Crafting a Business – Best Items to Sell on Etsy for Beginners

Crafting a Business – Best Items to Sell on Etsy for Beginners

Starting a craft business requires a lot of dedication and time. It’s essential to be strategic with how you spend your time and resources to succeed.

It’s also crucial to find a market that will be profitable for you. The ten best items to sell on Etsy are listed below. They have both profit margins and popularity, perfect for new sellers.

Handmade Jewelry

If you are still thinking about what to sell on Etsy, jewelry is one of the most popular categories when selling handmade products online. This is especially true when the jewelry is unique or personalized. For example, a custom name pendant necklace or an alexandrite solitaire ring are some of the most popular products in this category. This makes it an excellent choice for a beginner because it can be a profitable business with a high conversion rate.

A successful handmade jewelry business requires a lot of time and effort. Besides crafting beautiful pieces, you must also manage your inventory and marketing. Fortunately, some tools can make managing your handmade jewelry business easier. To maximize your sales, ensure your product descriptions are clear and helpful. Use keywords that will help buyers find your products. In addition, provide a detailed description of your creation process to engage your customers emotionally. This will build trust and increase your chances of converting them into paying customers.

Personalized Apparel

The platform allows sellers to create unique, one-of-a-kind products for a broad range of audiences. While some types of merchandise perform better than others, specific categories perform well on Etsy, especially for newcomers looking to get started.

The apparel category is one of the best for beginners, particularly for personalized items. From birth announcement onesies to family reunion t-shirts, custom clothing sells in high volumes on the site and is highly profitable for sellers.

Another popular item in the apparel category is stickers – from bumper stickers to custom phone cases and water bottles; these personalization options offer shoppers a quick, easy way to add personality to their items. Stickers are also inexpensive to produce and ship, and the opportunity for repeat sales is high. Identifying your target audience and finding the right niche are essential steps in any business – and they’re equally critical when selling on Etsy. It’s how you make money and build a loyal customer base.

Home Decor

Home decor is a popular category on Etsy because it is a form of self-expression and a touchstone for a buyer’s style. This product category also has a low barrier to entry. While some products require expensive equipment, pricey production contracts, or artistic mastery, home decor does not.

Homemade beauty items are another top-selling product on Etsy. These are often made with natural ingredients and offer a variety of fragrances. They are an excellent option for buyers looking to purchase gifts for loved ones or themselves and those who want to support a small business.

Personalized wall art is another popular item to sell on Etsy, as it appeals to the tastes of millennials and Generation Z. It is a thoughtful and unique way to commemorate a special occasion or celebrate a milestone, such as a wedding anniversary, new baby, or birthday. Shoppers can customize their purchases on various merchandise, including mugs, shirts, and tote bags. Some sellers even offer custom coloring options for their pieces.

Personalized Gifts

Finding the right products to sell on Etsy is critical for new sellers. You’ll want to look for fun or valuable products with a high level of personalization. You’ll also need to work hard on marketing to get your products in front of buyers, a big part of what separates small e-commerce businesses from the big names that dominate the market.

Personalized gift items are one of the best products to sell on Etsy, as they tend to have high profit margins and active demand from customers looking for unique gifts. This is especially true for personalized apparel, such as onesies, hats, shirts, and socks.

Another benefit of selling personalized gifts on Etsy is that they’re often relatively inexpensive to make and ship, making them a good choice for beginners. Use SEO best practices in your store description, tags, product titles, and descriptions to help your listings rank higher in search results. This will make it easier for potential customers to find your listings and build trust in your brand.


If you’re an artist, selling your artwork on Etsy can be a lucrative way to profit from your craft. Before creating and listing items for sale, research the marketplace to see what’s popular. Tools can help you get a feel for what buyers are looking for in your category.

Stickers and other printed merchandise are a massive seller on Etsy. These products are often inexpensive and easy to produce, which makes them an excellent option for new sellers. Additionally, they’re easy to market with high-quality images that capture the buyer’s attention.

Journals and other paper products are also a big seller on Etsy. These products are an excellent way for customers to express their creativity and personality. They can also be a perfect gift for someone else. Additionally, these products are easy to market with captivating descriptions that share the story behind the artist’s work. This will help attract potential buyers and build brand loyalty. For example, you can include details such as the materials used, printing technique, and dimensions of your products.


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