All About Jack Harlow Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, Family & career

All About Jack Harlow Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, Family & career

The famous and popular American singer is known because of his attractive and charming personality. However, his fans are eager to know Jack Harlow age. So, the exact age of Jack Harlow is just 25 years old as he was born in Shelbyville, Kentucky on 13 March 1998.

Are you familiar with the age of famous rapper Jack Harlow? Are you interested to know his income? Would you like to know his girlfriend? All the answers to these questions are mentioned in this article. Hope you will get all the information in one piece of article.

Jack Harlow Age

Who is Jack Harlow and What is Jack Harlow age now?

American rapper and songwriter Thomas Harlow is known as Jackman (Jack Harlow). Jack Harlow’s net worth was $4 million as of 2022. He became well-known after the publication of his song “What’s Poppin.” Additionally, he is a founder member of the band “Private Garden.”

In 2023, 13-year-old Jack Harlow was born on 13 March 1998 and now jack harlow age is 25 years. He grew up in a higher middle-class home in Shelbyville, Kentucky, where he was born and raised. He is acknowledged for being a Christian and an American by their nationality. Jack has a combination of French and Irish upbringing.

Why did Jack Harlow get famous?

When Jack Harlow age is 12, he started his career as a rapper. By the time they were 12 years old, Copelan Garvey and Jack Harlow were rapping together and selling their records to their peers. Copelan Garvey is a childhood friend of Jackman.

With the help of his friend Jack is able to write rappers and sing songs. So we would give thanks to his skills and achievements, he was eventually gifted to make The Handsome Harlow, his first-ever commercial album. For this album, he gains success in his life at a very young age.

Quick Biography:

Here is the details about his quick biography of Jack Harlow.

NameJackman Harlow
Full NameJackman Thomas Harlow
Place of BirthLouisville Kentucky, United States of America
Date of Birth13 March 1998
Zodiac signPisces star
Age25 years
Height5 feet 9 inches
SchoolingMiddle School of Highland in the United States of America
ProfessionRapper and songwriter
StatusStill Single
Net Worth4$ Million

Height of Jack:

The exact height of Jack Harlow is 5 feet and 9 inches.  He is shown as his a height is all about 6 feet and 3 inches but this is not true. Most people write about this age in their articles but in reality, it is not true in these aspects.

Jack is shorter than that age and it also looked in their pictures. The weight of Jack Harlow is around about 75 kg. Individuals are confused about Jack Harlow age and height but the actual well-maintained weight is 75 kg.

Girlfriend of Jack Harlow:

In December 2022 dating rumours widely spread on social platforms. Everyone says he is in love with Dua Lipa. Jack does not give any statement about that perspective. He makes many TikTok with Dua Lipa. Jack is not married yet in his life, even though he has no adopted child.

Dua Lipa Jack Harlow gf

Jack Thomas’s Parents:

His mother’s name is Mrs Maggie Harlow while his father’s name is Mr Brian Harlow. They together run their own business. He also has one brother; his name is Clay Harlow.


Jack Harlow is a young, gorgeous, intelligent boy with a dashing and appealing attitude in his personality. He has an excellent set of physical measurements, a powerful and appealing physique, and a typical body type. They have very short brown in color hairs that physically appear in a curly form. Jack has eyes that are blue in color.

Skin ColorWhite
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight75 kg
Size of Chest40 inches in measurement
Size of biceps12inches in size
Size of waist32 in measurement
TattooNo tattoo on his body
physiqueSlim inbuilt


Handsome Jack started his journey at the age of 12 when was in his school. At the moment he is only 12 years old boy who started his career in middle school. He started his career by recording some tunes and short forms of music with the help of their friends and called these rhymes Rippin and Rapping. Also, he tries to become a business by selling CDs of their music in the school. His friends love to enjoy his music.

Jack Harlow Age

In 2015 He decided to stop his journey after the release of the famous album “The Handsome Harlow”. He performed for many other local venues like Mercury Ballroom, Haymarket, Whiskey Bat, and Headliners.

Through the music collaboration, he announced his mixtape Private Garden in 2016. He worked hard for his own albums. His album is more famous than the collaborative ones. Some of the famous brand albums are Gazebo, 18, Finally Handsome, Extra Credit, and The Handsome Harlow.

Jack Harlow Albums in 2018-2019

In 2018–2019, he also agreed to decide on a contract with Atlantic Records and DJ Drama. Some of his albums released by Atlantic Records include “Confetti”, “Loose”, “Sweet Action”, and “That’s What They All Say.” “That’s What They All Say” contains 15 songs, including “What’s Poppin,” “Tyler Herro,” and others. His official remix of “What’s Poppin” received a lot of praise.

He also released many singles “Dark Knight,” “Moana,” “Sundown,” “Wasted Youth,” and many others. He also consented to a contract with Atlantic Records and DJ Drama for the period of 2018–2019. His albums “Confetti,” “Loose,” “Sweet Action,” and “That’s What They All Say” are among those distributed by Atlantic Records. “That’s What They All Say” contains 15 songs, including “What’s Poppin,” “Tyler Herro,” and others.


Jack Harlow Age

Style of Music:

He is committed to producing wild musical tracks and his incredible rapping style. Because of his new tracks, he is becoming more well-known and keeps growing better. He will surely be among the richest singers in the next five years.

His style of music is rapping which is very well-known among youngsters. Our young generation plays his songs on many social media platforms as well as in their concerts to have fun with a family gathering.

Achievements of Jack Harlow:

Jack was nominated for the Grammy award in 2021 for best performance of Rap. Also, chosen for the MTV Video Music Award in 2021.

He was nominated for many awards in 2022 as well as in 2023. Some of the list of his nominations are

Nomination of AwardsYearCategory
American Music Award2022Hip-Hop Song “First Class”
American Music Award2022For the Famous song “Industry Baby”
BET Award2022Best Artist of music
Brit2023For International song
Grammy2023Churchill downs
VMA2022Best Director, Song of the summer, and video of the year

Social Accounts of Jack Harlow:

Jack has four accounts on social media. He has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Instagram6.7 M1225
Twitter1.3 M726

Net Worth of Jack Harlow:

According to a statement by Cosmopolitan, Jack Harlow net worth as of 2022 is predicted to be between $4 million and $5 million. The source of his income is the branding of products and social media accounts. Jack earned a lot and spent his money on his family. He wanted to become a pop star in his early career of life. According to some sources, the net worth of Jack is around about 5$ Million.

Net Worth year-wiseIncome Detail
2017$1 M
2018$1.2 M

Favorite Items of Jack Harlow:

Here are some favorite items liked by Jack Harlow.

  1. Their favorite color of Jack is white.
  2. My hobby is playing football.
  3. The famous food item is banana and seafood
  4. Their most liked singer of Jack is Eminem.
  5. Rolex-Dweller wristwatch, grey 990s shoes, and a T-shirt in white color.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The interesting fact about his personality is that his fans are very interested to know the real height of Jack. People also show interest in the new album of music and how the album will come.
  2. Jack is keen on cars like Audi and Mercedes.
  3. The parents of Jack run their own business.
  4. He is famous for their Rapp.


Q. What is the nationality of Jack?

He is an American citizen born in Louisville Kentucky.

Q. How did Jack Harlow get famous?

Due to Music Albums, he earned his popularity.

Q. What is their height of Jack?

The height is not authentic. Some said it is 5 feet and 9 inches while others go with the 6 feet 3 inches.

Q. Is Jack Harlow rich?

Yes, Jack is so rich in the music industry.

Q. What is the Exact age of Jack Thomas?

Jack is a 25-year-old boy. The popularity of Jack is due to his rapping.

Final Opinion:

Jack Thomas is a well-known rapper in America. because of his attractive personality, people kept asking about what is Jack Harlow age and wanted to know about his birthday. however, the handsome rapper of America is just 25 years old.  Throughout his career, his official remix of “What’s Poppin” received a lot of praise and peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, such as “Routine”.


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