How to Create Engaging Object Lessons for Kids?

How to Create Engaging Object Lessons for Kids?

Object lessons are concrete, visual tools that help kids understand abstract concepts. They are also a great way to capture kids’ attention.

Have kids get into groups. Line up plastic cups and have one child from each group take charge of a cup. Have them add a small amount of oil to the cup, replace the lid, and shake.

Objects that connect

Connecting abstract ideas through object lessons is effective. They can be used for various purposes, including teaching the Bible, studying nature, building character, and more. Object lessons can be a stand-alone or centerpiece of your children’s church curriculum.

Kids can learn about God’s creation through an easy-to-do object lesson involving plants and water. This simple activity is a fun way to teach about God’s unique composition and the importance of caring for it.

This fun object lessons for kids doubles as a science experiment that teaches the importance of respecting others’ opinions. It also demonstrates how our actions can affect others. This lesson is a great one to use when talking about the story of Job and how we should trust God even when things don’t seem to make sense.

Teach kids that different objects and materials have similar characteristics or properties. For example, a plastic lid can be grouped with a coin and key because they are round. You can also group them by their stiffness, sturdiness, or flexibility. Please encourage students to describe these objects using their sense of touch. For example, ask them to use adjectives like smooth, rough, dull, or shiny. Then, have them try to identify the objects in a mystery box by touching them and describing their properties.

Objects that Show the Story

Object lessons help kids connect abstract concepts with something tangible and real. They can instruct students on various subjects, such as history, science, nature, character development, Bible stories, and more. They can be a part of a more significant lesson or be the focus of the whole task. The key is remembering the children’s age when selecting the objects and how they are used.

For example, if you teach how God provided manna for the Israelites, you could use a bowl of oatmeal to show that he continuously provides what we need. You might also want them to make a “mandala of thanks” where they glue pictures on a large piece of paper for which they are thankful (e.g., food, family, friends, health, etc.).

Line up two plastic cups and fill each about 1/8 of the way with one of three liquids:

  1. Water, syrup, or vinegar.
  2. Ask two students/groups of students to be Cup Masters and take charge of a cup by standing or sitting in front of it.
  3. Tell them they have one minute to devise as many uses for the tool as possible while also figuring out its original purpose and function.

Objects that Encourage Discussion

Object lessons help kids understand abstract concepts through something they can see, touch, and experience. They also make it easier for them to remember the task because it is more engaging and fun. Using object lessons in your Bible lesson plans is a great way to keep your kids engaged and interested!

Here’s a simple object lesson that can be used to teach about God’s grace. Have the kids in your class line up to see a few plastic cups. Fill 1/8 of each cup with water, syrup, or soda. Choose two students/groups of students to be Cup Masters and ask them to “take charge” of the cup by standing in front of it, ready to act.

Explain that each tool has a specific purpose and function and that it’s crucial to find out what it is before you use it. Then, give each student in the group a tool (such as an old toothbrush, a pen, or a hose) and tell them to try to think of as many uses for the instrument as possible and find its original purpose and function. Ask the students to share what they learned with the rest of the group.

Objects that Help Kids Remember

Children learning through object lessons are more likely to remember the study. It is especially true for Christian object talks that teach character virtues and values.

This simple but effective object lesson shows children how to trust God even when they can’t see Him. All you need is a blindfold, a chair, and a brave volunteer to try this hands-on demonstration of faith. This object lesson will give your kids a visual memory they will remember.

Kids love science, so using objects to teach Biblical truths is excellent! For example, this object lesson demonstrates letting go of negative emotions. All you need is an egg, a bowl, and a microwave to show the kids how a pent-up feeling will eventually explode. It is a powerful visual that helps them understand that we should release our negative emotions to Jesus.

Object lessons are a fun and engaging way to help children learn spiritual truths in Sunday school, church, children’s moments, or family devotion time. But you must know your audience and be persistent about discovering what keeps them engaged. Otherwise, you’ll find that they’re squinting through their glasses and wondering how they got involved in this “church stuff.”


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