain their health. Baker has a specific cause for this since he is a cancer survivor who has previously had a major stroke, making him more prone to the infection. He also wipes off things with gloves as an extra precaution to guard himself and his colleagues from the illness.

A Symbol of Respect

Dusty Baker’s choice to wear gloves throughout matches can be linked to his deep love of baseball. Baker recognizes the necessity of protecting the sport’s ethics for both player and coach with the experience lasting many years. Using gloves is his manner of paying respect to the game, appreciating its roots, and honoring it.

Health and Sanitation

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitation and health are now taking on more importance in sports. Dusty Baker’s decision to wear gloves can be taken to mean a proactive effort to reduce his chance of spreading or getting germs. Baker prioritizes the safety of himself, his teammates, and anyone who attends the game as an ethical person by taking additional steps to reduce possible health concerns.

Protecting the Baseballs

Protecting the baseball could also be a reason why does Dusty Baker wear gloves. Countless baseballs are tossed, hit, and handled by numerous staff members during a game, especially the umpires, the pitcher, and the coaches. Baker uses gloves to prevent his hands from transferring sweat, fluids, or dirt to the baseballs. This contributes to the game’s fairness and uniformity by avoiding any possible benefit or loss induced by external causes.

Fantasy and Traditions

Baseball is a game rich with myths and traditions. Players and coaches frequently create unusual routines and behaviors that they feel can bring people luck or improve their game. Dusty Baker’s glove-wearing custom can be found back to a belief in superstition. Baker, like other baseball players who wear particular things or follow specific rituals, may believe that using gloves provides him luck, assists him in focus, or provides an aura of security and ease.

Setting an Example

Dusty Baker,  a well-known character from the sports industry, presents a good example for his teammates and crew. He highlights the significance of hygiene, ethics, and concern for detail by wearing gloves. It acts as a signal that every decision, no matter how minor, affects the match. His players observe this behavior and follow it, fostering the values of dignity and order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Dusty Baker wear gloves on his hands?

Despite Baker’s replies, his wife Melissa admitted that he uses gloves to protect himself from the coronavirus, stating as his gloves are a precaution against COVID-19.

Q: Does Dusty Baker have a wife?

Melissa Esplana is the wife of Dusty Baker who has been by his side since exchanging vows in November of 1994.

Q: What is Dusty Baker’s salary?

In 2015, Baker’s two-year agreement with the Washington Nationals cost about $4 million. However, his new one-year contract with the Astros will likely be about $1.5 million.

Q: Why does Dusty Baker chew toothpicks?

Baker explained to NBC Sports that the first reason was that his father always kept a toothpick on hand in case someone got anything stuck in their tooth. The second explanation is that he developed the habit of dipping tobacco while working as a hitting instructor at the start of his profession.


Dusty Baker’s choice to wear gloves throughout baseball matches is a unique custom that has caught the interest of people. While it seems unusual at first, there are several reasons behind this practice. Baker’s gloves have symbolic, helpful, and superstitious worth, from showing gratitude for the match to upholding the baseballs as well as providing a tone for his group.

Baker has not properly clarified his choice to wear gloves, but according to his wife Melissa, they act as a protection against COVID-19. Dusty Baker’s glove-wearing custom adds to the complex texture of baseball’s habits and traditions, regardless it’s a matter of taste, an efficient assessment, or a mix of factors. Baker wore gloves throughout Houston’s playoff games in two consecutive years 2021 as well as 2022. People have been left wondering why does Dusty Baker wear gloves for two seasons in a row.

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