Why I Quit F45 Workouts: Balancing Cardio and Weight Training | Personal Reflection

Why I Quit F45 Workouts: Balancing Cardio and Weight Training | Personal Reflection

F45 is a successful gym franchise that started its operations in Australia but now has spread globally. With the gym franchises in the United States of America, many people joined it but Why I quit F45? The major reasons are a lot of people turning out of this place and the intensity of training that is causing a lot of injuries.

We will review a complete set of benefits and drawbacks that you go through while joining the F45 gym franchise.

Reasons; Why I Quit F45?

There are various reasons that force a person to quit the F45 gym franchise. We will find out each factor with its proper reasoning.

Over Crowded Place:

Because of its popularity in other countries, when F45 launched its franchise in the USA, a lot of people registered for their session. That is why the session is overcrowded and it really affects the exercise of many people. Most of the time, many people are not able to use weights because they are not free.

Similarly, in that F45 challenge, you might not find a place to attend the session because of the rush of people in the gym. Even if you find the place to attend the session, this hard exercise results in high breathing. Due to this, it becomes difficult for some people to breathe easily while doing high-intensity workouts.

Over Crowded Place

Far-off Places:

This gym is usually quite far away from the residential areas, Therefore, you have to take out an extra 30 to 4 0 minutes to reach the gym. What if this gym is close to living apartments, one can spend his time traveling while doing home chores, and with his children.

Furthermore, driving and sitting in a straight posture after doing hard exercise can result in back pain. Therefore, this is another disadvantage that forced me and this is why I quit F45.

Intense training session resulting in injuries:

This gym franchise has a 45-minute intense training session in which they train each person with the same tactics. They should know that the age of a person really defines his physical activity intensity. Because the management is handling each person in the same method, a lot of physical injuries happen.

Most of the time, this intense training session results in injuries in the shoulder, calf injury, back spasms, and muscle spasms in various parts of the body. Therefore, after joining the gym with great zeal, people start quitting it after attending its intense training session for a few days.

Intense training session resulting in injuries

Management skills are below par:

The management of this F45 gym chain does have many loopholes that force people to leave soon after joining them. First of all, the trainers may not be highly professional and this is a major concern. A company with so much popularity cannot afford to have a management that does not hire professional trainers. That is why I quit F45 Gym sessions.

Each trainer should know about the health condition and physical status of the clients. But in F45 the trainer is exercising a group of people in intense training sessions without knowing each person’s abilities and physical condition.

Short Warm-Up Sessions:

Another major reason for those injuries is short warm-up sessions. The trainers working at F45 gym should properly warm up each individual before putting in intense 45-minute exercise. Because of no proper warmup and directly putting the body in intense training will definitely lead to injuries like muscle spasms, back pain, shoulder injuries, and hamstring or calf injuries.

Not suitable for all types of people:

If someone is looking for a specific body shape and intense bodybuilding, the F45 is not an ideal gym to join. That’s why I quit F45 because it only deals with daily workout sessions to keep yourself healthy and active.

So, if a person is looking to train himself for a competition, bodybuilding, or any body-related program, this gym has a separate package for the, However, it is an effective option at all. There is always a lack of equipment and you can properly train yourself in this gym.

High Expenses and Fees:

High registration fees and separate charges for particular programs can also be a reason people start quitting this gym. This gym actually charges separate fees for its different programs and if you want 24-hour access to the gym, you have to pay separately for that. Therefore, these reasons are enough for a person to keep himself away from this gym franchise and look for other options.

What is F45?

F45 is an Australian-based gym franchise that is quite popular all over the world. The 45 word in the anime of this gym franchise is basically due to the 45-minute training sessions that this franchise offers for various types of people. This session includes training high intensity that keeps a person healthy and fit.

However, this franchise also offers a challenging program that comprises 40 days. This challenging program includes various facilities for the user including a complete diet plan for the next 40 days and a training schedule. In addition, this session goes in 4 phases.

What is F45?

PhasesDurationType of Training
Phase I10 daysSpring Training
Phase II10 daysRegular Session
Phase III10 daysChampionship Round
Phase IV15 daysWorld Series

Benefits of joining F45 Gym?

Besides a lot of drawbacks, there are many benefits to joining this F45 Gym franchise. Let us discuss each benefit in proper detail.

Customized Exercise:

The best benefit of joining this gym is that you can customize your training routine and plan. After consulting with your trainer, you can plan the exercises and drills that are compatible and perfect for your fitness.

Supportive Staff and Trainers:

The staff at this gym franchise is quite supportive which gives a good vibe to this gym. They work with each individual and lay out their fitness plan after discussing it with them. However, they may not be well trained, which is why I Quit F45 gym. But they are supportive and give out their best in the gym.

Supportive Staff and Trainers

Multiple Training Sessions:

While joining this gym, you can select the training session that suits your physical body strength and suits your personality. Furthermore, the staff can guide you to join a training session after checking out your fitness levels and body strength.

The mobile application of this gym can also provide you with proper fitness goals and dieting plans that you need to follow to achieve your fitness goals.

Proper daily Routine Sessions:

Another benefit of joining F45 gym is a routine and disciplined way of training and exercising drills. Each session starts at its regular time and everyone must reach it before that session time. There is a 45-minute window in which various types of training sessions occur.

24/7 Access for Premium members:

For premium members, there is 24/7 access to the gym. Further, they can use any equipment in the gym for their training purpose. But they need to define the training session that they want to do in the gym. However, access to all accessories is after or before their training session.


Q. Why is F45 struggling?

F45 is a workout and gym franchise that is famous for its 45-minute intense training session programs. But this gym chain struggled during the pandemic period. Because people were not allowed to go out of their homes and that is why I quit F45, this definitely gave a blow to the company. They lost a membership of around $100,00. However, during that period every physical business saw a huge dump in their markup.

Q. Is F45 declining?

Yes, post-Covid period, the gym chain did not flourish and its businesses did not come on track. Therefore, around 10% of the franchises of this F45 gym chain were on sale. Furthermore, the stock pre of this company also saw a huge dip of 93% in the stock market in 2021.

Q. Is F45 worth the hype?

F45 is a great gym chain that is in the headlines and spreading globally. However, it is worth the hype with its amazing training sessions and the fitness wave that it brings with it.

Q. Did Mark Wahlberg lose money on F45?

The popular actor Mark Wahlberg sold the stock shares of this company after its price went down 90%. Furthermore, he did not sell these stocks at once but gradually did it 28 times. However, he still owns $1.61 Million worth of shares in this company.

Final Interpretation:

F45 is a popular gym chain that has various training sessions of 45 minutes. However, many factors that lead people to stay away from this gym are injuries due to intense sessions, overcrowded sessions, and untrained staff. That is why I Quit F45 and am looking to join a new gym with better training sessions and trained trainers and staff.

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