Michael Tell Ex-Husband of Patty Duke Complete Bio & 13 Days Marriage Story

Michael Tell Ex-Husband of Patty Duke Complete Bio & 13 Days Marriage Story

Michael Tell is a former rock promoter of America. he is also an ex-husband of Patty Duke and became famous because of their brief marriage. Michael and Duke’s marriage lasts only for 13 days. This brief marriage has picked out Michael’s name in the History of Hollywood and made him a topic of gossip and Intrigue.

Who is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell is an early rock promoter of America. a lot of people become famous because of their business ventures and successful careers. But Michael was famous because of his short marriage with the late actress Patty Duke. The couple came into headlines in the 1970s when they separated after 13 days of their marriage.

Michael Tell Wikipedia:

Full NameMichael Tell
Nick NameMike
ProfessionFormer Rock Music Promoter
Net worth$1 Million
Reason for his popularityBrief marriage with Patty Duke
Date of BirthDec 14, 1950
Age73 years
Birth PlaceUnited States
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-PartnerPatty Duke
ChildrenOne Son
EthnicityAustrian and Polish Ancestry
FatherJack Tell
MotherBeatrice ‘Goldstein’ Tell
SiblingsJay and Donald Tell

Physical Appearance of Michael:

Height5 Feet and 7 Inches
Weight154 (in Pounds)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Early life of Michael:

Michael was born on Dec 14, 1950, in the United States. He got an interest in rock music when he was in high school. However, Michael does not have any good skills in music and doesn’t know about singing. So, he tries different ways into music with the help of various promotions to become a rockstar.

Jack Tell Michael’s father was an editor and founder of “The Las Vegas Israelite”. His father also works at the New York center, the former Hershfield-McCosker Home in Yonkers, and also the publicity director for Sullivan County, Atlantic City.

Michael works determinedly behind the scenes as a rock music promoter and plays a crucial role in different rock music events. On the other hand, he gained a lot of popularity because of his brief marriage with the late actress Patty Duke.

Michael Tell’s Family:

Michael is the Son of Jack Tell and Beatrice ‘Goldstein’ Tell. He also has 2 siblings named Jay Tell and Donald Tell. His parents raised him and his other two brothers. When Michael was 13 years old he moved to Nevada along with his family.

Unfortunately, on August 26, 1979, Michael’s father died at the age of 70 due to a serious illness. On the other hand, in 2000, his mother Beatrice ‘Goldstein’ Tell died because of her kidney disease. The graves of his parents are in Woodland Cemetery.

Career of Michael:

Michael Tell started his singing career when he completed his graduation. After his graduation, he didn’t continue his studies and started focusing on her career. After high school, he started struggling as a rock music promoter.

His musical work in the entertainment industry has been over many times. His work helps to bring it to the multitude and pays attention to the rock music scene. However, while he is not in the spotlight, his work considerably affects the entertainment industry.

After his successful and long career, he decided to retire from singing in 2010. His work in the music industry made his mark on his journey. However, he ended his career but Michael’s involvement in the music industry remains worth mentioning.

Michael’s Relationship with Patty Duke:

Talking about Michael’s personal life, he got married to Patty Duke in June 1970. They didn’t date each other for a long period of time. the couple gets married. But the shocking news is that people get surprised when they come to know that the couple got separated after 13 days of their marriage.

Michael's Relationship with Patty Duke

Michael never got married after his divorce and stayed single his whole life. However, there are also rumors spread that at the time of Michael and Patty, Patty was pregnant. On 25 February 1971, Patty gave birth to a son named Sean Astin.

What was the reason for Patty and Michael’s divorce?

Patty Duke says that Michael Tell was a lavish personality and had an obsession with gambling. Patty also says that after their marriage she paid the dues of Michael’s gambling various times. Keep in mind that Michael and Patty’s marriage only lasts for 13 days.

How many times does Patty Duke get Married?

In her entire life, Patty Duke got married four times.

How many times does Patty Duke get Married

  • Harry Falk – 1965 to 1969:

In 1965, for the first time, she married Harry Falk who is a director. Harry Falk is 13 years older than her. Just 4 years after their marriage, they got separated and divorced in 1969.

  • Michael Tell – 1970 to 1970:

After her divorce, she got married to Michael Tell in June 1970. The relationship between Patty and Michael lasts only for 13 days. They officially canceled their marriage on July 9, 1970. However, the reason for their divorce is not publicly revealed.

  • John Allen Astin – 1972 to 1985:

After her second marriage failed, she started dating John Astin. Then, in 1972, Patty and John tied the knot. In 1973, the couple welcomed their first child, Mackenzie Astin. Patty and Astin’s marriage lasts for almost 13 years and then they separate from each other.

  • Michael Pearce – 1986 to 2016:

The fourth husband of Patty Duke was Michael Pearce who is a Drill sergeant. Both of them married in 1986. Luckily, Patty’s fourth marriage remained successful and lasted until her death in 2016. They didn’t have any child together but they adopted a son and gave him the name Kevin.

Who is the father of Sean Astin?

The rumors about Sean Astin’s Father continued for years. So, to clear all the misunderstanding, at the age of 26 Sean decided to take a DNA test. The result of his DNA test shocked everyone that his biological father is Michael Tell.

The DNA result brought the answer to every question and gave Sean a certain identity about his Paternity. Moreover, Sean Astin was adopted by John Astin. On the other hand, John also had a successful career in the field of acting.

Who is the father of Sean Astin


The identity of Sean Astin’s father is a speculation along with possible personalities such as Desi Arnaz Jr. because Patty had a relationship with him before marrying Michael. On the other hand, the other one is John Astin with whom Patty married later after her divorce.

Michael as an Owner of a Publishing Company “The Las Vegas Israelite”:

After the death of Michael’s parents, he became the 2nd generation owner of the Publishing company, Las Vegas Israelite. When Michael was 16 years old, his father worked in a short-lived venture Territorial Enterprise.

After that, his father Jack Tell started an English-language weekly newspaper “The Las Vegas Israelite” which reports all the events of the Jewish Community. Michael works in his company as a writer and publisher of newspapers. Despite his family business, Michael also made his musical career.

Net Worth of Michael Tell:

The total estimation of Michael Tell net worth is about $1 Million. he earns all of this from his rock music promoter career. Moreover, Michael also works in his father’s company as a writer and publisher. Moreover, his late ex-wife Patty Duke net worth is about $10 Million.

Is that Michael still Alive?

Yes, Michael Tell is still alive and lives a happy and healthy life. Currently, Michael lives in Las Vegas, the United States of America. he ended his singing career and lives a joyful life. Furthermore, his ex-wife Patty Duke died at the age of 69 on 29 March 2016.

Is that Michael still Alive

OurFinal Words on Micheal Tell:

Michael Tell life journey is an interesting story. He became popular because of his short marriage with a famous actress Patty Duke. Their marriage lasted only for 13 days. Even though the brief marriage impacts the life of their son’s life, Sean Astin.

Michael had a passion for rock music when he was in high school. His work for the musical industry extended over various times and was underwritten meaningfully to the scene of rock music. Moreover, So, he made efforts to become a rockstar and tried different ways into music with the help of various promotions.

Despite singing, he also worked in his father’s company and became the owner after his father’s death. Michael worked hard to make his career and earn a lot of money through his hard work. The total estimation of Michael Tell’s net worth is about $1 Million.


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