Amy Schneider before surgery: Family, Partner & Net worth

Amy Schneider before surgery: Family, Partner & Net worth

Amy Schneider is a game show contestant and writer of America. Amy won the 40 consecutive games and made more than just Jeopardy History. She is the first transgender woman to earn a spot in the Tournament of Champions Amy Schneider. She is a manager of engineering for an American company and is presently a contestant on the game program Jeopardy. Amy Schneider before surgery did not quickly attract attention for being one of the few transgender people to appear on the show.

Are you looking to know the biography of Amy Schneider? How does Amy Schneider’s surgery look? How much money did she win from the Jeopardy show? This article covers all the relevant information about Amy Schneider.

Who is Amy Schneider?

Amy Schneider has kept up a fantastic streak and has been a serious competitor for the other contenders. Amy Schneider is a figure of interest who is popular among viewers of Jeopardy. On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, she won the competition for the first time, kicking off a spectacular run on the program that has seen her smash several records.

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Quick Bio:

 Let’s have a quick bio:

NameAmy Schneider
Date of BirthMay 29, 1984
Place of BirthDayton, Ohio
Zodiac SignGemini
GenderFirst Trans, Now Female
Current residenceOakland, California
Religion Christian

 Early Life:

On May 29, 1984, Amy Schneider was born in Dayton, Ohio. Her mother, whose identity has not been disclosed, and her father, James T. Schneider, welcomed her into the world as Thomas E. Schneider, a boy. She was raised alongside her brother John Schneider. Her father served at the Dayton Metro Library.

She comes from a well-educated family that places a high priority on general education and excellent education. Amy is a manager of engineers who are now employed in Oakland, California. She is extremely active and committed to her profession. She attended the University of Dayton and graduated with a bachelor of science degree.


when we talk about his family, her mother’s name is not known to anyone. She never disclosed her name to the public. Her father’s name is James Schneider. He worked at the Dayton Library as a librarian. She has a brother whose name is John Schnieder.

She was a boy by birth. Her birth name was Thomas Schneider. Her family used to call her by her birth name. She had a masculine face and people used to harass her because of her shape and face cut. She is currently married to Genevieve Davis.

amy schneider family


Birth NameThomas E. Schneider
Father NameJames T. Schneider
Mother NameN/A
SiblingsJohn Schneider (Brother)
First PartnerKeely Anneken
Second PartnerGenevieve Davis


Amy Schnieder attended Chaminade -Julienne High school. This school was located in her neighborhood. After passing her school and college days, She got admitted to the University of Dayton. She was enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree.

Physical Appearance:

Her physical appearance is the major cause of her popularity. In her early school and college days, people used to tease and harass her because of her appearance. She decided to change her gender in 2015 after her first marriage ended. Amy Schneider before surgery was a male or Transgender.


Height5 Feet 6 Inches or 168 cm
Weight57 kgs  or  126 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde


The career of Amy Schneider before surgery:

NexTech hired Amy Schneider for her first position as a software engineer. She had previously been a software developer with the lead engineer team in San Francisco. She has also had a lead engineering position with Softbank Robotics America in the US. Amy Schneider before surgery developed her management style and talents there while working as an engineering manager. Engineering management, Catia, Mobile Applications, REST Stress Analysis, Amazon Web Services, Ruby on Rails, etc. are abilities that Amy Schneider owes.

Now, She is working as a board member of Equality California Institute. This is an organization working for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

amy schneider transgender

Personal Life:

Amy underwent sex transformation surgery to become a woman and publicly came out as a trans person. She had previously been identified as a man and had wed Kelly Anneken in 2004. Amy divorced in 2016 when she began to accept herself as a woman. She did it while living apart from her spouse. After her marriage, Amy relocated to Oakland, California, where she has since made her home. Since she had a male look, she consistently faced discrimination and harassment during her time in college and in high school. Therefore, she struggled with self-confidence.

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Amy Schneider before surgery recently married her fiancée Genevieve Davis. The two of them genuinely like one another. Amy’s jewelry has been visible during her streak on Jeopardy. It was a present from her girlfriend. It was presented to Amy Schneider on her first birthday, which they celebrated together. This thing has played a vital role in changing her life. Amy likes wearing it since it will make her think about Gene, even if he is far away from her.

Net Worth:

We may infer from her expertise and LinkedIn profile that she likely earns sizable money, primarily in the form of a salary. Her personality is moderate, thus it is safe to conclude that she has a net worth of around $1 million. Amy majored in engineering and has acquired a few abilities. Amy Schneider before surgery made her first appearance on Jeopardy. She has long been a fan of the program and has often tried to participate in it.

Social Media:

Amy is quite active on different social media platforms. She often posts her pictures and videos with her life partner. She is currently enjoying her life as a woman and we can observe this from her social media accounts. Amy is currently using different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

She charges $200 for a personalized video call with her on her Cameo Account. Moreover, a text message to her cost almost $3. You can chat or video call her on her Cameo account.

Social Media PlatformsFollowers
Facebook27 K
Instagram75 K
Twitter142.4 K
CameoHighly responsive

Amy Schneider before surgery and after Surgery:

There are no images of Amy Schneider or of her throughout the procedure because she was a guy before the procedure. Before her operation, she was mistreated because she was a woman. She had never been photographed as a male before surgery. However, she said that before the gender transformation procedure, she was just like any other male.

Amy Schneider before surgery refers to herself as a man and utilizes he/his pronouns. It is well known that many transgender persons identify as non-binary and use the pronouns they/their. Amy Schneider, on the other hand, prefers to be addressed as a woman.

Quick Facts:

  • She was a boy by birth and later changed her gender because of the pressure and harassment she faced.
  • Amy Schneider has a record of winning 14 consecutive games on the Jeopardy show.
  • Amy Schneider earned a mammoth of around $ 1 Million from the Jeopardy show.
  • Amy Schnieder is currently one of the board members of the Equality California Institute. Equality California is the largest Worldwide LGBTQ and civil rights organization working in the USA. She posted this update on her social media platforms recently in December 2022.
  • She wore a beautiful pearl necklace on every episode of Jeopardy’s Show. That necklace was a gift from her girlfriend.


Q.  Amy Schneider: Is She Married?

Thomas E. Schneider was her name before having surgery. Amy Schneider before surgery wed Kelly Anneken in 2004, but the couple divorced in 2016. She began her gender transformation process into a woman in 2017. There isn’t a mate for her at the moment.

Q. Is Amy Schnider on the Jeopardy Show a man?

No, She is a woman by gender now. Amy Schneider did not gain gender from transgender to woman before surgery.

Q. What is the real name of Amy Schneider?

Amy was given the name Thomas E. Schneider at birth since she was a boy.

Q. Where is Amy Schneider currently residing?

The Jeopardy champion was born in Dayton, Ohio, in the United States, on May 29, 1984 (she will be 39 in 2023). She currently resides in Oakland, California, having previously resided in the San Francisco Bay Area (as of 2022).

Q. Who is dating Amy Schneider?

Currently, she is in a relationship with her girlfriend Genevieve Davis.

 Concluding Remarks:

Amy Schneider is an active member of the LGBTQ organization. She achieved fame after winning the Jeopardy Show multiple times. Amy is a Public figure and 250 K people follow her on different social media platforms. She is currently married to her girlfriend. Amy Schneider before surgery was not a role model for a lot of people in the world. She became an icon after winning multiple events and gender change. Guys! it was all about Amy Schneider now for more related info must visit

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