Asus ROG FX503: Gaming Laptop Review, Price & Features

Asus ROG FX503: Gaming Laptop Review, Price & Features

The Asus ROG FX503 is a budget-friendly gaming laptop that is best for gamers. It supported a GTX 1060 graphic card and was powered by 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor. The laptop contains a lithium-ion battery along with 4 cells and 64 watts hours. It holds all the attributes such as RAM, SSD, HDD, Battery, Display Size, Resolution, GPU, Price, weight, Resolution, M.2 Slot, Operating System, and, Dimensions.

ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational company that deals in laptops and other computer hardware. This company was founded by Ted Hsu, T.H Tung, M.T Liao and Wayne Hsieh in the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei in 1989. The founders were previously working together for Acer Computer company. Furthermore, ASUS develops laptops and computer hardwares according to the latest demands and technology.

Asus ROG FX503 is a perfect solution if you are tired of your slow laptop. This laptop is an ideal combination of a powerful Processing Unit, Excellent graphics and a good battery that allows its user to do work, study or play games without any disturbance.

This article will occupy all the vital details of Asus ROG FX503. Moreover, I will try my best to give you a complete overview of this laptop because it will help you, people, to understand all the features of this gaming laptop.

Basic Attributes of Asus ROG FX503.

             Processor                                      Intel Core i7-7700 HQ
               RAM                                      16GB
              SSD, HDD                                      128GB, 1TB
            Battery                                    4 Cells, 4240 mAh, 15.2V, 64 Wh
            Display Size                                                                              15.6 inches
           Resolution                                    1920*1080 Full HD
              GPU                                    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB/4GB GDDR5 ) VRAM
           Weight                                  2.5 KG
            Price                                 950$, 1500$
    Operating System                                 Windows 10
         Dimension                                 384*262*24 mm
        M.2 Slot                                1x 2280 PCIe NVMe








Detailed Specifications Attributes:

Complete details of all specs are listed here which will help you guys to make a good decision before purchasing.

Processing Unit:

The Asus Rog fx503 is a friendly budgeted laptop that is near to perfect for gaming purposes. Because it comprises a powerful processor which is Intel 7th generation Core i7-7700HQ. This processor runs heavy games without any problem and allows the gamer to have the best gaming adventure in the modern-day world.

Display and Resolution:

This laptop offers a great display size of 15.6 inches. It also has a 120Hz display that is quite smooth and attractive for gamers. Such screen size maximises the enjoyment of gaming or watching movies. Different laptops are available in the market with similar screen sizes but the fx503 is widely known and respected.


When we talk about the weight of the laptop in terms of gaming, it’s quite heavy. For gamers or office workers carrying or lifting such laptops for a prolonged time becomes a great burden. Gamers love to have lightweight sleek designed laptops for their gaming mode. And they will not appreciate this laptop in terms of weight and carrying it out.


This laptop is designed according to 16GB RAM. Moreover, this RAM is sufficient for gamers and office workers. Multiple functioning can be done without facing any kind of freezing or disturbance. A user will be relaxed while working on different tabs and can access them in parallel because of processor speed and efficiency.


The battery life of Asus Rog fx503 is a big question mark on the laptop design. Because the completely charged laptop is discharged in 1 Hour and 4 minutes. That’s a terrible and unacceptable stat and feature of this laptop. It means one can watch only one and a half episodes of the Money Heist TV series. From the gaming point of this battery, the timing is not up to the standards. This means they have to play games while the charger is connected to their laptops. It means this is unacceptable for gamers to play games like that.


The keyboard of fx503 is loaded with the feature of backlit. These lights can be varied according to the environment. The keypad offers a soft and responsive touch to the user and especially gamers. They can make their moves faster while playing and get an intense playing experience with its slimy and glossy keypad touch. The keys can be differentiated from other keyboards based on their illumination and positioning. Because this keypad provides comfort to their users.


The Asus ROG FX503 is available at different prices according to its layout. Because it is present in two different layouts, its prices are different from each other. Following are two layouts and their prices.

Base Model


Modern Model


The above prices are indicated at Amazon. So you can buy this laptop from amazon at these prices. But it is also available on other platforms where prices are quite similar to the ones at Amazon.


Built-in the storage of this laptop is good but not that high for heavy-sized games. But there is no point in worry because it can be incremented to 1TB by adding an external hard drive. The RAM will easily handle such heavy storage with dignity. The reputation of this model cannot be compromised by its RAM or ROM.

Other Key Features:

Connectivity and PortsAttributes
3 USB Type-A3.2 GEN (5GBPS)
Card Reader Available in three types


Ethernet LANAvailable
Wi-Fi802.11AC (2×2)
Audio Port3.5 mm headphone Or mic jack









There are a few other built-in features and characteristics that really matter in the functioning and performance of the laptop. Our laptop is also engaged with these little but very important key attributes. They are given below:

Web Camera:

A 720p HD camera is installed in front that allows you to do skype and video calls for office work purposes or to contact your family.


A microphone option is also available for calling or online video game live chat. This creates another excitement for the gamers to enjoy their game time with their friends and talk to them live while playing.


A good sound-quality speaker is also present for gaming and music-listening adventures. These speakers create a great environment because they are loaded with deep bass.

Security Lock Slot:

An urgent lock slot is available for the security of the laptop.

Pros and Cons:

Come guys let’s have a look at the Pros and cons of this product i.e Asus ROG FX503.


  • The laptop is composed of a solid-state drive of 1 TB and that is quite scarce in this price radius.
  • The SSD of this laptop makes it much faster than a regularly planned hard drive.
  • Another positive aspect of ASUS is that it owns many other great gaming laptops and they are also very affordable.
  • These top-class features come with great prices but these laptops are very reasonable in price.
  • RX503 laptop has a cutting-edge and matte finish that looks wonderful and does not allure fingerprints while using it.
  • The keyboard of this laptop is especially backlit. The keys are perfectly placed in a nice manner, making it easy for the users to type on them.


  • The SSD of this laptop cannot be sufficient for many other users because heavy gamers require more than 1 TB of space for an ideal gaming laptop.
  • Battery life is a big problem that raises above all the other problems. Battery life is too small for gamers to enjoy a hassle-free gaming adventure. They have to keep their laptops connected with the charging ports for game time.
  • Screen resolution is also a problem for a lot of gamers. They look for a 2k or 4k experience of resolution at this price but that is not possible in the case of these laptops.

Concluding Comments:

You have completely studied the article about Asus ROG FX503 and would have found this laptop an amazing product from ASUS company. Prices are reasonable and affordable therefore its market sale is also appreciable. Overall gaming and working experience on this machine are quite impressive. But there are some drawbacks that go side by side with the positive characteristics.

So, in my point of view, Asus ROG FX503 is an excellent choice for workers and digital gamers until they are not distracted by battery issues. This laptop comes with all the necessary tools and requirements to facilitate its users. So, in terms of gaming, the laptop stands tall among its competitors.

It’s up to you now whether you focus on its pros and get benefited from them or you noticed the drawbacks that really make you insecure about buying this product. In my opinion, you should give it a try and enjoy a unique experience of gaming through these laptops. For more related to such amazing products visit cheers!


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