what does woke examples mean? Different Persepectives

what does woke examples mean? Different Persepectives

You might be exposed to various news which you have listened to words “Woke or Wokeism.” So, you might have noticed a change in its meaning in different contexts. Therefore, you search for woke examples to clarify the meaning of this word.

That is why, we will be discussing different scenarios and contexts where the word “Woke” has different introductions and meanings.

What does the term “Woke” mean?

“Woke” is a word that is Past Simple form or the second form of the verb “Wake.” The exact and universal meaning of the word “Wake” is to “get up” or “become conscious after getting up from sleep.”

But in different contexts, Woke term has a vast pool of meanings. But wrapping its meaning from all contexts in one phrase, it will be “To become aware of social injustice in the society.” Furthermore, this meaning has divided society into different wings and perspectives.

What does the term “Woke” mean?

Various perspectives of the term “Woke”

Now, let us take our discussion regarding the meanings and contexts of the term “Woke.” as we discussed earlier, this word has divided society into two wings that use its meaning for awareness of their specific social issues. Therefore, we have to demonstrate each perspective with proper details.

The Right Perspective:

Among the perspectives of woke or wokeism, we will be providing woke examples that emphasize the point of view of the Right community. Although we are providing you the information about this term, these are not our personal opinions. Because these rights and Left are the community wings that represent any particular political agenda and party.

Digging up the past:

This scenario means exposing the older tweets or chats of a person to tarnish his image in front of people, especially for your political benefit. So, this shows the impact of your past activities and social media influences on your current situations and life.

Digging up the past

Silencing someone because of his superior or inferior race:

In this scenario, you will notice the cases where a certain community silences a White person from expressing his point of view only because he is from a superior race and used to oppress the people. So, this can be a real problem for people who are advocating free speech and racial discrimination.

Banning Comedians:

A comedian highlights the social issues of a society in a great humorous way. Additionally, they make funny remarks that many people find very strange and unacceptable. Therefore, TV networks and social platforms started banning comedians from attending any shows. However, if a comedian had made these remarks a decade ago, that would have been simply acceptable.

Affirmative Action:

Affirmative action is the practice of giving preference to groups that do not get equal treatment in the past. Like women, when it comes to hiring or educational opportunities. This can create debates about genuinity, discrimination against men, and how it affects selection based on merit.

A new wave of Cancelling Events:

This wave of “canceling” a speaker’s event just because he has a different point of view and thoughts on social evils that do not align with certain people’s opinions. Furthermore, It raises serious questions regarding free speech, academic freedom, and accountability.

Limiting Social Media Exposure:

This limitation is from the social media platforms that do not want people to get to know about different points of view and opinions on a certain matter. Therefore, these platforms block the content that does not align with the thoughts of the Social media platforms. Therefore, it is also an attack on speech freedom. It is among the rights perspective about woke examples.

Critical Race Theory:

Critical race theory is an approach in a school’s history syllabus that presents a strange perspective about White people being cruel. Therefore, it raises questions about racial discrimination, how they portray history, systemic racism, and the impact it has on students’ thinking and ideas.

A special leave:

In this situation, a school or college allows a white student to have a special leave. This is to show their privilege and superiority among the other students of different races.

The Left Perspective:

Now, talking about the Viewpoint of the left wing, we will cover different Woke examples from their context.

Black Lives Matter Movement:

Recently, we noticed the movement spread like wildfire about racial discrimination. Therefore, people from around the globe stood against the racial act that happened in the USA. Athletes took down to their knees in their respective fields and condemned this act of racial abuse.

Black Lives Matter Movement

Accepting the Superioty and Privilege:

Another woke example is accepting your superiority but still being kind and listening to underprivileged people. However, it may be difficult for some people but it is important to raise awareness about the equality of humans despite belonging to different races.

Me Too Movement:

This trend is from those women who have faced harassment and other issues at their workplace. However, with the help of this movement, many women may have accused any person. So, it raises questions on such dark sides of this movement and the impact of these false accusations.

Me Too Movement

Promoting Women in Society:

With a new wave of women empowerment, women started to get jobs and placements instead of men. Therefore, there are questions about whether women are compatible enough to handle tasks at a high level. There is criticism of such women’s empowerment where one can notice favoritism.

Initializing Gender Neutral Wahsrooms at Offices and Public Places:

Another topic from Woke Examples is offering gender-neutral washrooms in public places and offices. But doing so also raises certain concerns regarding the safety and privacy of both men and women in such washrooms. Therefore, this concept also remains under criticism for such factors.

Embracing the LGBTQ Society:

Normalizing the LGBTQ and its morals is widely acceptable in Europe. But still, there are people, especially from Muslim communities and people from other communities that criticize this lifestyle. Furthermore, some societies are warmly welcoming this concept.

Embracing the LGBTQ Society


Q. What does it mean when a person is woke?

If you consider “Woke” as an adjective, this term typically means “to become aware of racial abuse and injustice.” So, whenever someone uses this adjective like “Alan Knows and he is woke”, it means that Alan is aware of racial discrimination. Furthermore, this term may also be used for awareness about other social issues like sexism.

Q. What is an example of woke in a sentence?

Following are a few examples of woke that we commonly used in our conversations. Here the term “woke” is actually a second form of the verb “Wake.”

  • He woke early in the morning for a walk in the garden.
  • When he woke up, he found himself lying on a sofa.
  • Adam woke up at midnight because of severe pain in his abdomen.

Q. What are the 3 forms of woke?

Here one thing to note is that woke is not a basic verb. So, it is actually a second form of the basic verb “Wake.”

Base Verb

(1st Form)

Past Simple

(2nd Form)

Past Participle

(3rd Form)


(4th Form)

3rd Person (Singular)

Q. What is the simple past of woke?

“Woke” is actually a Past Simple form of the verb “Wake.” So, the third form of Wake is woken in British English but in America, literature uses Waked as the third form of wake.

Concluding Note:

The term “Woke” has different meanings depending on the context you are using in your document or conversation. So this blog has clearly described woke examples and different meanings in each different context. However, its meaning and context also depend on the literature and context you are referring to in that particular statement.

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