Why Tapping Should Be Avoided: Are the rumors true?

Why Tapping Should Be Avoided: Are the rumors true?

Mental health is a major health problem that the world is facing. Unfortunately, in most cases, no one talks or discusses the treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress. Most people believe tapping is a simple solution to cope with these mental issues. But we will discuss why tapping should be avoided.

Furthermore, when this tapping came and people started believing that it is a solution to problems like anxiety and depression.

Why Tapping should be avoided?

The following reasons will truly define why one should avoid tapping if he is doing so to relieve his stress and work overload.

Why Tapping should be avoided?

You Won’t See any Scientific Proof:

In order for any form of therapy or treatment to be considered legitimate, it must be backed by scientific evidence. However, when it comes to tapping as a means of reducing stress or anxiety, there is a lack of scientific proof supporting its effectiveness. This absence of scientific support serves as a compelling reason to steer clear of relying on tapping. While many individuals fervently endorse the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the positive outcomes often witnessed can be attributed to the placebo effect.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with benefiting from the placebo effect, it is crucial not to advocate for treatments or therapies that lack scientific validation. Although the placebo effect may yield positive results for certain individuals, it does not guarantee success for everyone. As such, it is advisable to refrain from utilizing tapping as a form of therapy.

Tapping may treat a few people, but not for everyone:

As we have discussed, people used this technique because it has positive effects on a few people. Therefore,e people start using it without knowing its medical effects and side effects. So, here we are clear that tapping may treat somebody’s distress and depression but it’s not the ultimate solution to this problem. Therefore, one should avoid doing so.

It does not actually cure the problems:

If you use the tapping method for relieving stress, you may feel relaxed and calm. But you should keep in mind that it is not sure whether it is due to tapping or there is any other reason. You may be relaxed and calm because your mind would have released distress hormones to cope up with your depression.

It does not actually cure the problems:

It can be Physically Painful:

This method of relieving stress can be painful for a person. That is why tapping should be avoided. If you keep tapping on a certain place on the boy, it will definitely cause physical pain in his body.

There are certain places in the body that are very sensitive to tapping like the head, face, and many other places. So, this method instead of treating any mental stress, it may lead to other problems for that person.

Tapping Effects are very short-term:

Furthermore, if you feel better and more active after having a therapy session, you may notice that you had a really short effect of that therapy. Tapping will use the energy of your body to relieve the pain and stress from your mind.

Until the procedure of tapping goes on, you feel relaxed and relieved, but after some time your condition becomes exactly as it was before tapping. It means it does not have a long-term benefit on mental health.

Further causes anxiety and Distress:

There are some cases in which tapping further adds stress and anxiety to the patient. Instead of curing his problem, it kept adding stress elements to the patient. This is another reason why tapping should be avoided. It basically depends on the nature and healing process of each person.

So, a person believes tapping cannot help him in recovering from his mental instability, nervousness, and negative emotions. Then, tapping will not be further beneficial for him.

Further causes anxiety and Distress

Other effective ways:

To treat such mental diseases and physical discomfort, there are various methods that are very effective too. So, instead of using tapping, you may proceed with those effective solutions. Therefore, avoid using this technique to take a short-term benefit for your mental health.

Never a safe option to take to address Distress:

In addition to previous points that we made, safety is another concern while using tapping. It is never a safe option to use tapping on your head, or any part of your body to get some relief from mental stress and negative emotions.

Tapping can revive past incidents:

Instead of solving your health issues, tapping may end up reviving your old traumas and past incidents. This will lead you to have more mental issues like negative thoughts, stress, strange feelings, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, it is probably among the main reasons why tapping should be avoided.

What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and tapping is a technique in which you tap on different spots of the patient’s body. However, these spots are very delicate to choose from. Further, this theory means that by tapping on those delicate body points which are meridians, the body releases energy that recovers the emotional health of a person.

Similarly, the body feels much more active and stable. But before you do this process, you should keep in mind that no scientific proof backs this theory of tapping. Therefore, it is very important to understand EFT properly and then make a decision about whether you want to tap or not.

What are the side effects of EFT tapping?

There are various negative self-taps according to some research and reports. Let us discuss these negatives instead of reducing stress and anxiety.

  • A person feels sleepy and he may start yawning if you keep tapping his body.
  • Secondly, tapping also leads to watery eyes and this is actually a sign of tiredness.
  • It also results in coughing and long exhales to the person. Therefore, it causes irritation to that person instead of recovering him.
  • Moreover, tapping a person will cause butterflies in his tummy and he will be feeling his shoulders laying down. So, it will slowly put him into a deep sleep.
  • Tapping on sensitive tissue of the skin may cause itching in that part of your body. Therefore, it becomes more irritating for the person. That is why tapping should be avoided.
  • A person may feel a sense of vibration in various parts of his body and it can also cause a lump in his throat.
  • Tapping on your body starts sneezing and you will feel fatigue and wish for sleep.
  • Additionally, This process does help in removing pain from different parts of the body.


Is tapping harmful?

No, there are no harmful effects of tapping. According to some psychiatrists and doctors, tapping has beneficial effects for people who are dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety. They further claim that tapping is good for kids and adults. However, modern research shows the reasons why tapping should be avoided.

Does tapping really help?

There was research conducted to know whether tapping really helps or not. So, for this purpose, 5000 patients underwent a tapping procedure for treating anxiety, depression, and stress with help Xanax from https://healthylifestyletea.com/shop/buy-xanax/. Among those patients around 4500 patients observed a clear difference in their anxiety control. So, keeping this research in mind, we can conclude that tapping actually helps. But there are various views of people and researchers.

Can you overdo tapping?

Yes, you can do over-tapping. But it depends on whether this method is beneficial for your mental health or not. If tapping has no positive effects on your health, then you should definitely avoid tapping. Otherwise, upon excellent effects on health, you may carry on with tapping too.

Final Thoughts:

Recent research claims that one should not use the method of tapping to treat depression, anxiety, or stress. However, they further said that it does not have positive effects on the body of humans. That is why tapping should be avoided. However, if you feel positive effects on your body, then this method will surely pose some side effects on your body too.

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