Who is Nadine Caridi? Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort Biography

Who is Nadine Caridi? Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort Biography

Are you familiar with the name Nadine Caridi? Well, you may not know him by her name, but you might know her as the famous stockbroker and entrepreneur Jordan Belfort EX Wife. Nadine Caridi now known as Dr Nadine Macaluso is a model turned doctor currently residing in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

Nadine Caridi’s lifestyle with Belfort is one which has been full of controversy, because of Belfort’s previous crook activities. Despite her life being full of parties, and scandals, Caridi still managed to stay out of the limelight and keep her lifestyle tremendously unscathed and smooth.

This article will cover all the less-known facts about Dr Nadine Macalusu and her roller coaster life stories. Nadine’s life story commenced with survival and now living a stable life. Her life story can be a motivation to many women for whom life has become depressing after divorce.

Nadine Caridi

 Quick Biography:

Let’s take a quick look at her bio:


Full NameNadine Caridi
Nick NameDuchess of Bay Ridge
Date of Birth6 November 1962
Age60 years
ProfessionClinical Psychologist, Ex Model
Zodiac SignScorpio
Weight121 lbs
Height5 Feet 8 inches
NationalityBritish, American

Nadine Caridi’s Physial Appearance:

  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Ethenicity: White
  • Chest Size: 36 Inches
  • Waiste: 32 Inches
  • Hips: 40 iches
  • Eyes Color: Brown
  • Tattoos: No
  • Feet Size: 7(Uk Standard)


All about the physical appearance of Nadine Caridi have discussed above. Lets have a thorough overview about her Early, personal and martial Life.

Early Life & Education:

Nadine Caridi was born on 6 November 1962 in London, England. Her Father Mario migrated from Italy to England. While her mother Marry was of British-Scottish origin. She was born into a middle-class family. Later her family moved to the USA and She attended John Dewey School, a local school near her home in Brooklyn. She completed her higher education at that particular school. Her dream was to become a model.

She joined the Pacifica Graduate institute for her master’s in Clinical psychology. Later on, she completed her doctorate in the same subject in 2015.

Nadine Caridi


 Nadine Caridi has been part of different professions from the start of her career.

1. Modelling career:

She started her professional career at a very young age. The first project that she was offered was for a poster girl for the renowned beer brand “Miller Lite”. This project made her a little famous and she received offers from many national campaigns like Monday Night Football. She did not get any recognition as a model but her dating Jordan Belfort raised her to greater fame.

2. Psychologist and therapist:

She quit the modelling career after marrying Jordan Belfort and started living her life as a housewife. Later on after her divorce from the stockbroker Jordan Belfort, she started pursuing her career as a clinical psychologist.

Later on, she joined Manhattan Beach Community counselling as an intern and started working as a family therapist and career counsellor. She provides therapy for site http://medspa44.com/products/ativan/ to couples, adults and families struggling with their trauma, anxiety and depression. Currently, She goes by the name of Dr Nadine Macaluso after marrying John Macaluso.

Personal Life:

Nadine Caridi’s life took a big turn when she went to a party with her boyfriend Alan Wilzig. This party was thrown by Jordan Belfort, an entrepreneur and stock market broker. He manipulated the stocks of the company and earned millions of bucks from the market. He threw this party to celebrate his success in the stock market. At this party, he saw Caridi and on the spur of the moment, he became her lover.

1st Marriage with Jordan Belfort:

Nadine Caridi’s beauty attracted Jordan Belfort so much that he decided to give divorce her wife, his high school sweetheart, Denise Lombardo and became ready to marry Caridi. They tied the knot in the Caribbean in 1991 at a very gorgeous ceremony. The couple had 2 children named Carter and Chandler.

Their relationship lasts 16 years. During this period, Jordan regularly made headlines in the news due to his suspicious enterprise activities, substance consumption and extramarital affairs. He was even sentenced to prison in 2003 for 4 years. However, because of his good conduct records, the U.S. authorities released him after serving a sentence of one year and 10 months. He was also charged with domestic violations. After all this, the couple got separated.

Nadine caridi




After the divorce, she married John Macaluso, an Ex entrepreneur currently the CEO of Wizard World. Nadine Caridi was 22 years younger than John Macaluso but this was never a problem for the couple. They are still living a dream life together.  His company is worth 8 million dollars.

Nadine caridi


She has been part of two families

MotherSuzanne Caridi
SiblingsAnthony Caridi
First husbandJordan Belfort
Second husbandJohn Macaluso
Children from the first marriageCarter Belfort

Chandler Belfort

Children from the second marriageAlexandra Macaluso

Nikki McTernan

Frankie Macaluso


Nadine caridi

Net Worth:

Nadine started her career as a model but did not earn so much from that profession. She currently earns a hefty amount as a clinical psychologist and therapist. Reports suggested that she received a big amount as alimony from her husband Jordan Belfort. Because Jordan’s net worth was over 100 million dollars at the time of their divorce.

Currently, her estimated net worth is $5 million. And she earned most of this money through her passion and hard work.

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie on Nadine Caridi:

It is the name of a biopic movie which was based on the true events and stories from the life of Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi. In this movie oscar winner actor, Leonardo DiCaprio starred as Jordan Belfort. The character of Nadine Caridi was portrayed by talented actress Margot Robbie. However, Caridi ‘s character got a different name than her actual name, but the story and events remain the same.

When the movie The Wolf Of Wall Street was released, Nadine did not post any reviews about the movie. But later on after several years, she posted a few videos on her TikTok account in which she talked about the movie.

She said that the movie portrays a part of their life but most of the things were not depicted in the movie. Furthermore, she said how Jordan Belfort used to give her lavish and expensive gifts to keep her attention away from his abusive and dark side.

Social Media:

With her excellent sense of humour, she won recognition on social media structures also. On her Instagram handle named @therealdrnadine, she has earned 45.1k followers as of December 2022. Nadine uploaded 2447 posts on her Instagram profile by the point of penning this article. Consistent with my research, she published motivational content material, lifestyles, journeys, and satisfying moments. Along with this, she typically shared intellectual fitness problems on her page.

On 17 December 2015, she created a YouTube web page named @TheRealDrNadine. She creates content concerning trauma bonds, psychology, and associated subjects on her account and he or she earned 1.2k subscribers as of December 2022.

Interesting facts:

  • The stockbroker Jordan Belfort was madly in love with the duchess of Bay Ridge as he bought a yacht for her and named it ‘Nadine’.
  • Nadine Caridi has also appeared in various TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Nadine Caridi is also featured in the movie “Casino”.
  • Caridi’s Ex-husband attended the marriage of their daughter, Chandler Belfort, in Kenoza Hall, New York on 25th September 2021.
  • Her stepdaughter Nikki McTernan is currently employed as a marketer at Etsy.
  • Nadine Caridi has a youtube channel named “The Real Dr Nadine”. Her short video “how to leave a trauma bond” got more than 12k views.
  • She also has an e-book that inspires people to move on from troubled and traumatic relationships.

There are many Myths related to Nadine, we have discussed some of the common asking question about her and tried to answer these questions by best of our knowledge.


 What is Nadine Caridi currently doing?

Nadine is currently a clinical psychologist and therapist working in the USA.

How many children is Nadine Caridi having?

Nadine is having 5 children. Her 2 kids Chandler and Carter are from Jordan Belfort. She did not give birth to any child of John Macaluso. But John Macaluso has 3 children from his first marriage.

Who is the second husband of Nadine Caridi?

John Macaluso is the second husband of Nadine. He is an ex-entrepreneur and is now the CEO of Wizard World company. The company is worth $8 million.

Was Nadine Caridi in the Wolf of Wall Street?

No, she did not appear in the Wolf of Wall Street. But her character was played by Margot Robbie

Why did Nadine Caridi leave Jordan Belfort?

Nadine Caridi left her first husband Jordan Belfort because of illegal activities, domestic abuse and extramarital affairs. She was fed up with his habits and attitude of living. They got separated in 2005.

Final Thoughts:

Nadine Caridi is a lady whose life is an example of how to get something positive from a critically bad situation. Despite the fierce relationship with her ex-husband Jordan Belfort, she has managed to turn around her life and started to get independent. She again joined the showbiz industry and started to take part in social welfare activities.

We have tried our best to deliver about her. For such amazing biographies must visit techbusinesinsder.com



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