What is Managed Cloud Service?

What is Managed Cloud Service?

Organization has a lot of things to handle at the same time and when it comes to management and maintenance of cloud service, it’s common to get help from managed cloud service. Today, I plan to explain this service and how it works. Let’s get started without any further delay.

What is Managed Cloud service?

It is when an organization hires a third party to manage cloud-based services and technical support. The purpose of outsourcing daily IT management tasks to third parties is to boost and automate your business operations. Many times, an organization doesn’t have expert IT Staff to manage the cloud, they usually outsource this service as it’s a time-saving and cost-effective approach.

How Managed Cloud Services Work?

Let’s understand the whole service cycle of Managed cloud service:

1. Service Providers

It all begins by hiring IT Service providers who are usually third-party companies having expertise in cloud services. They have a specific cloud skillset, which in-house staff doesn’t have or possess. Third-party manage, and maintain cloud computing, cloud storage, network operation, cloud security, vendors, application stacks, and much more.

2. Cloud Platforms

Cloud management service providers unlock their services for almost all cloud platforms such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. In the case of public clouds, they offer services over the public internet. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are renowned third-party public cloud service providers. However, when you get dedicated cloud services for a single organization just because you are looking for a top-notch security level then private cloud is the best choice.

3. Service Offerings

You may be interested to know what kind of services will be included in managed cloud service. Ain’t you? So, it’s time to unlock a list of services that third-party offers to your organization:


Service provider will:

  • Setup and maintain the cloud infrastructure
  • Implement and manage security measures like firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection system
  • Ensure that your organization stays compliant to different industry regulations and standards
  • Monitor the performance and availability of cloud service nonstop
  • Offer data backup and recovery solutions
  • Update and maintain applications and software regularly.


4.Customization and Scalability

I have explained only a few services, the fact is that every organization is unique, and managed cloud service providers always offer custom solutions. They will look into the specific needs of your business, check the requirements and then come up with a solution tailored to your organization’s specifications.


5. Support and Consultancy

Many times, a cloud-managed service also includes 24/7 technical support. Cloud IT Experts also offer consultancy to in-house staff who want to get familiar with the cloud-based environment. 


Wrap up

Managed cloud service ensures that your business’ cloud infrastructure is properly running and fully secure. You let third parties manage and control your infrastructure and it’s how you prevent the cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive IT Resources.


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