Why stay away from the Book of Enoch? Reasons

Why stay away from the Book of Enoch? Reasons

The Book of Enoch describes and covers various fields of life in an exciting way. However, this book differs from various ideas and concepts of the Bible. Therefore, Christians often advise others to not follow this book. But what are the factors and ideas that do not support this book and why stay away from the Book of Enoch?

We will try to find out the reasons that actually describe why one should not read and follow the instructions from the Book of Enoch. Moreover, the discussion will also enclose the points that the Bible has said about this book.

Why stay away from the Book of Enoch?

True Christians believe in the ingenuity and truthfulness of their Holy Book. However, the book of Enoch has gone through various changes and modifications. Furthermore, the original language of this book is not English. So, when this book was translated into English, many changes were made according to their own choice and convenience.

Therefore, This book became more difficult to understand and mysterious for the readers. As we know, Holy books actually describe various concepts and ideas in a simpler way. But the book of Enoch became more difficult and one cannot hardly understand what this book has to say and offer.

Furthermore, the current copies of the book are not real and all the teachings are not true. Therefore, Christians often recommend you stay away from these books that will divert your attention and thinking from reality. So, if you wonder why stay away from the book of Enoch, there are various reasons that we will discuss now below in this writing.

Why stay away from the Book of Enoch?

Reasons for staying away from Enoch:

Let us find out the reasons that guide people to avoid following and reading the book of Enoch.

The different points of view regarding the Authors of the Book:

There was a lot of discussion going around in which few historians and scholars had a point that only one author has written this book. According to them, such sacred books are usually written by one person. On the other hand, a few historians and scholars had a point of view that this is not a single book but a combination of 12 different notes and books.

Furthermore, they claim that few parts of this book were written in the year 300 B.C. and few sections date back to 100 A.D. It means it took around 3000 to 4000 years to compile this book.

But the problem is that only if various authors have written this book, then it will definitely have different ideas and make this book more complex to understand. But if only one author has written it, then again there are a lot of irrelevant things that today’s version of the book had.

It means the original book is very difficult to find and the copies of Book of Enoch, you see, are not real. Therefore, this book is not reliable. This is the reason why stay away from the Book of Enoch.

The Book of Enoch is not Inspired:

Almost every holy book has an inspiration and it is actually proof that those books are from God. But when we talk about the Book of Enoch, there is no evidence that this book is from God and has no inspiration. A prophet actually writes a book that reveals to him. But there is no proof that the prophet has written this book.

However, this book had been a source of fascination for people before the birth of Jesus Christ. Early in the days, popes and fathers used this book in their churches for guiding people, but soon after the research they also avoided this book. These factors also make this book a non-reliable option for reading and following its instructions.

Controversial in various topics with other Holy Books:

Another major reason to avoid this book is its controversial status with other books. Many other holy books have many citations and incidents that prove each other’s worth. But the book of Enoch also has a different point of view. If you read the old Jewish history and culture, you will find those incidents true that other holy books also tell. This Book of Enoch does not justify those occurring.

Moreover, there were differences in issues like the marriages of priests. According to historians, Jews only want their priests to marry the daughters of other priests. According to their thinking, this will keep their religion and their priest pure. On the other hand, this book said that there was no restriction on priests marrying a woman from another clan. This is among the reasons why stay away from the Book of Enoch.

Furthermore, there are differences in the theory of Fallen Angels having kids with human women. The book of Enoch claims that those angels have kids with human women but the other theory states that before having kids with human women, those angels had to convince the human women that they are their wives. But they could not do so. So, this is a controversial point and lacks the required proof. That is why stay away from the book of Enoch.

Controversial in various topics with other Holy Books:

Disapproved by Scholars:

However, in 1800 various religious scholars, after complete research, disapproved of this book of Enoch. They claimed that with the passage of time, people have made a lot of changes to this book. Therefore, when you read and go through the culture and history of those people, you will find a lot of contradictions in this book. However, they lived their lives according to this book.

It means that as time passed, the translators added their wishes and choices to this book. It is not available in its pure form to date. So, that is why stay away from the book f Enoch. Not only Christian Historians, but Jews also disapprove of this book and ask people to avoid reading this book and look for genuine options.

What does the Bible say about the Book of Enoch?

The Holy Bible has also discussed Enoch in it. According to the Bible, Enoch was a prophet of God and he lived a life of 365 years. A verse from that book reads as “walked with God: and he was no more; for God took him” (Gen 5:21–24). Now, there are multiple interpretations that various religions have derived. According to Christians and Jews, Enoch entered heaven with God alive and is living there. However, other religions have different interpretations of this verse.

What does the Bible say about the Book of Enoch?


What did God tell Enoch to do?

Enoch did not have great speaking and conversational skills. So, when Jesus Christ asked him to tell people to repent of their doings. Enoch said he could not speak well and had a feeling people would not listen to him. Then God told Enoch that he would strengthen him and safeguard him if people did not listen to him or did not like what he taught them.

Was the Book of Enoch ever in the Bible?

Yes, the Book of Enoch was present in the Bible. But, when historians and scholars researched on its teachings and concepts, they found that this book of Enoch was not present in its real and actual condition. Furthermore, they found various changes in it. So, they excluded this book from the Biblical Canon. Moreover, they advise use why stay away from the Book of Enoch.

Who wrote the Book of Enoch and when did he write it?

There is no actual information about who wrote the book of Enoch. Most historians and scholars claim that the authors wrote this book in different years. Furthermore, only one author has not written it but various authors added their section of writings in it with the passage of time.

Is the Book of Enoch a missing book of the Bible??

No, this book is not a missing portion or section of the Bible. However, priests added it to the Bible later but soon removed it after reading its teachings and instructions.

Takeaway Nots:

Due to various changes and modifications in the current book of Enoch, scholars, and religious personalities ask people to avoid this book. Furthermore, there are a lot of contradictions between what this book tells and what people followed back in the day, That is why stay away from the book of Enoch. Both Christians and Jewish do not approve of it as a real book. For more info visit techbusinesinsider.com


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