Martin Short Net Worth: How Comedian Makes $50M?

Martin Short Net Worth: How Comedian Makes $50M?

Martin Short is a famous comedian, writer, actor, and producer in America. We know that you want to know Martin Short Net Worth. So, we are going to tell you that Martin Short has a net worth of around $50 Million. He earns all of his income from his successful career in the theater and TV industry. Also, He became more famous when he appeared and hosted “Saturday Night Live”. He also appeared in “Law and Order: SVU” in 2005.

Profile Summary of Martin Short:

NameMartin Short
Full NameMartin Hayter Short
Age73 Years
Net Worth$50 Million
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1950
Place of BirthHamilton, Ontario, Canada
NationalityCanadian, American
ProfessionActor, Producer, Writer, Comedian
EthnicityEnglish, Irish
EducationMcMaster University
Marital StatusMarried
WifeNancy Dolman

Early Life of Martin Short:

Martin Hayter Short opened his eyes in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 26 March 1950. Olive is his mother who is a concertmistress of the “Hamilton Symphony Orchestra”. While on the other hand, Charles, his father, is an executive with the steel company of Canada “Stelco”. Martin Short has 4 elder siblings which is Brian, Nora, David, and Michael. Unfortunately, when Martin was 12 years old, in a car accident, his brother David passed away and in 1968 his mother Olive died because of cancer. After 2 years his other brother died because of a stroke.

Martin starts his study at Westdale Secondary School. Furthermore, in 1971 he got his degree in B.A from McMaster University in Social Work. In 2001, the School gave him a nominal Doctor of Literature award. Moreover, his career took a turn from social work to acting when he was performing in “Godspell” along with Andrea Martin and Eugene Levy, and Gilda Radner.

Personal Life:

During the production of “Godspell” in 1972, Martin started dating Nancy Dolman. On 22 December 1980, Martin Short and Nancy Dolman married each other. After that, Martin and Nancy adopt 3 children together. 1 daughter Katherine and 2 sons Henry and Oliver. In January 2020, Martin became a Grandfather for the first time. Unfortunately, his lovely wife Nancy died in August 2010 because of Ovarian Cancer. He is also a member of “Artists Against Racism” and for Loyola High School. In 2001, he won $32,000 on “Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”.

personal Life of Martin Short

Short has citizenship in the United States, Ireland, Canada, and England. Furthermore, he is also obsessive about charity work. Martin Short also supports the “Women’s Research Cancer Fund”. In 2011, Nancy’s Behalf, he also received a “Courage Award”.

Is that Martin Short Grow Poor?

Martin Short opened his eyes to a middle-class family in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. His parents Olive and Charles raise him. Moreover, his parents are not rich but they try their best to give a comfortable lifestyle to Martin and his siblings. His parents are very supportive of his ambitions and interests.

Martin Short Salary:

Salary Income
Per Day$8,700
Per Week$61,000
Per Month$242,000
Annual$2.9 Million

Growth Rate of Martin Short:

Moreover, Martin Short Net Worth Growth Rate Income includes:

Year Income

The Struggle of Martin Short:

The Struggle of Martin Short

While struggling for his career, Martin also faces many challenges like other people during the course of his career and life. Martin Short Net Worth also includes his life and career struggle. Furthermore, here are some losses that he faces while taking his struggle.

Personal Loss:

Short experienced a significant loss in his life in the face of his lovely wife Nancy Dolman death in 2010. After his wife’s death, in 2013, his brother also died.

Health Issue:

For many years, Martin faced many health problems that include anxiety and depression. With these conditions, he tells about his experience, and with the help of his platform, he supports and raises awareness for many other peoples who might have the same challenges.

Career Setbacks:

He has an illustrious and successful career, Martin has faced many challenges and his share of setbacks. Like he is involved in one of the projects and this will not be well-appreciated by critics or audiences. Martin Short struggled at that time and discovered some further interesting and new roles.

Awards and Achievement:

Years Award
1993Theater World Award
1995Earl Grey Lifetime Achievement Award
1983Primetime Emmy Award
1999Tony Award and Outer Critics Circle Award
2000Canada’s Walk of Fame
2002Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
2012Diamond Jubilee Medal
2014Outstanding Variety Special Emmy
20164 Canadian Screen Awards
2019Lifetime Achievement Award

Assets of Martin Short:

Martin Short has a house in Los Angeles, CA. This house is expanded to 33.363 acres with 3 luxury bedrooms, Derelict house, Farmhouse, Outhouses & Handling facilities, and Hayshed. Its living room also has a large fireplace in the corner. Furthermore, he also keeps 2 more houses. The first one is his hometown in Hamilton, Canada and the second one is in the Pacific Palisades. However, the original costs of this house are not known. Moreover, any other details about his assets like his private jet, yachts, or cars are not available yet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How did Martin Short make his money?

Martin Short made money throughout his career as he is a comedian, writer, actor, and producer. Martin Short Net Worth is around about $50 Million.

Q. Who is Martin Short’s wife?

Nancy Jane Dolman Short is his wife. She is also a late Canadian comedian, singer, and actress.

Q. How did Martin Short’s wife pass?

After 30 years of his marriage, Martin Short lost his wife because of Ovarian Cancer. The famous and popular star of “Saturday Night Live” tells about how he dealt with this heartbreak loss. He also reveals that their marriage life is a comprehensive success for both of them.

Q. Are all of Martin Short’s children adopted?

Martin and Nancy adopt 3 children together. 1 daughter Katherine and 2 sons Henry and Oliver. In January 2020, Martin became a Grandfather for the first time.


Martin Short net worth is approximately $50 Million. He achieves all of his wealth because of his talent and hard work. He works in various comedy shows and theaters. Martin faces many problems throughout his career regarding his health issues or personal loss. Furthermore, Martin has been active for over 4 decades in the industry. He built a diverse and significant work that contains film, theater, and television. His career took a turn from social work to acting when he was performing in “Godspell” along with Andrea Martin and Eugene Levy, and Gilda Radner.

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