Why does the roof of my mouth hurt? Reasons, Symptoms & Treatment

Why does the roof of my mouth hurt? Reasons, Symptoms & Treatment

Many factors contribute to the pain in the roof of the mouth. There can be allergies, infections, canker sores, or oral thrush that result in severe pain that you feel when you try to swallow anything. So, if you wonder “ Why does the roof of my mouth hurt ?”, you better get the reasons for this pain.

Let’s find out what you should do whenever you feel this pain and the treatment processes that you can face to cure this pain in the mouth.

Why does the roof of my mouth hurt?

There are multiple reasons and causes of pain in the roof of the mouth. We explore each reason and factor that can lead to this type of pain. Let us get into the details of the reasons;


If you consume any type of material that is allergic to you, it may cause pain in the roof of your mouth. Usually, substances that you do not often consume like any type of drugs, food preservatives, mouthwashes, and any dental tool can cause an allergic reaction in your mouth.

Why does the roof of my mouth hurt?

Canker Sore:

Canker sore is another prime reason for pain and swelling in your mouth. So, you should definitely look for small red and white ulcers in your mouth. Usually, these sores occur on the roof of the mouth, center of the tongue, sides, and edges of the tongue, under the lips, and on the sides of the oral cavity.


Warts are similar to canker sores but they are actually of red color. Moreover, there is a certain type of virus Human Papilloma (HPV). However, you cannot exactly know what the causes of this virus are and from where it comes. However, if you smoke or drink, the chances of this virus can increase and it will lead to warts.

Oral Thrush:

Candida Albicans virus can lead to an infection that will cause pain in your mouth. This is basically oral thrush. This happens mostly on the center of the tongue and it is really painful to eat or drink anything. Oral Thrush is another factor that causes why does the roof of my mouth hurt.

Oral Thrush


Any type of bacterial infection can also result in such pain. Many bacterias can cause an infection inside the mouth. Usually, the mouth infection is due to a Herpes Simplex Virus that forms different types of ulcers in the oral cavity which later results in such pain. Infection in the mouth can be a reason why the roof of my mouth hurt.

Oral cancer:

Another major type of mouth pain is oral cancer. However, it is among the most serious cases that anyone can ever face for his pain of mouth roof. The major reason for this type of cancer is exposure to smoking and other dangerous smoke and chemicals.

Injury in the mouth:

If you have any injury while engulfing something hot or chewing something hard, it can cause pain in your mouth. Moreover, this injury may happen while eating with forks. In case of this injury, the roof of your mouth will start hurting, and swelling or bleeding may start.

Symptoms that can identify hurting of mouth roof?

Now, let us discuss the major symptoms and indicators that can identify pain in the mouth roof.

Dry Mouth:

Dryness in your mouth can be a symptom of pain in the roof of your mouth. This is because of a lack of saliva and when you chew and intake the food, it resists with the dry roof of your mouth. So, a dry mouth will somehow lead to pain in the roof of the mouth. Therefore, you need to drink water regularly if you feel a dry mouth.

Cramps in Muscles:

Moreover, if you are feeling cramps in the muscle of your mouth, it may lead to pain inside your mouth. This happens because of mineral deficiency and unhygienic food intake. So, if you feel any such spasm in your muscles, you should check why does the roof of my mouth hurt.

Pain and Sores:

Common pain in the mouth due to fever or sores is another symptom of pain in your mouth. Moreover, these sores are white and red bumps on the tongue and lips, and it causes severe pain and irritation in your mouth’s roof.

How to treat this pain in the roof of your mouth at home?

If you are facing any issue like pain in the roof of your mouth, there is no such thing to worry about. You can easily cure this pain while following some instructions in your home. Now, we will discuss a few techniques that will really help in removing or reducing the pain in the roof of your mouth.

  • Daily rinse your mouth with slightly hot water with salt in it. Do it twice or thrice a day, it really is an effective way to reduce or even remove this pain.
  • Try to eat simple and soft food. However, food should contain the necessary ingredients that have the feature of killing pain and infections. Boiled potatoes are the best option to eat in this case.
  • You can apply a gentle massage of ice cubes on the affected part of the mouth.
  • Furthermore, use topical products for applying on the area of pain. The natural healing ability of these products will relieve all the pain.

How to treat this pain in the roof of your mouth at home?

Key preventions to follow:

If you are going through this pain and looking for “why does the roof of my mouth hurt”, then you should take preventive measures to reduce that pain.

  • You should keep up the hygiene of your mouth. For this purpose, you should keep your hands clean and germ-free. Because we often put our fingers and touch our mouths with our hands.
  • Next, you should try to eat hygienic and soft food. Avoid eating fruits that have citric acid. If you eat fruits like oranges, it will further increase swelling and sores.
  • However, you should also have to avoid smoking, drinking, and intake of any kind of drugs. Because this prevention will boost the immune system of the body to heal the pain in your mouth.
  • You should also avoid the urge of touching fingers on the bumps and swollen parts of your mouth.

Key preventions to follow

Various medical and other methods to treat the swelling and pain in the mouth roof?

If you are not happy to solve this issue by prevention at home, you can contact the doctor. Most doctors would recommend the following treatment.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicine:

Probably after diagnosing your mouth, the doctor would recommend anti-inflammatory medicine that will reduce the inflammation and reduce the pain in your mouth. Furthermore, the doctor may inject some steroids into your body, which will cope with the pain.


If the pain is due to any bacterial infection, then the doctor will suggest you take a few antibiotics medicines. These medicines will really fasten the recovery of the infection and reduce the pain. So, after taking these antibiotics, you would not complain; why does the roof of my mouth hurt?

Particular mouthwashes and gels:

Doctors may recommend gels and mouthwashes if the pain is due to any canker sores or bumps. So, applying those gels on the sores and properly rinsing the mouth with mouthwashes will surely heal the pain.


What do you do when the roof of your mouth hurts?

First of all, you should diagnose the reason for the pain. If you can treat the pain at home, you need to rinse your mouth with a glass of hot water with a half teaspoon of salt in it. However, this is among the most effective ways to treat the pain in the roof of your mouth.

When should I be worried about a sore roof of my mouth?

If you have applied all the methods at home and the swelling is still there, you should consult your doctor. Because the problem may increase if you do not pay attention to it.

Does dehydration cause the roof of your mouth to hurt?

Yes, due to the lack of water in the body and especially in the mouth, the roof dries up. So, when you eat anything, the food touches the dry roof of your mouth and causes pain. It means dehydration can cause the roof of the mouth to hurt.

Why do I have a sore on the roof of my mouth that hurts when I swallow?

It really hurts when canker sores are present inside the mouth. These are little bumps of white or yellow color that cause irritation when you eat or drink anything. So, due to these sores, whenever you try to swallow anything, it hurts badly.

Final opinion:

Whenever I think about why does the roof of my mouth hurt when I try to swallow anything, this condition can have various reasons. We have completely discussed the reasons and causes of this pain after doing thorough research on it. We also note down the different types of treatments that you can choose for this pain.

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