Crip Mac Popular Rapper – Bio, Early Life, Networth, Career & Career

Crip Mac Popular Rapper – Bio, Early Life, Networth, Career & Career

Crip Mac is a well-known and popular rapper in America. His appreciation and success are a concern after his music video is released on various platforms on the internet. Furthermore, He became famous because of his rap tracks 55th Streep & Keep It 55th Street.

He started his career on Spotify and YouTube where he recorded musical videos and audios. He has a lot of streams on YouTube and Spotify. Moreover, the rapper faced attacks from different gangs several times and was beaten. Crip is also arrested in a drug case and goes to jail many times.

Who is Crip Mac?

Crip’s Journey as an aspiring rapper is a demonstration of the power of realism, truthfulness, and strength of his struggle. He was born on February 20, 1993, in the United States. He grew into a middle-class family and then worked hard to achieve all success and comfort. Moreover, the details of his family and siblings are unknown.

According to some sources, the real name of Crip is Bryaan Ross. But keep in mind that this is not true because Bryaan Ross is another American Rapper who is known by CJ Mac. Crip Mac and CJ Mac both are different personalities. As both have Mac in their names so it seems like both are one person.

Wikipedia of Crip:

Full NameCrip Mac
Net Worth$1 Million
Birth of DateFebruary 20, 1993
Age30 Years
Height6 Feet
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignCancer
Relationship StatusCommitted
Girlfriend NameLupe

Early life of Crip:

Crip came to this world on February 20, 1993, in the United States. When he was a child his mother took him and moved to Houston, Texas with her boyfriend. After a few years, he returns to Los Angeles and starts living with her aunt.

Then he leaves his aunts’ house and starts to work as a mechanic’s assistant. He starts living in the streets of Los Angeles on 40th Street and 50th Street. After that, he moved to 55th Street at the age of 19 which changed his life.

Personal Life of Crip:

If we talk about his personal life, he says that during a podcast with No Jumper that he is currently in a relationship with his manager Lupe. Lupe is his girlfriend. During a podcast, Mac also says that he is going to get married to his partner Lupe.

Unfortunately, Mac broke up with his girlfriend Lupe. Both of them had a fightover Mac’s dirty room and later they broke up with each other. In his recent interview, he clearly tells his fans that he and Lupe are no more in a relationship.

Personal Life of Crip

Career Highlights of Crip:

He grew into a middle-class family. As he grew up he started struggling to make his name. when he lives on 55th Street. Here he joins one of the local gangs named “Crip”. At that time, Mac earned the title of the most popular 55 Crip in the world.

As Mac joins the local gang, he is also involved in some illegal activities. A lot of time, he was caught in drug cases. He goes to jail many times in these types of illegal cases but then he comes out of prison after some time. Moreover, he was beaten several times by different gangs.

Mac history behind Rapping:

When he lives on 55th Street here he joins a local gang named “Crip”. He became a part of this gang and started getting involved in some illegal activities. He was caught various times in these illegal activities and drug cases and went to jail many times and returned back after some time.

Moreover, he started writing and creating his own song when he was in prison. After he was released from prison, Crip Mac started uploading it on YouTube and Spotify later. As he uploaded his songs they quickly gained much more popularity. His following list also gets more subscribers and followers.

Music Album Lists:

55th StreetNo Fair OnesBig Amount
Everything Gone ‘C AlrightWestern WiggleBluetiful
CitchkBody BagsGrand Slam
IncrementsLupeGet Craccin’
IntroHammerTimeBlue Rags & Money Bags
Get Your DoeCrip CrazySour Milk
Never Go HollywoodCriiiiipTrenches
On H55dOpp GoblinBust N Yo Wife’s Asshkole
TrajicNever Commit SuicideU 5 Me
Ride On EmL.A. Street GangsBlue Rag

Why did Crip Mac go to Jail?

Because of some drug cases, weapons, and illegal activities. He was caught several times and went to jail for months. The rapper stayed in jail for many months and was later released. There are some videos released when he was in jail and he shows his prodigious enjoyment and reunites with his friends.

He just did not go to jail for just one time but several times. Mac didn’t waste his time when he was in jail. He wrote and created so many songs when he was in jail. Later he starts releasing them on YouTube and Spotify. While staying at the jail he also shares his time, enjoyable aspects, and challenges.

How Tall Mac is?

Crip Mac height is about 6 Feet. It is right to say that he is a tall man. According to many reliable sources, it is clear that he is 6 feet tall. It is important to note that Crip never talks about his height. This information about his height is according to some authentic sources and his fans but he didn’t publicly disclose and talk about his exact height.

Net Worth of Crip Mac:

The net worth of Crip Mac is about $1 Million. He earns all his income through some street crimes as well as a music career. But a large amount of his income came from the music industry. Moreover, Crip says that he roughly takes from an interview about $800 to $1000.

Net Worth of Crip Mac

Moreover, Mac has also capitalized on and is famous because of his social media presence. He charges an amount for his appearance when he appears in any interview and for a show. He earns all of his income from solidifying, streams, and appearances on many interviews.

Sources of Income:

He earns all of his wealth from various platforms that include:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Interview
  • Clothing Brand (Ratfood)
  • Appearance on various shows

Is Crip Mac alive or dead?

Yes, he was alive at that time. He went to jail because of his crime and was caught by police. Mac was released from jail on May 18, 2023. After he was released from jail, he posted his video while he met with his loved ones.

Is Crip Mac alive or dead

Future Glimpse of Mac:

As Mac’s popularity grows, his future has a lot of opportunities for the famous rapper. His collaboration with sold-out acts, well-known music artists, and a broadening worldwide fan base could be completely in his journey of struggle.

It is important to note that he struggles alone to get all of this in his life. Furthermore, he is also a true reflection of the music industry. Crip has achieved all the struggles in his future as he achieves in his past.

Social Media Links of Mac:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Crip Mac’s name?

He didn’t reveal his real name and no one knew about his real name. On the other hand, a lot of people think that his real name is Bryaan Ross but this is not true. Bryann Ross is another American Rapper known as CJ Mac.

Q. What Crip set is CJ Mac from?

CJ Mac directed a documentary about C-Walk. In this documentary, he reveals that in his youth, he was in the Rollin 60’s neighborhood Crips Street Gang.

Q. How old is CJ Mac?

CJ Mac whose real name is Bryaan Ross was 54 Years Old according to his birth date March 12, 1969.

Q. How did CMAC get famous?

His debut album at number one on the Billboard 200 chart is named “Blue Slide Park”. His album is launched into the limelight.

Final Words:

It doesn’t matter what happens with Crip Mac like how many times he goes to jail and what happens with him. His fans and the following list still admire him for his well-doing and startling music involvement in the music industry. Furthermore, he struggles hard to get all of the comforts of his life.

Because of his music, he earns a lot of popularity in the music industry. He was caught many times in the case of drugs and weapons and went to jail several times but came back after some months. The net worth of Crip Mac is approximately about $1 Million. a huge amount of his net worth will come from his music career.


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