What is Clear American Sparkling Water? Is American Sparkling Water Healthier?

What is Clear American Sparkling Water? Is American Sparkling Water Healthier?

Are you looking for healthier water for your health? So, here you are in the right place. Clear American sparkling water is the most popular brand of flavored carbonated water that is widely available in the US and the perfect anytime drink.

They offer a natural and different fruity taste with zero calories, carbs, and sugar. Most people use it as an alternative to soda but it is the most excellent option for those who not only want to drink water but also want a healthy drink.

So, In this article, I am going to explain the comprehensive view of the American Sparkling water, with ingredients, flavor, pros and cons, and much more.

What is Clear American sparkling water?

Sparkling water is a type of flavored weather that contains carbonated and natural water. Sparkling water is also known as club water, soda water, seltzer, or fizzy water because it produces bubbles.

It is available in many fruity flavors without sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners. However, this is the best option for those people who want to reduce their calories and sugar without any unhealthy effects. You can buy it in many stores easily online or offline.


BrandClear American
ProductSparkling Water
Food FormWater
  • Naturally flavored
  • Caffeine Free
  • Sodium Free
  • Zero Calories
Allergen-Free StatementGluten-Free
Skin care ConcernsCoeliacs-NO
  • Cherry
  • Lime
  • Watermelon
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Limeade

What are the Ingredients in Clear American Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water contains healthy ingredients free of harmful effects that are:

  •  Carbonated water: Base of the drink
  •  Citric acid: Stable the pH level
  •  Natural flavor: Use for taste
  •  Aspartame: Add sweetness without calories
  •  Potassium benzoate (preservative): Reduce the growth of mold, yeast, and some bacteria
  •  Potassium citrate: Improves the flavor and treat kidney stone condition
  •  Acesulfame potassium:

How many calories used in American Sparkling Water:

Sparkling water does not contain any calories, sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, or sodium. It is filled with two main ingredients: purified water and natural flavors making it unhealthy. Remember that the natural flavor depends on what you like the drink flavor, like cherry, lemon lime, etc flavor.

Total fat0g
Total Carbs0g

How many Flavors of Clear American Sparkling Water are available?

Sparkling Water is available in multiple natural flavors without the use of artificial. You can buy anyone according to your taste. These taste clean, tasty, light, and refreshing. Most of the demands are:

  •  Peach
  •  Lemon
  •  Lime
  •  Mango
  •  Orange
  •  Strawberry
  •  Black Cherry
  • Pineapple Coconut
  •  Grape
  •  Fruits Punch
  •  Apple

Is American Sparkling Water Healthier?

Clear American water is better for health than soda for many reasons if you use it in the right way. Now, we discuss them one by one. Is American Sparkling Water Healthier?

  •  In nature, carbonate water is acidic so it is not good for drinking, however, if you add some lemon, or lime juice or drink it after the food that is beneficial for health.
  •  Also, it is beneficial because it is free of sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners, and a high pH.
  •  During the making process water does not harm the water or reduce any of its benefits.
  •  It is beneficial for those who are complaining about constipation because their digestive system is unable to digest food well.
  •  Improve heart health.
  •  Styling the hydrate in water helps to lose water.

What concerns arise about Sparkling Water?

Some of the concerns that arise about Clear American water are:

  •  Contain Artificial Sweeteners
  •  Acidic bubbles can be harmful to teeth
  •  Packing in plastic bottles causes environmental waste
  •  More expensive compared to tap water.
  •  Unable to provide a suitable amount of minerals

What are the Clear American Sparkling Water reviews?

During my search, I read the comments of the people. However, Some like the Clear American water due to its flavors, inexpensive, alternative to soda, and healthful after food. Also, it is the best option for the diabetes patient. But some of them complained that they did not like the taste and it was also available in limited.

Overall, water is beneficial for health but that is not for everyone. So, if you have any diseases you must consult a doctor about its usage. Also, the rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars which is great most of the users like it. What are the Clear American Sparkling Water reviews?

What are the Pros and Cons of Clear American Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is healthier for use and is mostly advisable but regular use depends on your activities and the doctor’s advice. Here I am discussing why it is healthy or not and what the reasons are.

No caloriesPerceived taste
Free of sugarCarbonation sensitivity
Available in various flavorsLimited available
Free of artificial sweetenersPlastic bottle waste material
RefreshingNot suitable for everyone
No caffeineAcquired Taste
HydrationNot a source of Minerals
AffordableLack of Nutrition value


What are the best and healthiest Sparkling Water Brands?

Here, I mention some good and better brands that are:

  •  Bubly
  •  Waterloo
  •  Perrier
  •  Bai
  •  Recess
  •  Sparkling Ice
  •  Spindrift
  •  LaCroix

What are the alternatives to Clear American Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is a beneficial option for people because it is free of calories. However, several alternatives are:

  • Plain water
  •  Flavored Water
  •  Carbonated Water
  •  Sparkling Mineral Waters

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is American sparkling water beneficial for weight loss?

Sure, water is beneficial for weight loss purposes because staying properly hydrated can help you to control your metabolism and appetite, and also support overall health.

Q. How much caffeine is in American sparkling water?

American Sparkling water is free of caffeine, sugar, calories, or sodium.

Q. Is Clear American alcoholic?

No, it is Non-alcoholic.

Q. Is American sparkling water better than diet soda?

Sure, it is more beneficial and better than diet soda.

Q. Is sparkling water OK to drink every day?

Based on the diet and the health-secure purpose sparkling water is used every day.

Q. Can you drink too much sparkling water?

Add the carbon dioxide in water that creates the carbon acid. So, the seltzer water carbonation and acidic pH can be because of the gas, bloating, and acid reflux. Too much use of sparkling water may cause dental erosions.

Q. Why is Clear American Water good?

Yes, it is best as an alternative to soda because it is free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, or calories.

Wrapping Up:

Clear American Sparkling Water is carbonated flavored water that contains the main two ingredients Carbonate and the natural fruity taste. So, it is beneficial for health but depends on several factors.

Due to that, it is free of calories, additional sweetness, and caffeine. Also, available in different flavors for refreshing options. However, before you start the use of this water consult the healthcare professionals for personalized recommendations.

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