Crispy Chicken Wrap of the day Ingredients & Recipe

Crispy Chicken Wrap of the day Ingredients & Recipe

You must have wanted to enjoy the McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Wrap but unluckily, this is now unavailable on the McDonald’s menu. Well, you have to stressed out because we will teach you a straightforward and easy step-by-step recipe that how to make a flavorful and mouth-watering wrap at home. You just need some crispy chicken, tortilla, lettuce, and tomato ketchup.

By following our guidelines and step-by-step instructions, you will surely make a crispy wrap at home on your own. So, start your cooking experience with us. Just go to the kitchen, fold your sleeves, and start making an appetizing chicken wrap with us. The given recipe will help you to get the same taste you enjoy at McDonald’s.


Below, we enlist all the ingredients that we are going to use in our recipe.

  • Lettuce
  • Small Tortilla
  • Chicken Selects
  • Tomato Ketchup

Nutritional Value per Ingredients:

In the table below, we are going to give you the nutritional details per ingredient;

IngredientsNutritional Value
Lettuce6 KJ | 1 kcal
Small Tortilla509 KJ | 121 kcal
Chicken Selects501 KJ | 120 kcal
Tomato Ketchup28 KJ | 7 kcal

Nutritional Information:

Here is the detailed nutritional information per portion and %RI:

Nutritional InformationPer Portion%RI (Adult)
fat (g)8.011% RI*
salt (g)1.118% RI*
Energy (kcal)24812% RI*
fibre (g)1.6
of which saturated (g)1.47% RI*
Energy (kJ)104412% RI*
carbohydrates (g)3112% RI*
of which sugar (g)2.63% RI*
protein (g)1223% RI*


Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe:

Take the required amount of thinly sliced boneless chicken and place it into a big bowl.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

Then add some seasonings and buttermilk over the chicken and let it marinate for half an hour for juicy and crispy chicken.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

Take a dish and add some flour, seasonings, and spices in it and mix well. Take a marinated piece of boneless chicken and coat it in the prepared mix of flour and seasonings.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

Then again dip flour coated chicken piece in the buttermilk with species and seasonings. Take that piece of buttermilk and coat it again in the prepared mix of flour for a better experience of boneless crispy chicken.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

Put oil in the frypan and preheat it on medium-high heat. After heating oil, fry the prepared seasoned chicken on medium heat. Fry them until their color turns golden brown. Put them out of the pan after their color turns into a nice crispy golden brown.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

Take a small tortilla and warm it in a pan on low heat. Place the tortilla on a plate or dish and spread some ketchup on it. Then place freshly cut lettuce on it and put the fried golden-brown crispy chicken piece on it. You can also customize your favorite ingredients and toppings according to your choice and taste.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

In the end, create a wrap by folding both sides of the tortilla until they cover all ingredients and then roll it up tightly.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

For a better experience, preheat a pan cook each side of the already assembled wrap for 2-3 minutes, and dish it out. Enjoy your prepared delicious Crispy Chicken Wrap with your favorite drink.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Recipe

Allergens Details:

If you love to eat crispy wrap then you must be aware of all the ingredients that are used in it. However, a lot of people have an allergy to tortilla because it is made of wheat. moreover, while preparing tortillas the use of yeast might cause allergies for you.

also, these tortillas are topped with sesame seeds. so, be cautious about your health and try not to use those things that cause serious health issues. you can use some of the alternative things instead of the allergens things.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is in a McDonald’s crispy chicken wrap?

A crips wrap of Mcdonald’s contains many things in it that increase its taste and yumminess. you need to have these things if you want to make a wrap in your own home with the following proper hygiene;

  • Small Tortilla
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Chicken Selects
  • Lettuce

Q. How to fry wraps?

After preparing your wrap, now, you just want to fry it for better taste. follow the instructions to learn how to fry wrap.

  • Take a skillet and spray some cooking oil in it.
  • Now, place the wraps in it and let it fry for a minute.
  • Spray some cooking oil over it or brush cooking oil on it.
  • After 1 or 2 minutes, turn the wrap over the other side and let it fry until it turns golden.

Q. How to make popcorn chicken wrap?

Follow the instructions that we going to mention below to make popcorn chicken wrap;

  • Take a tortilla and warm it in the microwave for 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Now, place the slice of cheese in the middle of the tortilla. and add some popcorn chicken.
  • Take another slice of chicken and place it on the top of the popcorn chicken.
  • Lastly, topped it off with the lettuce and your favorite tomato ketchup.

Q. Why did McDonald’s stop selling chicken wraps?

McDonald’s stopped selling wraps because it takes a lot of time to prepare them. on the other hand, if they make it earlies then it becomes soggy with time and there customer wants fresh wraps. which is impossible to serve it on time and it effects on their services.

Our review:

You can make a Crispy Chicken Wrap by following our recipe you can make a tasteful and flavorful crispy chicken wrap that just tastes like McDonald’s wrap. We can also try this recipe and the result is mind-blowing. The wrap is so delicious and well-seasoned. Surely, you will enjoy this recipe by following the above-mentioned recipe.

Moreover, we enlist all the allergens details also. So, don’t compromise your health, and try to avoid the things that cause an allergy. I tried this recipe myself and believe me the taste is so yummy and delicious. You can make this wrap as your morning breakfast, lunch, or whenever have a craving for it. Just Fold your sleeves and go to your kitchen with the mentioned ingredients to get your wrap.

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