Alienware aurora 2019 Best PC: All You Need To Know

Alienware aurora 2019 Best PC: All You Need To Know

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is a combination of function-first design, superior performance, and striking aesthetics features such as a special Lunar Light LED system and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. The design of the device will give a high-end and premium gaming experience to its users. The eye-catching about Alienware Aurora is its beautiful and innovative design.

This gaming desktop is loaded with all the advanced features that include a 9th generation Intel core i7 9700 processor fully compatible with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070 8GB GDD R6. This deadliest combination has impressed the gaming community a lot. Let’s go below to see the specs and key features of Alienware aurora 2019.

Specifications of Alienware aurora 2019:

All specs of this amazing laptop are listed here in below table:

Manufacturing BrandIntel
CPU modelCore i7
Internal Hard Disk Size512 GB
HDD size1 TB
Graphic CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
Generation 9th
Operating systemWindows 10
Processor Count8
Price2599$ (Amazon)

We also have shared with you some tips before purchasing the Alienware aurora 2019 laptop.

Important Tips to consider before buying Alienware Aurora 2019:

A gamer looks forward to certain features for gaining an optimum gaming experience. Furthermore, He searches for such desktops that provide high-quality resolution with a processor that can run big-size games without any interruption. Following are key features that you consider before purchasing such gadgets.

  • Processing Unit:

Firstly, A processor is the brain of the computer. High-quality processors ensure distraction-free performance. Such processors perform parallel tasks at a high speed in a smooth way. An advanced gaming desktop demands a minimum 3 GHz processor to run properly. Therefore, Alienware Aurora 2019 is equipped with an Intel Core i7 9700K, 3.6 GHz and 8-core processor. It means this desktop will operate efficiently for any type of game.

alienware aurora 2019


  • Random Access Memory:

RAM is actually a working space of the desktop. All the applications run and operate in this space simultaneously. If the RAM is low, the applications will definitely collide and the desktop starts collapsing. Therefore, a large space is required to run these games and applications in parallel without any interference.

Usually, 8 GB RAM is found in laptops and desktops used for gaming purposes. Furthermore,an external RAM can also be attached to it. But this desktop comes with a RAM of 16 GB which provides excessive space and enhances the gaming experience.

  • Upgraded Chassis:

The contemporary Alienware Aurora 2019 comes with a brand-new chassis designed to offer higher air movement. In this way, the air assists to preserve the temperature of your CPU at a minimum level even if you are operating many applications at a time. The decreased temperatures automatically result in an overall great performance and excellent frame rate while playing the games.

  •  Thermal Control Unit of Alienware Aurora 2019 :

As we know desktops get heated when you play games for a long time. This heating further damages different parts like ICs, thermistors, resistors and capacitors. Moreover, it also reduces the performance of gaming.

That’s why this gaming gadget comes with an effective air flow system that keeps its performance optimised. This laptop has pathways between the front and back of the CPU that serves as a ventilator. The vents on the boundary and the front side permit cool air to go into the CPU and keep the inner parts cool. This is helpful for the long-term betterment of the desktop and consistency of great performance.

aurora 2019 laptop


  • Graphic card:

Usually, NVIDIA graphic cards are used for gaming purposes. This GPU is available in 5 varieties and different price ranges. This includes the affordable GTX 1650 to the expensive RTX 2080 Ti. Moreover,2 RTX 2080s also lie in this range. Therefore,  RTX 2070 was chosen for this desktop setting. This graphic card is perfectly compatible with the processor that this desktop holds making it an excellent combination that suits gamers.

  •  Display Options:

 The aurora desktop with a 55-inch Ultra HD gaming screen is no doubt unmatchable in its category. This screen is built with a 120Hz frame rate and 0.5 millisecond response time, regardless of its considerable 55-inch size. It additionally gives a 98.5%  DCI-P3 colour gamut backup with low input latency.

The aurora 2019 case is equipped with some extra attributes due to the fact it’s miles-conscious which means you might spend a whole lot of cash on this. These consist of far-off management for brought commands, easy on-display management panel access, and staggering LED illumination from AlienFX. This exquisite show additionally comes with an integrated speaker.

alienware arora 2019


 Why should you buy Alienware Aurora 2019?

From the above eye-catching features, you definitely would have observed that this gaming laptop Alienware Aurora 2019 is far ahead of its competitors. The following parameters further describe why one should focus on buying this gaming beast.

1. Terrific Performance:

The performance parameter is an essential factor that everyone observes before buying any desktop. This laptop offers terrific performance because it carries a powerful processor that keeps everything in place and checks the performance. It might be profitable to buy this desktop for a high-quality gaming adventure notwithstanding the price.

2. High-Definition Resolution:

With the twin graphic setup fixed in this desktop, you could play games at High-Quality resolution settings. This desktop ensures a sufficient frame rate in excessive gaming. The 4k display screen of this pc comes with a pinnacle refresh rate for powerful engagement with games.

3. Maintenance:

It is a high-quality alternative for office specialists and game enthusiasts because of its precise specs, easy renovation functionality, and high-quality airflow control.

4. Elegant Look of Alienware arora 2019:

The lights gadget and fashionable layout additionally offer an extra amazing look to this desktop. So, if you’re a gamer searching for an effective and compact computer for around $2000, this will be an amazing choice to attempt as soon as possible in your life.

Concluding Remarks:

 From the above article, we can observe that this desktop is a fantastic tech masterpiece. Alienware Aurora 2019 is today’s most compelling gaming gadget. This gadget was tested against many different gaming PCs and no PC could outclass this gaming masterpiece. And this was all because of the user’s desire and experience.

Alienware Aurora 2019 is the ultimate choice for gamers because of its beautiful outdoor and indoor look. It can easily fit in your room with its compact design. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your hands on this gaming legend. Guys who are interested to know about such amazing items must visit







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