Bigtittygothegg: Lee Boyfriend, Net worth & Family Details

Bigtittygothegg: Lee Boyfriend, Net worth & Family Details

Bigtittygothegg is an American TikTok Star, Model, and Actor. She became famous because of sharing her bold content on her social media account. She also uploads a lot of her lip-sync videos on her TikTok Account. She has a huge fan following on her social media accounts including Twitter. However, details about her family and personal life haven’t been revealed yet.

Are you wondering about the famous video creator of America? What is her biography? You may be looking to know all the details of this video creator. This article will enclose all the details regarding her life in a decent manner. So without any further delay, let’s dive deep into the biography of Leah.

Who is bigtittygothegg?

Bigtittygothegg is a famous video creator model and TikTok influencer. She is an American resident. She became famous because of her bold avatar. Her social media platforms have a great number of followers and viewership. She loves to live life according to her life. TikTok’s platform has changed the lives of many people overnight. Leah is one of those stars who got huge appreciation for her videos from people.


Quick Bio:

BirthdateMarch 24, 2000
Age22 years
Zodiac SignLibra
ProfessionTikTok Star, Instagram Model, Actress


There is no information online about her family. She has not publicly discussed her mother, father, brother, sister, or sister. Although she has uploaded hundreds of videos to various social media sites, none of them features her family. In addition, she has published a lot of solo images. Nobody from her family has joined her in the photos. Perhaps she wants the public to keep its distance from the details of her family.

Personal Life:

Far from her social media platforms, it is clear that she is single. She herself has not committed to her personal relationship with anyone. Actually, she promotes LGBTQ movements and rights. Because She believes in the idea of love and freedom for everyone and there should be no restrictions on it. She is currently living her life happily in single status.

Social Media Interaction:

Bigtittygothegg interacts with her followers and fans on different social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Onlyfans, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok. Her interaction with her fans is unique. Leah is also a pet lover. She has an Instagram account for her cats. That account has 82 thousand followers. From this, you can imagine her stardom and popularity.

Active Social Media Platforms:


Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms. Her bio tells about her name, Leah. She is a video creator and a public figure on Instagram. She has gained a huge following on her Instagram handle. She often posts her bold images and videos on this social app. People love to see her body and her amazing content. She often posts entertaining short videos on her Imsta account.

Lee further has made an Instagram account for her cats. She is a pet lover too. She has two cats whom she loves a lot. That Instagram account has almost 82K followers. She posts adorable cute images of her cats. She often encourages people to adopt pets.

Bigtittygothegg insta

Account NameFollowersPostsFollowing


Lee posted only 2 videos on her YouTube channel. She got significant viewership on those two videos. She joined YouTube on June 8, 2020. Bigtittygothegg plans to post more videos of her to get this platform going. There is a plan to make YouTube another earning stream.

Account NameSubscribersVideosViews
Goth Egg30.6k282660



She regularly tweets and posts videos and photos on her Twitter account. The actress joined this platform in April 2020. Her handle name is Leah on Twitter. She goes by the name of Leah on Twitter. Actually, this is her real name. She is the nickname and the name attracts a lot of audiences on her social networking websites.

Account NameFollowersFollowingLikes

Bigtittygothegg sexsy


Lee is the official name of  her on TikTok. This platform has given her massive popularity and fame. She has a huge following base of 3.1 million people from all across the world. Lee has got a staggering 26 million likes on her videos. She has gained 16.7 million views on her single TikTok reels. Leah/Lee posts entertaining and funny content on her TikTok account. People find her content amazing and follow her on other social platforms.




Again her name on Onlyfans is Lee. She chats and interacts with her followers on these social media applications. She posts explicit and bold videos for her subscribers. Leah charges a fee of amount $9.99 per month for watching her private videos. She has clearly stated that her content is her property. She clearly stated that she owns all her videos and images on every social media platform. She will take action against any person using her content without her permission.


On Direct. me she has provided the chain of all the social media accounts links. You can check out her every social media platform from this website. She has a verified account on this website.

Physical Appearance:

She has a great body shape and posture. She regularly visits the gym to keep herself fit and active. In her videos and reels, you can see her doing different exercises and activities in the gym. As Leah is an influencer and model, she also motivates and guides people to put their interest in healthy activities.

Height4 feet 10 inches
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlack

Net Worth:

Bigtittygothegg’s fame and popularity on social applications attract many clothing, costumes and other brands for promotion. She often promotes their products. In return, she earns a good amount of dollars. She is the face of many local brands and posts promotional content on her social media platforms. She currently has an estimate of $500k as her net worth. Leah has no luxury car or other expensive villas.

Quick facts:

  • Leah loves traveling and visiting adventurous places.
  • She has collaborated with different clothing and cosmetics brands.
  • Leah is a pet lover. She has two cats and often posts pictures with her pets.



How much money is Bigtittygothegg earning?

There are different rumors about her earnings. The exact figures are not disclosed yet. However, she earns a good amount from the brand’s collaborations and promotions.

Is Leah married or not?

No, Leah is single and happy with her relationship status. She has no plans for marriage and has focused on her entertainment career.


She is usually known for her bold videos and images. Bigtittygothegg regularly posts her explicit videos on her social apps. One should avoid her content and not indulge in it. This article is not promoted by anyone. We just tried to give you complete information about her. So, watch her content at your own risk. I must remind you that watching pornographic content can be addictive and can negatively impact one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Moreover, it can become a serious problem and cause problems in relationships and personal life.

Final Thoughts:

Bigtittygothegg or Leah is an entertaining model and TikTok star. She has a massive following on different social networking platforms. He became an internet sensation overnight because of her videos and content. Now she handles her followers with great care and regularly posts her videos and stunning images on Instagram, Twitter, and other applications. She earns money through this fame and has collaborations with different brands. For more info must visit

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