Who is west duchovny? Bio, Life, Career, Relations & Role in Painkiller

Who is west duchovny? Bio, Life, Career, Relations & Role in Painkiller

West Duchovny is an American actress. She is the daughter of famous actors Tea Leoni and David Duchovny. She is the next rising star of Hollywood and is famous because of her films The SyFy series The Magician, the Netflix series Painkiller, the Hulu series Saint X, and A Mouthful of Air.

Duchovny plays a role in the Painkiller movie as Shannon Schaeffer and becomes famous. The story of this movie is based on the article of Patrick Raiden Keefe’s New Yorker and Barry Meier’s book. In this article, we will tell you all about her biography, career, education, and net worth.

Who is West Duchovny?

West Duchovny is an American Actor and the daughter of famous actors Tea Leoni and David Duchovny. Moreover, she also has one sibling that is her younger brother named Kyd Miller Duchovny. West appeared in various movies but she became more famous when she appeared in Painkiller.

Who is West Duchovny?

The Painkiller series is based on two articles written by Patrick Radden Keefe “The Family That Built an Empire of Pain” and the 2nd is written by Barry Meier’s book “Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic”.

Biography of West Duchovny

Full NameMadelaine West Duchovny
Nick NameWest
ProfessionActress and Model
Date of BirthApril 24, 1999
Age24 Years
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Marital StatusUnmarried
FatherDavid Duchovny
MotherTea Leoni
SiblingsKyd Miller Duchovny

Physical Appearance of the West:

Height5 Feet 7 Inches or 1.73 M
Weight65 Kg or 143 lbs pound
Hair ColorHazel Color
Eye ColorBrown

Early Life and Education of West:

Madelaine West Duchovny opened her eyes to this world on 24 April 1999 in Los Angeles, California. At that time, she is 24 years 24-year-old girl. Both of her parents raised her until West was a teenager. After that, her parents separated. Then she started living with her mom and younger brother Kyd Miller Duchovny.

Early Life and Education of West:

After completing her high school at the mountain School “A Division of Milton Academy”. Furthermore, she continued her studies and got a bachelor’s degree at the “Ethical Fieldston School” in 2017.

Personal Life of West:

The famous and popular actress of Painkiller is still unmarried and single. She didn’t have any relationship with anyone and lived a happy life. West worked hard and just focused on her career to make her name.

Moreover, we didn’t know about her personal life because she always kept her personal life private and didn’t want to talk about it. She never sees along with anyone in a public place so, it is hard to tell that she has any type of relationship with anyone.

Career of West:

West works in various movies. Her parents were a little bit surprised when they came to know about their desire to work in the entertainment industry. Her mother is more conscious about her decision because she is also an actress and knows all about the industry. West said that she calls her mom whenever she needs advice.

Career of West:


YearTile NotesRole
2018SickTV MovieJonni
2019The ReportTV MovieFeinstein Intern
2020Vegas HighTV MoviePaige
2021A Mouthful of AirTV MovieCream
2022LinoleumTV MovieDarcy


Year Title Notes Role
2018The X-FilesMaddyEpisode: “My Struggle IV”
2019The MagiciansWhitley3 episodes
2023Saint XAlisonMain cast
2023PainkillerShannon Schaeffer6 episodes

Who is the Father of West Duchovny?

Her father is David Duchovny who is also a famous actor in Hollywood for nearly 4 decades. He knows all about the Hollywood Industry and he gets curious when her daughter decides to work in the entertainment industry and follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Who is the Father of West Duchovny?

In June 2022, he told America’s Closer Magazine “I don’t feel good when anyone wants to become an actor I love, especially my own children”. Moreover, David Duchovny is well-known because of his acting and musical skills.

Who is the Mother of West Duchovny?

Tea Leoni is the mother of West. She is also a part of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Before the birth of their children, she focused on her career. But after the arrival of West and her brother Kyd. She changes her priorities and starts taking care of them. There is nothing in Hollywood that replaces the time that I spend with my children.

Who is the Mother of West Duchovny?

It always looks like she has no regrets left in her life. In February 2015, Tea Leoni told More Magazine the importance of her children in her life. Moreover, she makes a strong bond with her children. In May 2023, West posted a picture of her mother with the caption “The funniest, creative, loving, coolest, and most beautiful Mama”.

What Role Did West Play in Painkiller?

West Duchovny gets a chance into the part of Shannon Schaeffer who is an ambitious and expert young professional saleswoman. She participates and becomes a member of the marketing group Purdue Pharma and receives guidelines from Britt Hufford (Din Shihabi). In Britt’s Facilities, Schaeffer, a doe green-eyed rookie is mentally ready to turn out to be a cutthroat dealer of Oxycontin.

Together, through their sales regions, the team of two visits them from home to home to visit the offices of doctors. They convince them to produce potentially addictive prescription drugs. As a young woman who believes that what is right and necessary is part of her job. West is both and has a considerable faith in her as a young woman.

In her job, she is not capable of saying “No” as a response. On the other hand, West raised the value of Britt for her Steely. West is certainly discovering the excellence of her first impression and she helps Shannon with scenery and goodness amateurism to create a super character.

Is that West suffering from any Illness?

No, she didn’t have any medical issues. She is completely fine and struggles to make her career. West works in various TV shows and Films. Apart from her acting career, she is also an entrepreneur and also works hard to make her name. She also sells clothes such as jeans, pants, and t-shirts on the Depop PageIs that West suffering from any Illness?

Net Worth of West Duchovny:

The total estimation of West Duchovny net worth is approximately $5 Million. She earns a huge part of her income from her acting career and the rest of her income comes from the Depop Page where she sells clothes online.

Net Worth of West Duchovny:

Yearly Net worth of West:

Year Net Worth
In 2023$5 Million
In 2022$4.35 Million
In 2021$3.98 Million
In 2020$2.61 Million
In 2019$2.24 Million

Social Media Accounts of West:

FacebookMaddie W. Duchovny

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is West Duchovny related to David Duchovny?

West is the daughter of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny. Her parents belong to the entertainment industry. They were very shocked when their daughter told them that she also wanted to join the industry.

Q. Are Téa Leoni and David Duchovny still married?

No, Tea Leoni and David Duchovny are not together. Both of them had a little argument and separated but they got back together in 2009. After that in 2011, both of them separated again, and in 2014 they confirmed their divorce.

Q. What happened to David Duchovny?

In 2017, David Duchovny decided to stop his acting career and focus on his songwriter and novelist career. So, in 2018, he left his acting career in the 11th Season of The X-Flies. Then, in 2020, he returned again to acting in the film “Sequel to the Craft”.

Q. Who is David Duchovny married to now?

David Duchovny has not married anyone since his divorce from his wife Tea Leoni. Keep in mind that Tea Leoni is the ex-wife of David Duchovny.


West Duchovny is a new rising star of Hollywood. She is the daughter of two Hollywood actors David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. When she expresses her feelings to enter into the world of the entertainment industry. Her parents get a little bit conscious because they know all about the industry.

On the other hand, West is single yet and hasn’t had any relationship with anyone. She just focuses on her career and works hard to make her name. Moreover, there is a rumor about her illness spreading. But this is not true. She is enjoying good health and living a healthy life.

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