How much Comedian nate bargatze net worth?

How much Comedian nate bargatze net worth?

The estimation of Nate Bargatze Net Worth is approximately $8 Million. Nate is an American Comedian, He started his stand-up comedy career in Chicago and became the reason for millions of people’s laughter and joy. Nate also works in many movies that enhance his net worth. Moreover, along with his comedy career, Nate Bargatze also earns money through YouTube. He also has a brand where you can buy shirts, outerwear, and accessories.

In this article, we discuss the complete details of Nate Bargatze’s Net Worth and also explore his various sources of income and all his assets information with proper details.

Nate Bargatze Net Worth and Salary:

The estimation of Nate Bargatze Net Worth is about $8 Million. He is the most popular comedian in America. he also did many shows globally and went on stand-up comedy tours. He also has a brand where you can buy anything you want.

You can go to his store online and order your favorite things such as clothes, outerwear, and accessories. Moreover, he continuously invests his money in different ventures, projects, and businesses that help to boost his net worth.

Now, we are going to tell you the estimation of Nate Bargatze’s monthly and yearly salary.

Net Worth$8 Million
Monthly Salary$10K to $15K
Yearly Salary$1.2M to $1.8K

Yearly Growth Rate of Nate Bargatze Net Worth:

However, the table below shows the estimation of Nate Bargatze’s annual net worth growth from 2018 – 2023. His net worth has increased year by year and now, the current net worth of Nate Bargatze is $8 Million.

Year Net Worth (Estimated)
2018$2.5 M
2019$3.26 M
2020$4.24 M
2021$5.50 M
2022$7.18 M
2023$8.00 M

Let’s have a look at the graphical representation of the Yearly Growth Rate of Nate Bargatze’s Net Worth:

Yearly Growth Rate of Nate Bargatze Net Worth:

Nate Bargatze Sources of Income – how does he make his net worth?

As we know Nate is a stand-up comedian in America. along with his comedy career, he also has many other businesses that boost his net worth. Now, we will discuss how Nate Bargatze earns his income and what things help to enhance his net worth.

Nate Bargatze Sources of Income – how does he make his net worth?

Stand-up Comedy:

Nate started his comedy career in Chicago. After that, he moved to New York and started doing comedy at “The Boston Comedy Club”. His first comedy went on the Billboard Top 10 Comedy chart for almost 2 weeks. He has a lot of successful shows. His show’s timing limit is between 90 Minutes to 2 hours. He earns almost $330k from stand-up comedy on a monthly basis.


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Stand-up Comedy Tours:

Nate also went on stand-up comedy tours to perform his shows. He also performed his comedy show in Encore Theater. Moreover, he appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Conan”. Nate’s earning estimation from a stand-up comedy tour is about $30 to 50k.

You can check the latest tour details of Nate Bargatze from 13 October 2023 to ongoing by clicking on the link below:

Live Performances:

Nate frequently performs his comedy shows live which added a great amount to his net worth. It is right to say that a huge part of his income also comes from live performances, conferences, galas, fundraisers, and client events. Through his live performances, Nate earns $50k income.

You can get a Nate Bargatze show ticket from

Nate’s Appearance as an Actor:

Along with a comedy career, Nate works in various movies and appears as an actor. He appears in many movies that enhance and increase his net worth. He has worked in movies such as “Hello World”, “The Salesman”, “Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo”, “Hola, Mundo”, “Stand Up Planet”, and many more. His estimation of earnings from a movie career is almost $27k and $93k.

Nateland Company:

Nate Bargatze announced that he is going to launch “Nateland Company” which has family-friendly content. This stand-up comedy content holds content that any age can easily watch. This content holds stand-up comedy specials, sketches, showcases, and scripted episodic for films, podcasts, music, and television. Nate earns almost 15% of his income through the Nateland company.

Click on the link to visit Nateland Company:

Earning through YouTube:

Along with stand-up comedy tours and live performances, Nate also posts his comedy videos on his YouTube channels. Nate has 134K subscribers on his YouTube channel. YouTube also added a lot to his earnings, almost 155 which will boost Nate Bargatze net worth.

Clothing and other Accessories brands:

Nate has his own brand called “The Nateland Podcast Merch”. You can easily buy online things online from his brand. You can buy Shirts, Outerwear, graphic tees, hoodies, and other accessories from these brands. The estimation of Nate earning almost 20% from his brand.


Clothing and other Accessories brands:

Brand Partnerships:

Nate works with many brands and has a partnership with them. He works to promote their brand which also increases Nate’s net worth. Nate Bargatze added a huge amount of money through the endorsement of different brands and products. He will earn almost 10% income (estimation) from Brand Partnerships.

Where did Nate Bargatze spend his money?

As we know the Nate Bargatze net worth estimation is $8 Million. so, it is right to say that the American comedian lives a luxurious life. Now, we will discuss where Nate spent his money. Let’s have a brief look at it.

golfer and sports enthusiast:

Nate always supports his local Vanderbilt commodores. He also loves to play golf and other sports. He is an eager and passionate golfer and sports enthusiast. Moreover, on his Instagram account, he posts a lot of his videos and pictures with his friends or family while playing a game of golf.


Nate has his own home in the South of Nashville. His house is a 2 story brick house that gives a very charming look. He spends a huge amount of his income to buy his own house. This house has featured bedrooms, washrooms, a kitchen, and a fireplace. Nate lived in this house with his wife and children.

Watches Collection:

Nate wears many watches during live performances and shows. It looks like Nate loves to wear watches. However, after watching his shows, live performances, and his social media accounts, we come to know that Nate Bargatze had a huge collection of watches.

Speedmaster ChronoscopeSeamaster 300
Tudor Pelagos BlackBB58 Navy Grand Seiko SBGE255
GMT Longines Heritage 1973Heritage Sector Oris
Big Crown Propilot Calibre 111Junghans Meister Telemeter
Nodus Sector PilotMatic LE Precista Mission Timer
Seiko Seikomatic-P 5106-8010SNJ0125 Arnie Orient Defender II
Sun/Moon IIICitizen Nighthawk Casio GBX100-2
G5600E-1 w/titanium mod RoyaleA700W-1A, GM2100
Green Metal Casioak ArmitronGriffy Timex Mk 1 stainless

Let’s have a look at his watch collection which shows Nate Bargatze’s interest in watches.

Watches Collection:

Cars collection:

Throughout his net worth, Nate Bargatze also loves to drive different cars. In his garage, Nate has a Mazda 626 and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. He was caught many times while driving these cars in public places. However, like other comedians and celebrities, Nate didn’t have a lot of luxury cars.

Cars collection:

Identification of Nate Bargatze:

Nate Bargatze is an American comedian known for his successful and funny comedy shows. In Nashville, Tennessee, he was born on March 25, 1979, in the house of Carole and Stephen Bargatze. His father works as a musician and Motivational speaker.

Nate started doing comedy shows and appeared in many comedy live performances. Throughout his career, Nate Bargatze net worth reached $8 Million. Moreover, Nate was mentioned as one of the top up-and-coming comics by comedians Jim Gaffigan and Marc Maron.

Full NameNate Bargatze
ProfessionComedian and Actor
Net Worth$8 Million
Source of IncomeStand-up Comedy, Live Performances, and Acting.
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameLaura Baines
Children1 Daughter named Harper.

Physical Appearance of Nate Bargatze:

Physical appearance holds the details about a person’s eyes and hair colors, his weight and height details. The table below shows the physical appearance of Nate Bargatze. So, let’s have a look at Nate Bargatze’s physical appearance.

Weight85 kg
Height5 feet 8 inches
Eyes ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorLight Brown
TattooNot Known

Nate Bargatze Career and Achievement:

Let’s have a look at Nate Bargatze’s career and achievements.

  • In 2013, Nate was a part of “Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy”.
  • Nate’s first album “Yelled at by a Clown” was released in 2014 and his second album “Full Time Magic” was released in May 2015.
  • Nate also performed a show for the American Armed Forces in Kuwait and Iraq.
  • He was nominated for the “Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album” in 2022.
  • Not just a comedy, Nate also has a successful career in Movies and Films.
  • In March 2021, “The Greatest Average American” his stand-up special was released by Netflix.

Details of Nate Bargatze Social Media Accounts:

The table below indicates the details of Nate Bargatze’s social media account. This will help you to know the details about his daily routines and you can also update his daily routine.

Accounts Links


Nate Bargatze is an American Comedian who earns a huge part of his income through his stand-up comedy, live performances, movies, and other business ventures. Along with his comedy career, Nate Bargatze earns his income by selling a lot of other accessories.

These accessories include T-shirts, Outerwear, and many other accessories. Through his hard work and passion, Nate Bargatze Net Worth reached $8 Million. Moreover, he is currently working with so many new projects, developments, and schemes to boost his net worth.

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