Applob – Tweak Your Device, How to use & is it safe?

Applob – Tweak Your Device, How to use & is it safe?

Applob is a website and application that contains different modified applications and games like Instagram, TikTok, Subway Surfers, etc. These modified apps and games allow users to enjoy their premium features for free. For games, you can enjoy unlimited gems, coins, and keys for free.

In the case of social media applications, you can enjoy their premium features like followers on Instagram and TikTok, etc. Continue your reading and explore more about this website and application in this article.

What is Applob?

Applob is a website and application that is a great platform for users who search for modified applications to enjoy exclusive features. Such websites and applications are called Modding platforms and websites. You can enjoy a lot of features on this platform.

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How to Use Applob?

You can use this platform for free. Just follow the steps that I have discussed below;

  • Go to the official website of Applob.
  • You can also download the application from this website.
  • After opening the website or APK, you can scroll on the website. You will see a large number of modified apps and games on it.
  • After that, you can select the game or app that you want to download.

How to Install Games and Apps from Applob?

Follow the steps that I have described below to download and install the apps.

  • Go to the website or open the application.
  • Now scroll and browse the website or application APK. You can click on the app and game that you want to download.
  • You can also search for your favorite application and game from the search bar option on the website.
  • After clicking on the app or game, you will see the option of “Start Installation.”
  • Click on this option, and your favorite game or application will start downloading.
  • After downloading, you can click on the “Install” option on the page.
  • Before clicking on the install option, you need to allow the “Installation from Unknown Sources” from the setting of your device.
  • You can approach this platform from your iOS and Android-supported devices.
  • After allowing the installation package from the settings, you can click on the install option.
  • After that, your favorite application or modified game will be installed on your mobile phone device.
  • Now, click on the game or application and start using the premium features, unlimited coins, keys, and gems for free.


The following are the features of using this website;

1. Access to modified apps and games:

This website provides you with access to modified versions of famous games and applications. These modified versions sometimes offer additional features and capabilities beyond the original version of the app or game.

2. Customization:

This website or App allows you to customize the user interface, functionality, and features of the games and applications they download. This also offers to make changes to the app or game to their specific needs and requirements.

source: Applob

3. Greater control:

By using modding platforms, you can take greater control over your favorite apps and games. You can avoid restrictions that you face while using the original versions by the original developers. You can also modify the behavior of the app or game in ways that are not possible with the original version.

4. No need to root or jailbreak:

This website or application offers users the ability to modify apps and games without having to root or jailbreak their devices. This is a major advantage for users who want to customize their apps and games without risking damage to their devices.

Benefits of Applob:

Following are the benefits of this platform.

  • You can download as many applications and games from this website. There are no restrictions upon downloading certain content.
  • There are no ads or pop-ups while using the website or application. You just enjoy browsing and scrolling on it without any hesitation.
  • The best feature of this platform is to download its content free of cost. There are no fees or charges for downloading modded apps and games.
  • Upon downloading social media apps like Instagram and TikTok, you may get followers after logging into your account. The website has featured this follower trick under the logo of these social media applications.


There are multiple disadvantages to using this website that I have discussed below. Have a look at the;

  • There are a limited number of modified apps and games that you can download from this website.
  • Certain features that you want to find in the Mod version of the games may not be available in the games.
  • These platforms can compromise the data and privacy of the user. This is the biggest disadvantage of this website.
  • Moreover, you can face legal issues for using content that has copyright claims and privacy problems.

Is it legal to use Applob?

No, it is not legal to use such platforms for the purpose of downloading modified games and applications. Because such platforms have copyrighted content from multiple games and applications. Platforms like Applob modified the apps and games to unlock their premium features. If you use such websites, your device is prone to hacking and leakage of data.

Moreover, you can face legal consequences and issues for using such modified apps and games. Because when you use such games and apps from your device, the IP of your device is automatically tracked by the particular apps and games that you are using. Sometimes, illegal game developers get control of these games and apps and can compromise your data.

Is it safe to use such websites and applications?

No, it is not safe to use this platform to enjoy the premium features of specific games and apps. When you install such games and apps, they ask you to give them permission for your internal storage and data.

If you want to use the premium features of these apps and games, you have to permit them to use your internal storage and data. That’s where the problem begins. After getting your device information, they can compromise your data, hack it, or use it for other misleading purposes.

It is always suggested that you should not use this website to download your favorite modified games and applications. Because it is always risky for your privacy and your personal data.

You should not compromise your personal data and information while using the lucrative and premium benefits of this website. Most of the data hacks and privacy issues are just because of the malware and viruses that get into your mobile while using such platforms.

Alternatives of Applob:

There are many alternatives to this website and application that you can use for installing Modded games and social media apps. A few of them are discussed below,


TweakVIP is a website platform similar to Applob and the user interface of this website is also similar to it. You can also download the modded apps and games from it. But there are very few and limited apps and games that you can download from this website.



HappyMod is another application platform that helps its user to download modified applications. You can have access to thousands of apps and games with unlocked premium features. You need to watch ads to download the content from this application. There are multiple versions of the modded games and apps. You can select the best one that is operational with your device.

Bottom Remarks:

Applob website or application provides a range of benefits to users. It offers greater control and customization over apps and games, often without requiring particular knowledge or technical skills. Furthermore, these websites can foster communities of users who share knowledge and support, helping to improve the overall experience for everyone involved.

However, it is important to know the potential risks and threats of using these types of websites. Such websites can contain malware or other security threats that compromise your device or personal information.

You should be careful when downloading or installing any modded apps or games. You should only use trusted sources and official platforms. Additionally, modifying apps or games can violate the terms of service of the original developers, which could result in legal consequences.


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