Urlebird – A Best Tiktok Online Viewer App With Some Alternatives

Urlebird – A Best Tiktok Online Viewer App With Some Alternatives

Urlebird is a platform where you can get all the TikTok videos and watch them. you can also download the video on your device without a watermark. This website fetches the data or videos of TikTok and posts them on their platform without getting the users’ permission.

Moreover, all the TikTok users who posted their videos privately are very upset because of this platform. The people who have private TikTok accounts stated that this platform gets access to their accounts and posts their content on their websites.

What is a Urlebird?

This is an app that will offer you to watch TikTok on your phone but this is not linked with TikTok. This platform posted a video of many users without their permission and without letting them know. Well, this thing is very frustrating for TikTok users and they want to take down this platform.

Moreover, if you make a private account on TikTok they will also fetch your data or video from your account and post it on their website without your permission. Furthermore, this app has a lot of other features like TikTok such as you can comment, save, and share the video with your friends.  Views on urlebird website do not count on the official tiktok app so, many tiktokers prefer buying tiktok likes and followrs to increase reputation.

Is that Urlebird affiliated with TikTok?

No, this website has no link with TikTok but they upload the data of TikTok users. As we discussed they also can fetch the data from private TikTok accounts. but it is still a mystery how they can get access to TikTok users’ data and information.

But there is a chance that they might get data from the TikTok API. They get data from it and upload it to their website. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that TikTok is not affiliated with Urlebird. It means if you see your video or content on this website and want to report it on TikTok then TikTok will not help you with this matter.

Is this website legal?

No, we don’t think that this website is legal to use. The reason is that they post all the content of TikTok users and don’t take anyone’s permission. Additionally, they also fetch the data of people who keep their TikTok accounts private. On the other hand, this website is not linked with TikTok.

This means if you see your content on this website and report it on TikTok, then TikTok will not help you with this matter. If TikTok is not linked with them then, who can get access to your Data is still a mystery. It simply means they might hack your accounts or use the TikTok API.

How can you use this website?

Here we will tell you how you can use this platform. You have 2 options to use it. The first one is “Open it on your Browser” or the other one is “Download the App”.

  • Download the app sign in and simply start using it.
  • To get access to this website on your browser. Open your browser and type Urlebird.com In the search bar.
  • After opening the official website, you can see so many options such as Trending, Videos, Users, Hashtags, Music, and Downloader.
  • Click on any option that you can use to watch videos if you click on trending it will show you the recent trending videos.
  • Utilize other options like that and enjoy the videos.

To download a video by utilizing this platform simply follow the steps.

  • On the downloader option simply go to TikTok and copy the URL of the specific video and paste the link on it.
  • Under the comments an arrow will appear with its head pointing click on it.
  • After clicking on it a pop-up menu will appear. find the copy link of the video and click on it.
  • Now again open the Downloader option. Paste the copy link and now, simply download the video.

Is it safe to use this website?

There is no clear answer to this question available because a lot of people think that they copy others’ videos or content and publish it on their platform which is not right. They might fetch the data of TikTok users by hacking their accounts because it is clear that TikTok and Urlebird don’t have any links with each other.

On the other hand, the content of this platform is suitable and safe to watch. This website also uses a safe security system that will keep user data safe. This platform also offers its users so many other options.

Features of Urlebird:

This platform offers various features to its users. Let’s discuss some of these features.

  1. The Comprehensive Analytics will offer you the content creators insight into follower growth and video performance.
  2. By using the Latest Advanced Algorithms and personalized recommendations. This website makes sure that no one misses any trending content. that’s why they
  3. The User-friendly Interface of this platform will make it easy for other users to discover and enjoy all the TikTok Video content. Additionally, it also makes it easy to use.
  4. Using the Bookmarking Feature, users can save their favorite video by clicking on it and later view it.
  5. The Offline Viewing Feature will also offer you to edit and view your favorite videos while you are offline. But to use this feature you may need a subscription or any third-party software.

What is the popularity reason for this website?

They can fetch the data from TikTok and post it on their website. a lot of people use this platform to get access to the content of private users’ accounts. They make a huge amount of money by posting others’ videos and content.

Moreover, if anyone does want this website to steal and post their content they can report them on Change.org/p/tiktok-take-down-urlebird. A lot of TikTok users are worried about why their content is posted on any other platform without their permission.

How can Urlebird get access to the Private TikTok accounts?

They might get access to TikTok accounts by using TikTok API and the vulnerability of the company system. Moreover, there is also a chance that they might hack your account and fetch all of your information. Along with your content, they can also steal your other personal information such as your username, password, and email.

As you know, we also tell you that this website uploads TikTok users’ content on their platform and doesn’t take their permission. Furthermore, this platform is not affiliated with TikTok. then, how they can get access to the Private TikTok accounts. Well, this mystery is not solved yet properly.

How can Urlebird get access to the Private TikTok accounts?

What to do if you are unable to access the Urlebird site?

If this website is working but you are unable to get access to it then you need to follow these instructions. Try these methods and tricks to solve the problem.

  1. First, you need to clear your cache and get the current version of your page.
  2. Refresh your browser page by using the combination of these keys Ctrl + F5.
  3. Delete all the DNS cache history from your computer.
  4. Delete all the cookies of your browser. Now, change your computer IP address.
  5. Check that Urlebird is not blocked by a firewall or any anti-virus that is installed on your computer or device.

Security of Urlebird:

Many people make complaints about this platform that this website leaks their videos and personal information. On the other hand, if someone tries to remove their content from this website, they will not remove it. A lot of people stated that removing content is still available on this platform.

10 Alternatives of Urlebird:


This platform is the most dependable and best TikTok ads Spy Tool. you can stay up-to-date with trending content on TikTok. it will also help you find out great products by viewing the ads and products.


Using Ixspy you can explore millions of TikTok regularly. It will offer you the latest trending content and TikTok videos of TikTok influencers. Moreover, by utilizing hashtags you can also find your desired video.


This is also a TikTok Analytics Tool. it offers you an actionable vision that is powered by Exolyt. Utilize this analytical tool for social listening and monitoring performance. Additionally, you can also see any of the Public TikTok videos.


TikTok2k.com allows its users to download the video of a specific account. You just need to copy the link of the specific account and paste it. after the scroll down, find the video and watch it. Additionally, use hashtags to find the TikTok videos you want to watch.


This is a TikTok Analytics Platform that will help you to find the trending video, dances, ads, music, and users. This platform holds a lot of similarities LIKE TikTok.


This is a management and growing analytics platform. This platform is built with the latest technology by highly skilled professional marketers. TikBuddy will give access to other data such as music, hashtags, and TikTok videos.


This platform examines and analyzes the content that is more attractive to the audience. It will also post regular-based trending content. Moreover, this is an analytics and statistics tool. This is also free to use and you don’t need to spend your credit.

Social Insider:

Social Insider is a benchmarking social media tool. The interface of this platform is very user-friendly and simple to use. This is also a network of Influencer Marketing. It will also enhance the strategies that relate to social media networking.


HypeAuditor is a platform that you can use as an alternative to Urlebird. This platform will give you a dependable technology service. Additionally, you can use it for free of cost, and also you can purchase its subscription.


This platform will provide you with content and video searching for them by using TikTok hashtags. These hashtags include #fyp, #foryou, #tiktokchallenge, #tik_tok, #tiktokfamous and #tiktktravel. Find your favorite video by searching through hashtags.

Pros and Cons of this website:

Here we discuss some of the pros of this website as well as cons of it.

  • If TikTok is banned in your country, you can use this platform.
  • Illegal to use.
  • Download any Video without a watermark
  • Get access to the private TikTok Account and post their content on their platform.
  • Watch anyone’s video and it won’t let them know.
  • This platform is not linked with TikTok.
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Upload the users’ data without their permission.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Urlebird anonymous?

Yes, they can observe other activities and don’t expose their identity. They stay imperceptible and watch other actions and doings. You can also stalk others without letting them know by using this website while staying anonymous.

Q. Can people see my TikTok videos?

It depends upon your TikTok privacy settings. If your TikTok account is private, then no one can watch your content, not make a duet with you, or not even comment on your video. On the other hand, if you have a public account then people will see your TikTok videos.

Q. Can you watch deleted TikTok?

No, not any feature in TikTok will allow you to watch any deleted TikTok video. You can also not recover your deleted content on TikTok. but you can recover the content from the device where you can upload this video.

Q. Can you be tracked through TikTok?

When you sign in to your TikTok account it will collect your network information and device location such as IP address and SIM card. When you turn on your location, TikTok will also collect it based on your device’s GPS.

Final Remarks:

Urlebird might be illegal to use because it can share the content of TikTok users’ without letting them know and doesn’t even take their permission. It can also get access to the user’s accounts who keep their accounts private.

A lot of people feel annoyed that their content is uploaded on other platforms and they don’t even ask for it. This is a platform that is used to watch TikTok videos. You can also share videos with your friends and watch them offline.

Use their latest feature, stay anonymous and stalk other people who watch their video and don’t even know about it. Furthermore, you can also download any of your favorite videos and content from this platform.

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