Congo Snake 50 feet – OMG : Come to Know

Congo Snake 50 feet – OMG : Come to Know

Are you wondering about the story of the Congo snake and looking for the truth? So, I can understand.

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I believe that a snake can hide itself more easily than most other animals, even at a distance of 50 feet. I doubted Van Congo’s snake story was a fraud because it is not possible like. However, analysis of the picture showed it was at least 40 feet away from the surrounding ground. Being a 50-foot snake is no fake, and one really to be able to see something like this.

In this article, I am going to share with you the story of Remy Van Lierde about the Congo snake in detail.

What is Congo Snake?

The Congo snake is a type of cobra that is found in Africa. The picture of the Congo snake was taken in 1959. However, the first time a picture was really reported on in a worldwide way was in 1980 during an interview with Remy Van Leerday on a show called A Mysterious World.

The most important fact about the Congo snake is that they are not dangerous. The reason is that they are not interested in fighting with the humans but they try to hide themselves in bushes and anyway. Congo snake behavior is more interesting for scientists.

Who discovers the Congo Snake?

In 1959, Remy Van Lierde at the Kamina airbase in Belgian-occupied Congo served as a Colonel in the Belgian Air Force. One day in the Katanga region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, returned from a mission by helicopter. Where he had seen an enormous snake as he flew over the forests.

What does a congo snake look like in real life?

Colonel Van Lierde reported the body shape of the snake which is close to 50 feet in length with a 2 feet by 3-foot long triangular head. Which (if estimation was accurate) would the creature be placed amongst the largest snakes to have ever existed?

Also, he said it looks very killer with dark green and brown top scales and a whitish-colored underside. He was used to judging the size of things located on the ground based on his flying experience.

What’s the Story Behind the 50-Foot Congo Snake?

In an interview, Van Lierde said in a TV show in 1980 Mysterious World that he saw a snake in the jungle. Now, discuss the Van interview below.

  •  He said that its body was about 10 feet in the air when he saw it from his helicopter closely.
  •  Remy said the helicopter was about 30 feet away from the snake. The snake raised its neck about 10 feet above the ground.
  •  Snake acted like it was about to attack the helicopter. So, Remy said that I felt that the snake could have easily eaten a man.
  •  Based on the description it looked like it could have been an anaconda so the bigger story is too wild for me.

However, the Van story is really surprising because the snake he saw was much bigger than any snake length.

Why do Experts doubt the Congo snake?

Experts doubt Van’s story about the Congo snake because there’s no evidence to prove it’s true. Due to that, the scientists have no evidence that a 50-foot snake exists in the ground. So, it is hard to believe that the Van story is true or not.

Van Wild Story is still continuously watched on Podcasts and the internet. So, the story attracts the scientists when they examine the biggest snakes that ever lived.

Congo Snake Real Footage Mystery:

The unclear picture of the snake made some experts interested. As you know Van took the photo of the snake in 1959 when he saw it and exposed it in 1980 in his interview. I suppose it could have changed by now anyway. Congo Snake Real Footage Mystery

Well, I am curious to hear what you all think about the picture in the story. In my point of view, the picture comes from a good source and even though the picture is amazing by today’s standards there is at least a picture as proof.

However, the image of the snake is blurred. Some of the people comment that it looks like a big snake but others are not sure.

Is the Congo snake real or fake?

Overall, there is no evidence that the Congo snake is real or fake; it is a mystery. Ivan Sanderson, who liked studying Mysterious animals, looked at the picture. He showed his experience as a surprise the snake was 200 feet long not 50. He thought the dark shapes were termite mounds, which can be very large in the area.

Has there ever been a 50-foot snake?

No, according to the experts, the longest snakes have maximum lengths of around 20 feet. Also, one of the biggest snakes is the green anaconda whose height is 20 feet and weighing at up to 550 pounds. According to the Natural History Museum, the reticulated python was discovered in 1915 and reached a height of 20.5 feet. Has there ever been a 50-foot snake?

Do People Still Believe the Congo Snake Story?

Many people take an interest in the Van Lierde story. The picture also went viral on social media. The lovers of the snake were also surprised and studied this case. Few people show their opinions on social media by uploading videos of giant snakes.

However, a report from Reuters in 2023 clarified that snake experts do not believe such a huge snake is alive today. Therefore, the Van story is a mystery and there is no evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can a snake be 100 feet?

In real life, there are no known species of snakes whose lengths reach 100 feet.

Q. What is the biggest snake in Africa?

In Africa, African rock pythons are the biggest snake.

Q. What is the world’s largest snake?

The green Anaconda is the largest snake in the world with a height of up to 20 feet.


In the final remarks, it is believable in a way that I understand that the area is densely forested and no one is living. So, it is not very hard to believe that some of the giant creatures are out there, especially since there have been reports of others.

Well, the host of the Mysterious World movie says that Theodore Roosevelt set up a $15,000 reward for anyone who could bring in a snake longer than 39 feet but no one bought anything.

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