What is the Truest? How to Place the order on Truest? Complete Details

What is the Truest? How to Place the order on Truest? Complete Details

In the modern world, you like online shopping and searching for a beneficial platform. So, Truest is an online shopping platform that is used for a different purpose. So, they are also buyer, seller, and consignment sneaker stores.

In this article, I am sharing with you a comprehensive view of the use of the site in full detail with easy guidelines. So, continue reading without skipping.

What is the Truest?

Truect is an online platform that offers online services. You can purchase sneakers, apparel, and toys/misc through this site. Also, they give you access to this party’s content, products, and services.

Moreover, you can search the products on this site easily that are listed in the categories. Also, you can search for the product according to the brand.

Category Seller, Buyer, and consignment sneaker stores
Parent companyBIGCOMMERCE
Payment MethodsVISA, MasterCard, American Express
Shipping CostBased on product, Size $ Weight
Shipping criteriaUSPS, or EMS
Delivery time
  • 3 to 5 days for domestic orders
  • 5 to 10 days after completion of the order
Hours of operationMonday to Saturday: 12 pm-6 pm

Sunday: Closed

How to sign up for the new account on truest?

Here I am going to discuss how you can create your account. This is straightforward so follow the simple steps. How to sign up for the new account on truest?

  •  Open your device and ensure the data connection.
  •  Open the Play Store and App Store.
  •  Click on the search bar and write the Truest.
  •  Now, click on the search, and the various results sites open in front of you.
  •  Locate the official site and click on it.
  •  Now, scroll down and tap on the sign-up option.
  • Create account interface appears in front of you.
  •  Enter all required information including email address, password, name, address, country, and Phone number.
  •  Tap on the Create Account button.
  •  You receive the email that your account successfully created.

How do you log in for the account on truest?

To log in to the account is easy and simple. Now, simply follow the steps. How do you log in for the account on truest?

  •  Open the site and ensure the data connection.
  •  Read all the privacy policies, and use of terms in About Us, and then create your account.
  •  Scroll down, tap on the log in option and a new interface appears in front of you.
  •  Enter your email address and the password that you use to sign in.
  •  Click on the Log in button.

How to reset the password if I forget?

If you forget your account password you can easily reset it. So, follow the step-by-step instructions. How to reset the password if I forget?

  •  Open the site.
  •  Scroll down and tap on the log in option.
  •  Now, tap on the forget password option.
  •  A forget password interface appears in front of you.
  •  Enter the Email Adress that you use to create an account.
  •  Click on the reset password button.
  •  As you click on the reset button you will receive the email from the site for confirmation.
  •  Confirm your password reset.

How to place the order on Truest?

You want to purchase the product so it is so simple to follow the steps. How to place the order on Truest?

  •  Open the Truest platform.
  •  Search for the product that you want to buy.
  •  Click on the selective item and the product description appears in front of you.
  •  Select the size, color, and QTY and tap on the add to bag button, and a light green message appears.
  •  If the product is available click on the checkout.
  •  As you click on the checkout the delivery method appears on the screen.
  •  Enter your email address.
  •  Check your total payment.
  •  Select your shipping and payment method.
  •  Click on your order.

How to remove the product from the Bag?

If you add the product mistakenly or in any way on the bag you can remove it. Here, I mention the guidelines. How to remove the product from the Bag?

  •  Open the website.
  •  Click on the bag icon that is located at the top corner.
  •  As you click on the Checkout menu appears. Scroll down and locate the items you want to remove.
  •  Click on the remove option.

How can I delete my Truest accounts?

You want to delete your Truest account for any reason. If you have any concerns about your order, data security, or account details, or delete any personal information you can contact them through email and register your complaints.

  • Open the site.
  • Tap on the More options.
  • Click on the about us.
  • Click the Privacy Statement.
  • Scroll down and check their new email address.
  • So, you can send an email to delete all your information and the account.

What is the Customer support service on this site?

This platform provides customer support services that are.

  •  Open the site and scroll down.
  •  Go to the site map.
  •  Click on the contact.
  •  Here you have two options to contact.
  1. Contact email: info@truesthi.com
  2. Telephone: (808) 946-4202
  •  Enter your message and click on the send message.

What are the Product categories and Which brand uses the Truest?

They buy, and sell three types of products with different brands that are:

  •  New Arrivals
  •  Shop All
  •  Truest Merchandise
  •  Kaws
  •  Supreme accessories
  • Sneakers
  • Apparel
  • Toys/Misc
Sneakers ApparelToys/Misc
Air JordanBAPE
VintageAnti Social Social Club (ASSC)

Is it safe to use the site?

No, the Truest site is not safe to use. There are many reasons behind it.

  • The return and refund policy is not in good status.
  • The Delivery Timeline is not confirmed.
  • They have no facility for exchange.
  • If you lose your order they are not responsible.
  • Customer support services are not enough.
  • Products are costly.
  • Shipping charges are also based on product, size, and weight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the consignment rate of the site?

80/20 is the consignment rate.

Q. Can I track my order on the Trust shopping site?

Yes, you can track your order status by using the tracking number that they will give you when they ship your order.

Q. Where is the Truest site located?

They are located at 2011 South King Street, Honolulu, HI 96826 (Corner of McCully and South King).

Q. Do they accept trades?

At the moment they do not have the facility.

Q. Do they charge sales tax?

Yes, they charge for the Hawaii local sales tax but outside customers do not need to charge.

Wrapping Up:

Truest is an online shopping platform. They provide their services to the customers for easy access to the branded products including the sneakers, apparel, and toys/misc. Also, you can use the payment and shipping method from various options. However, the site is not safe to use.

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