Dawn Staley Husband Lisa Boyer Love Story: Guy Rumours & Detail Bio

Dawn Staley Husband Lisa Boyer Love Story: Guy Rumours & Detail Bio

Dawn Staley is a player on the basketball team and has played numerous times in the overseas and WNBA. Currently, she is the head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks. You might be curious about who Dawn Staley Husband is, so let us tell you that Dawn Staley is not married yet. She determinedly focuses on her coaching career.

Moreover, there is a rumor spread about Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer’s relationship. Lisa Boyer is also an assistant coach for South Carolina. In this article, we will find out about Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley’s relationship.

Who is Dawn Staley?

Dawn Staley is a player of the Basketball team of America. Dawn started her basketball career after completing her graduation. She also takes the lead of many international teams and the WNBA. Her coaching career took off when she was named in 2000 as the head coach of the “Temple Women’s Basketball Team”.

Who is Dawn Staley?

At that time, she was the head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks. When she was the player of the USA team, she won 3 OLYMPIC Gold Medals. After that, she was also the head coach of another gold-medal-winning team in the U.S. in 2004, at the time of the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics she was elected to carry the flag of the USA.

Wikipedia of Dawn Staley:

Full NameDawn Michelle Staley
Nick NameDawn Staley
ProfessionalPlayer of the Basketball team and Coach of the Basketball team.
Net Worth$5 Million
Birth of DateMay 4, 1970
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Marital StatusNot Married
FatherEstelle Staley

Professional Career of Dawn Staley:

In 1994, when she completed her graduation she didn’t find any professional leagues for women in the US. This helped Dawn Staley to join many teams in Italy, Brazil, Spain, and France. Moreover, in the Olympic games of 1996, she and her team set a record of 60-0 and won a gold medal.

On the other hand, in 1999, Dawn Staley found herself being the 9th overall pick during the WNBA draft and Charlotte Sting. Furthermore, during the Olympics of 2000 and 2004, she won 2 gold medals by herself. After that in 2005, she moved to Houston Comets.

Coaching Career of Dawn Staley:

In 2000, Dawn Staley was signed up as a coach by Temple University”. She struggles hard for the team and sets the rules and regulations, under her control the team wins 4 Atlantic 10 tournaments. In 2004 and 2005, she was given the title of “Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year”.

After that, Dawn Staley turned out to be the head coach of the “University of South Carolina”. From that time, the South Carolina Gamecocks won 2 National Championships. In the same year, at the Beijing Olympics, she became the assistant coach of the USA team.

Who is Dawn Staley’s Husband?

Dawn Staley is not married yet and no one is Dawn Staley’s Husband. She just focused on her career. On the other hand, there are a lot of rumors spread that she has a relationship with Lisa Boyer. Lisa Boyer is also an associate coach for South Carolina.

According to some reliable sources both of them have a romantic relationship. However, keep in mind that this is not confirmed yet whether both of them are in a relationship or not. Because no one of them officially announced any news about their relationship.

Who is Lisa Boyer?

Lisa Boyer is an assistant coach in the “University of South Carolina Women’s Basketball Team”. To help the lead team for the appearance in the NCAA tournament and various SEC Championships, Lisa worked with head coach Dawn Staley. On the other hand, Lisa works as a coach in many schools and also has a successful career at “Ohio State University”.

Who is Lisa Boyer?

Is Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley Married?

Well, we hear some rumors that Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley are romantically involved in a relationship. But there is no confirmation of this news. Because no one of them talks about their relationship. That’s why no one is Dawn Staley Husband.

Is Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley Married?

A lot of sources tell about their relationship which is based on one of the Dawn Staley Tweets that they act like an old married couple. This is true that both of them struggled together, winning 2 national championships over the previous 5 years to help South Carolina.

Is Dawn Staley a Lesbian?

Yes, this might be true that Dawn Staley is a Lesbian. Some people think that she might belong to the LGBTQI community. This happens because there are a lot of rumors spread around about the relationship of Dawn Staley with Lisa Boyer. Is Dawn Staley a Lesbian?

Keep in mind that these are just rumors. No one of them officially announced their relationship. Both of them didn’t reveal this by themselves. These are just their fans’ guesses. Dawn Staley never openly Confirms this.

Which team does Dawn Staley serve as a coach?

Dawn Stately currently serves the “South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball team”. This team is directed by Dawn Staley and won 5 final four appearances, 2 national championships, and 7 SEC regular-season titles.

The South Carolina Gamecocks can be marked out in 2008 when she was hired as a head coach of the team. She creates a successful value that is based on obligation, teamwork, and diligence. Dawn Staley’s coaching approach emphasizes a firm resistance, a firm commitment to ground rules, and a rapid-paced infraction.

Furthermore, South Carolina makes numerous WNBA athletes in a year. These athletes include Alaina Coates, A’ja Wilson, and Tiffany Mitchell. All of these players help in the creation of South Carolina make them the best team and take along a matchless level of strength and talent to the team.

YearServe as a Coach
2008-PresentSouth Carolina

Net Worth of Dawn Staley:

The net worth of a well-known basketball player in America is around $5 Million. She earns all of her wealth through her basketball career as a player and coach. During her basketball career, she won many awards. Moreover, she plays many matches with famous teams such as Charlotte Sting and Richmond.

Net Worth$5 Million
Monthly Salary and Income$35,000 +
Yearly Salary and Income$0.4 Million +

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is Lisa Boyer to Dawn Staley?

Rumors say that both of them have a romantic relationship. Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley, an assistant coach of the Women’s Basketball team at the University of South Carolina. Moreover, she is single and no one is Dawn Staley Husband.

Q. How much is Lisa Boyer net worth?

The total estimation of Lisa Boyer Net worth is about $5 Million. She is an assistant coach of the Women’s Basketball team and earns all of her income through her coaching career.

Q. What ethnicity is Dawn Staley?

Dawn Staley is an African American and in 1970, she was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents raised her in a modest household culture. At a very young age, Dawn made her name in the field of basketball.

Q. Does Dawn Staley have a family?

Yes, in her family she has a mother named Clarence and a father named Estelle. Dawn Staley also has 4 siblings. Moreover, her marital status is single and no one is Dawn Staley Husband.


At that time, Dawn Staley was not married to anyone and no one was Dawn Staley Husband. She didn’t reveal anything about her personal life in a public forum. She just wants to focus on her basketball coaching career. There is no further news about her personal life.

Moreover, there is a rumor spread that she might have a relationship with another basketball coach Lisa Boyer. But there is no confirmation about their relationship. Fans might think this because Dawn Staley supports the LBGQIT Community.

On the other hand, both Lisa Boyer and Dawn Staley had good skills as basketball coaches. Together, they help the South Carolina Gamecocks team to win many awards and championships. They work with loyalty and sincerity for their team and this leads their team to win many times.

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