Who is Ryan Garcia Wife? Drea Celina or Catherine Gamez

Who is Ryan Garcia Wife? Drea Celina or Catherine Gamez

Ryan Garcia is a famous professional boxer in America. In the world of boxing, he is gazed at as the most thrilling prospect. If we talk about Ryan Garcia Wife, the star has been in a relationship with Drea Celina. Moreover, Ryan Garcia has two children.

Drea Celina is a very famous social media influencer, Fashionista, Instagram Star, and Fitness Expert. She works with many popular brands as a fashion model. In this article, you will explore all the details about the partner of Ryan Garcia. People are searching to know Ryan Garcia wife same as searching for david goggins wife.

Who is Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia is a very famous and popular boxer in America. Ryan was born on August 8, 1998. Moreover, Ryan also holds a nickname which is The Flash KingRy. He has 1 younger brother and 3 elder sisters. In 2021, Ryan holds the title of “WBC Interim Lightweight”.

Who is Ryan Garcia

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Further about Ryan, according to “The Ring Magazine” Garcia placed as the world’s 4th Best Active Lightweight. After that, he ranked 6th Best Active Junior Welterweight by ESPN, 7th Best by BoxRec, and 8th Best by the “Transnational Boxing Ranking Board”.

Biography of Ryan Garcia:

NameRyan Garcia
Nick NameThe Flash KingRy
Net Worth$20 Million
Date of BirthAugust 8, 1998
Age24 Years
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Marital StatusSingle

Early Life of Ryan Garcia:

Ryan was born in California on August 8, 1998. His mother’s name is Lisa Garcia and his father’s name is Henry Garcia. Moreover, he also has 4 siblings, 1 brother, and 3 sisters. At an early age, he wanted to become a boxer as this is his father’s dream. But his father also wanted to become a boxer but later ended up becoming a boxing trainer.

Personal Life of Ryan Garcia:

If we talk about his personal life, Ryan is not currently married to anyone. But he has been involved in some relationships with famous supermodels and social media influencers. Ryan also has 2 beautiful daughters. But it is clear that from all of his girlfriends, no one is Ryan Garcia Wife.

Personal Life of Ryan Garcia

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Is that Ryan Garcia in a relationship?

Garcia has many relations with some social media influencers and Instagram models. But at that time, Ryan Garcia was in a relationship with a popular Instagram model Drea Celina. Moreover, he is also involved in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Catherine Gamez. Moreover, according to some sources, he is currently dating a famous TikTok Star named Malu. Malu and Ryan were caught outside of the restaurant. But both of them denied the relationship rumors about them.

Is that Catherine Gamez Ryan Garcia Wife?

Well, there is no authentic news about Ryan Garcia Wife reveal yet. Before meeting with Drea, Ryan has a relationship with Catherine Gamez. Garcia also has one child from his ex-girlfriend Catherine Gamez named Ryelie Garcia. There are a lot of rumors and reports that were viral that they have seen in many public places together.

Is that Catherine Gamez Ryan Garcia Wife

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Moreover, Catherine was born into a rich family in Colombia. After the birth of their daughter, their relationship starts to get worse. Soon, the couple broke up and left each other. After breaking up with Catherine, Ryan feels lonely and starts dating another Instagram Model Drea Celina.

Who is Drea Celina?

Ryan Garcia is dating Instagram model Drea Celina after breaking up with Catherine Gamez. Celina is an Italian and Mexican and origin Fitness Trainer. Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina have been in a relationship for over 3 years. She was born on January 12, 1996. Drea is 2 years older than Ryan. Moreover, the couple started dating in 2019 and has 1 daughter together named Bela Garcia.

Who is Drea Celina?

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Celina is also working with various brands as a model. Ryan posts some pictures with Drea on his social media account. Furthermore, the couple split up when the kissing picture of TikTok star Malu and Ryan went viral. Drea publicly lashed out at Ryan for cheating on her. Ryan also makes a public apology for this incident.

Did Ryan Cheat on Drea Celina?

Drea and Ryan have been dating for over 3 years and both of them have a good relationship. But the problems came when the kissing video of Ryan and Malu Trevejo went viral on social media. After that, the couple separated from each other. However, Ryan publicly apologizes and feels regret for his action. Moreover, the couple managed to solve their problems and issues.

Who is Ryan Garcia’s New Girlfriend?

Currently, Malu Trevejo is Ryan Garcia’s Girlfriend. Malu is a social media influencer and a popular TikTok star. Ryan and Malu came to the news when the kissing picture of them went viral. The picture was captured outside the Paparazzi restaurant.

Who is Ryan Garcia’s New Girlfriend?

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Malu Trevejo is just an 18-year-old girl. Furthermore, Malu’s real name is Maria Luisa. Ryan and Malu met in Los Angeles on her 18th Birthday. She is also working on Musical.ly as a former star. Both of them denied that they are not involved in any relationship. So, it is clear that Malu Trevejo is not Ryan Garcia Wife.

Does Ryan Garcia have children?

Yes, Ryan Garcia has 2 children. He is the father of 3 daughters. He welcomed his first daughter Ryelie Garcia on 20 March 2019. Ryelie’s mother is Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Catherine Gamez. Catherine and Ryan separated after the birth of their daughter.

Does Ryan Garcia have children?

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On the other hand, after his break up with Catherine, he started another relationship with Drea Celina. Drea and Ryan also have one beautiful daughter but unfortunately before the birth of their baby. Ryan was caught cheating on Drea. Ryan made a public apology.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What happened between Ryan Garcia and Malu?

Ryan Garcia and Malu Trevejo were caught kissing each other from outside of a restaurant which is owned by Juventus Legend Alessandro Del Piero. Ryan’s Girlfriend stated that he cheated on her. Moreover, Malu and Ryan denied that they are not in a relationship.

Q. Are Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina still together?

After the Malu and Ryan incident, his girlfriend Drea Celina publicly lashed out at Ryan for cheating on her. Malu and Ryan also denied the news about their relationship. Moreover, Ryan Garcia also makes a public apology to her girlfriend Drea Celina.

Q, Who is the mother of Ryan Garcia’s first baby?

Catherine Gamez is the mother of Ryan Garcia’s first child. In March 2019, Catherine gave birth to his first Daughter named Ryelie Garcia. Before the birth of their child, the couple’s relationship gets worse and soon they break up.

Q, Who did Ryan Garcia have a child with?

Ryan Garcia has 2 children Ryelie Garcia and Bela Garcia. It is important to note that Ryelie Garcia is Ryan’s first daughter. Ryelie’s mother is Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Catherine Gomez. Moreover, Ryan’s second child is also a girl named Bela Garcia. Bela’s mother is Drea Celina.

Final Note:

The American Professional and famous boxer is not married yet. But on the other hand, he has been in various relationships. But according to some sources, he is dating so many girls but it is clear that no one is Ryan Garcia Wife. Ryan is a father of 2 beautiful daughters. Furthermore, the net worth estimation is about $20 Million. Additionally, Ryan has 4 Siblings. Ryan is also a high-ranked active Lightweight.


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