Imginn: Safe App to Download Instagram Stories & Videos

Imginn: Safe App to Download Instagram Stories & Videos

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking sites for sharing daily life through images and videos, with more than 1 billion active members. By using the Imginn Instagram downloader, you can simply download the specific content.  Moreover, you should often download Instagram stories, highlights, and Reels videos so you can view them while you’re not online.

Are you searching for what is it? How is it used to download photos or videos from an Instagram account? Or is it safe to use such platforms for downloading any type of content? You would like this article very much because it carries all the information, tips to download, and security-related questions.


What is Imginn?

This is basically an Instagram content downloader platform. It has a lot of great features that a user cannot enjoy while using an official Instagram application. You do not need to use your Instagram account to log in. For all of its capabilities, it merely makes use of Instagram’s public API and allows free access outside of the Instagram client. This is really useful for folks who don’t have an account yet and want to use Instagram safely.

Basic Features with Description:

  • Easy to Use

Imginn platform has a user-friendly interface. There is no rocket science in searching for or downloading any content. The search bar is very convenient to use. There are no irritating ads running on this website. This makes this website user-friendly.

  • Search without an Account

For using this website, You do not need an Instagram account. Just go to the website and search for the account of your choice. You can search for your favorite celebrity, sportsperson, or content creator and can watch their stories, posts, and videos without any account.

  • Free of Cost

The best feature about this website is that its use is entirely free of cost. You do have to pay any fee to use its amazing features. Just Open the website and start surfing Instagram without any kind of hassle.

  • Anonymous Download Option

While going through the Instagram profile of your favorite person, you can download his or her content. You can download his/her stories, photos, and videos without letting him/her know. Isn’t it amazing? This website keeps your identity anonymous while downloading anyone’s content.

  • Compatible with Different accounts

So if you are using this website while logging in to your account, you can connect multiple Instagram accounts with this website. There is no limit to connected accounts. So, its feature also makes it an automatic choice for surfing on this website.

How to use this Imginn Platform:

Using this downloader is very simple and convenient. You have to follow the tips that I am going to discuss below.

  • Open your internet browser and write in your search bar.


  • Search for the name of your favorite celebrity or person.


  • Click on his/her account and go through his/her profile.
  • You can easily download the content from the website by clicking on the “Download” Option.


  • That person will not be able to see your activity on his /her profile.

Features that should be included:

1. View or download private stories or post

This feature will totally storm social media. If you are able to see the private life of your favourite person then what else do you want? People often look here and there and surf the internet to see the private stories and pictures of their person.

2. Ask for Android and IOS platforms:

This should be launched as an application. The browser search is quite boring for some people. If this is launched as an app then it will be very easy and convenient to surf.


Is it Ethical to use Imginn?

If you look at this platform from an ethical point of view then it is wrong. Because you are breaching the privacy of that person. You have no right to download their content and use it for your own purposes. That person or celebrity can sue you for copyrights of their content. You can be in big trouble if you are using their content on your social media platforms without their permission.

Potential Threats of Using this Downloader:

Anything that comes with some benefits also brings a few drawbacks. Similar is the case with this website. Following are some problems that can happen when using this website.

  • Privacy Issues:

Your privacy is at risk if you are searching on these platforms. Because most such platforms are run by third parties. These third parties ask permission about your location and sometimes storage. If you grant this permission, then your privacy can be attacked or compromised.

  • Personal Data can be Compromised:

By granting such permissions, your personal data in your mobile storage is also at great risk. The platform’s owner can use this data and can sell it on the dark web. So be mindful of using such platforms.

  • No Customer Service:

These platforms also do not have any customer support. Customer support is available on platforms that are working on registered methods. Companies that are using legal methods provide the best customer service to their users.

Solutions to These Problems:

  • Use VPN

When utilizing an image-based online tool or just browsing the internet in general, VPN services provide other advantages in addition to privacy:

Threat Protection: Many VPN service providers include tools that automatically analyze web pages for dangers and scan files for viruses before downloading. This is particularly beneficial when utilizing images or video downloads.

Geographic Location Change: Users may choose the location of the Internet address. They will visit a certain website using a VPN.

Ad blocking – VPN services frequently include add-ons and browser extensions to prevent the most offensive types of advertising, such as pop-up ads. However, the most prevalent types of advertisements available on major social media sites are not restricted.

Substitutes of Imginn:

There are different websites or apps present in the market that have the same features. We are going to discuss a few of them here.

Instagram Scraper

It is the first and most fantastic substitute, enabling you to download Instagram photos and videos without logging in. You may use hashtags, browse through Instagram’s post history, and download all of the stuff that the person has shared.


The greatest anonymous Instagram story viewer is Inflact. Without making an account, save movies and pictures. Automatically save IG stories from any public profile for free, across all devices, with no third-party app installation.


  • Instantaneously and secretly see Instagram Stories
  • Enjoy free online Instagram services for downloading or watching Stories.
  • Multiple devices are supported for searching.


It is an additional tool that users have as a substitute. Users may browse public accounts, videos, articles, and reels anonymously. You may utilize all of its services without having to pay the website any fees.


A website called Qoobstories provides its customers with more functionality. You may download stuff from a private account as well. Posts, videos, and stories from both public and private accounts may now be saved and downloaded.


A website resembling Imginn called Dumpor allows users to browse and download Instagram story views, pictures, and videos anonymously. The user-friendly interface attracts users to search for their favorite Instagram accounts using their profile, tags, and location.


  • Browse in privacy
  • Hashtag search is supported when you see likes and comments. 


Is it safe to use Imginn?

No, it is not totally safe to use this website. It interacts with third-party websites, so we are unable to guarantee your safety. Therefore, it cannot ensure your online safety.

Is there any APK of Imginn available?

No, this is a website where you have to browse and search. So, you will basically search for it on your internet browser i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. It is not available in the application form.

Can I save films and photos from private accounts to Imginn?

No, this does not allow you to store private videos and photos of other Instagram users’ profile accounts.

Can my data be hacked while using this platform?

Yes, your data is vulnerable to a third party. The owner of this website may have access to your internal storage of mobile or laptop. This website also saves your search data. Next time you search and enter the first word of that account, it quickly shows your recent search activity. It means somehow this website has access to your data.

Final Remarks:

These third-party websites look very fascinating while using their excellent features. But there are a few problems and security issues that arise. You may use all the functionalities of Imginn for free, making it a fantastic tool to use. However, some people believe that this is risky because the website lacks important information.

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