Tyceratops Onlyfans: All You need to know 2023

Tyceratops Onlyfans: All You need to know 2023

Tyceratops is an Instagram influencer and American Only Fans star. He enjoys traveling and experiencing the adventures of various national parks and popular tourist destinations in the United States. He was also a queer animal. Such people belong to the LGBTQ community of the USA. Moreover, he also owns a part of a travel company that arranges public and private tours to different parts of the US.

Are you looking at the famous OnlyFans star? Why is he so popular nowadays? What is the income model of his business? In this article, we will discuss the career of this OnlyFans star. Moreover, we will look closely at the business strategy that he applied to earn a great deal from that platform. Make sure you completely go through this article.

Who is Tyceratops?

Tyceratops is an Instagram model and an OnlyFans star. He is quite fond of traveling to different areas. He keeps posting his adventurous images on his social media accounts. He loves trekking and mountain hiking.

On the other hand, he also sells his content on the famous social media site OnlyFans. He is actually a trans boy who loves to share his clear thoughts about his community. He also refers to himself as a queer. The LGBTQ community is growing quite rapidly nowadays.


He is also one of them, and he further supports an organization called “The Okra Project” which works for the rights of black trans people. He is also a co-founder of a tour and travel company named “Good Trip Adventures.”

Quick Biography

Have a look at the below table to learn the quick biography of an American Influencer.

Real NameTyler Tennant
Place of BirthReno, Nevada
ProfessionInstagram Influencer, Traveler
CompanyGood Trip Adventures:

Early life and education:

Unfortunately, there is no information available on any platform about the early life of American Social Media Influencers. But he has stated in his social media platform bio that he is from Reno, Nevada, USA. He was born in this city and completed his education in this city as well.

There is also no information about his education. He did not declare his educational background on any social media site. Therefore, we cannot say anything exact about his primary education, secondary education, graduation, or course of study.


He never disclosed any information about his family. There is no valid information about his mother, father, brother, or sisters. His social media content, images, and videos do not feature any of his family members. He tries to keep this personal information as confidential as possible. So, we will update this information if we get any hints or clues about his family.


Tyceratops has multiple careers nowadays. He is a content seller on the popular social media site OnlyFans. He makes high-quality content videos about business strategies, career development, and business growth available. Also, He has a sizable number of subscribers.


We cannot tell you the exact number of subscribers, but subscribers make a good amount of money from this platform. Moreover, he is a traveler and adventurer. He is also a co-founder of a travel and tour agency named “Good Trip Adventures.” This company is primarily owned by queer and female entrepreneurs.


His company, “Good Trip Adventures,” basically arranges tours and trips to different US national parks. The company has a good following on Instagram. People from different parts of the USA book their trips with this company, and they plan a proper tour of the national parks and different mountain areas.

There is a certain package that this company charges for touring to different destinations in the USA. The website of this company features their future tour programs and also tells about the details of the time and dates of the tour.

The Good Trip Adventure company plans tours to famous American tourist destinations like Zion and Bryce Deserts, Arches National Parks and Canyonlands National Parks, Utah National Park, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Acadia National Park, and Joshua Tree National Park.

Instagram HandlePostsFollowersFollowing

Tyceratops trips

The Okra Project:

The Okra Project is basically an organization that works to help black trans and non-binary people who face abusive behavior and remarks from society. This is actually a daughter organization of the LGBTQ community.

This project helps queer and trans people live their lives freely. They help such people with money and protect their normal citizen rights. Tyceratops supports this organization and helps such people live in a society with their heads up.

Social Media Accounts Details:

He is quite active on different social media platforms, such as Instagram and OnlyFans.


Tyceratops has a great Instagram following. He made content regarding his tours and trips to different vibrant and amazing destinations in the United States. He regularly posts images, videos, and reels about his latest trips and tours. We have already discussed earlier that he is quite fond of traveling and having adventures. He loves to visit mountains and rocky destinations.



He sells his content on this platform. He also uses his subscribers’ data and sells it to different businesses based on their interests. He makes money from this business model. Moreover, he sells his videos and photos on OnlyFans to gain a handsome amount of money in his account.

He has different subscription plans for his followers and subscribers. Also, He charges a subscription fee of $14.99 per month. For a 3-month subscription, the fee is $42.72, for a 6-month subscription, the fee is $80.95, and for an annual subscription, the fee is $134.91.


Physical Appearance:

Tyceratops has a sleek and slim body. He often posts his bold images on OnlyFans’ social media platform. Moreover, he posts his shirtless photos on Instagram as well. He has a smart physique with a good-looking face cut and is quite tall. He keeps changing his hair color with different dyes. He has an attractive body and face that attract good followers on his social media platforms.


Height6 feet 4 inches
Weight190 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorLight Brown
TattoosYes, on the chest and arms

Net Worth:

The actual net worth of American Influencers is unknown to date. But his income streams are more than 1. He earns a great deal of money from his account and membership. He sells his photos and images on this platform.

Business Model:

Tyceratops has set the monthly subscription fee for OnlyFans. It all depends on him to determine the fee he wants to charge for access to his personal content. Further, he makes sure his content is under his ownership so that the viewers can watch and learn from it.

He usually shares his content, which includes photos, videos, and live streams, without any behind-the-scenes content. He has stated his claims for his content clearly. No one can use his content without his permission.

He also shares his OnlyFan sites on other social media platforms, such as Instagram. a good number of followers on Instagram, and he tries to promote his OnlyFans account and content on Instagram. He usually responds to comments, messages, and feedback from his subscribers to build a good relationship with them and keep them engaged.

His satisfied customers and subscribers pay him his fee, and he only receives payments from OnlyFansy once a week, after OnlyFansy receives its commission.

OnlyFans’ Business Model:

The content creators set the monthly subscription fee. OnlyFans usually takes 20–30% of the revenue as its service fee. The business model is based on this procedure. A content creator provides an exclusive OnlyFans paid-content experience for those fans who are willing to pay to access premium content not available anywhere else. The fans pay the subscription fee to the content creator. As a commission, OnlyFans later took a percentage of the total fee.

Interesting Facts:

Let’s talk about some of the interesting facts about the American Social Media Influencer.

  • He promotes The Okra Project organization that works for the betterment and rights of black trans and non-binary people.
  • He is also a co-founder of a travel and tours company called “Good Trips Adventure”. This company is owned by women and queer people.
  • He also promotes the LGBTQ community through his actions and posts.
  • He also sells his exclusive bold content on the OnlyFans app.
  • He also sells the information of his followers to their relative businesses to earn some extra bucks.

Final Remarks:

Tyceratops is a  content creator on OnlyFans and earns good money from that platform. He usually sends queer and adult photos to his fans to get money from them. People now declare their thoughts about this community openly. This community has given voices to such queer and unisex people. They openly talk about their personal experiences and priorities.

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