Double Dydeo Piercing: Males fashion, Health factors & Risk

Double Dydeo Piercing: Males fashion, Health factors & Risk

Double Dydeo piercing is a type of body modification in which a piercer pierces the private part of the male. The piercing includes holes in the lower and upper skin of the private parts. These piercings are becoming very popular and people are doing these piercings on the ear, nose, and now on their private parts.

It is important to note that like all body modifications, this has some complications and risks. These can include infection, rejection of the piercing, bleeding, pus, and damage to the private part. As with any piercing, it is important to choose a skillful technician or piercer and to properly care for the piercing to reduce the risk of complications.

History of Double Dydeo Piercing:

The history of dydoe piercing takes us back to Cyprian society. An American Piercing pioneer, Doug Malloy stated that few Jewish students invented this piercing of private parts. These students were from the Cyprian society and in that society circumcision was necessary. The main purpose of this piercing was to render the glands of the private part to get more sensation during hookup. After that, this piercing became a trend and nowadays many people do different types of piercing like reverse, conventional, and double dydoe.

The procedure of Double Dydeo Piercing:

The procedure involves different tools like needles, and beads of gold, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel. The technician first does insertion from the upper surface glands of the private part of the male and ends the insertion from the urinary path. After cleaning the wound, He let the private part get stable and after that, the jewelry of different materials was inserted into the piercing.

This is a painful procedure and people are still carrying out this procedure. If the person has circumcision, then the double dydeo piercing is simple to apply and gives them good visual appeal. But for uncircumcised persons, the skin of their private parts should be loose.

Care and Precautions:

You need to take care of your private part after a double dydeo piercing. There are certain medications that you have to use for the cure and treatment process. The healing procedure can take up to 4 to 5 weeks. You need to apply different ointments and lubes on the surface of the private part. Moreover, there are different tablets and injections that you have to use for the quick recovery and healing process. Sometimes, in case of complications, the healing can take up to 6 months also. The person also has to avoid intercourse procedure with his partner until he is fully recovered.

Double Dydeo Piercing

Other Types:

There are two other types of such weird Piercing that we will discuss below in detail.

Dydoe Piercing:

This is a type of private part modification in which there is an insertion of two small beads on either side of the head of the penis. Some people also call it the King’s Crown because of its appearance, which resembles a crown on the head of a king. Dydoe piercing is a type of piercing of a sensitive part of the body that you do from various angles.

Reverse Dydoe Piercing:

It is quite similar to the piercing but this piercing is from the lower part towards the upward face of the private part.


Following are a few benefits of the Penis piercing for which people go through this weird process.

  • Many people find the look of a double dydeo piercing very visually appealing. It further adds a unique and distinctive look to the private part.
  • Some people report that the placement of the piercings increases their sexual pleasure. Because the jewelry stimulates nerve endings in the area.
  • The jewelry can provide additional friction and sensation during masturbation, leading to a more satisfying experience.
  • Depending on the position and shape of the jewelry, a double dydoe piercing can provide more stimulation for a partner during sexual activity.
  • For some people, the dydoe piercing is a way of expressing their sexuality and identity. This klonopin has a direct link and positive impact on their mental health and well-being.

Complications regarding Double Dydeo Piercing:

There are certain complications and medical issues that are related to the Piercing of sensitive parts of the male body. Let us discuss these issues and complications;


In certain cases, the bleeding doesn’t stop from the private and sensitive part of the male. This is because of inexperience in piercing and the biological traits of the user. This excessive bleeding can cause multiple other issues with a penis.


In some cases, the private part of the person starts swelling after the piercing procedure. This is because of the softness of the flesh. This swelling usually lasts many days and you need to apply certain medications upon the surface of the sensitive part. The person feels pain and stays uncomfortable till the swelling is present.


This is another major issue that links with this double dydeo piercing. After the piercing process, you need to keep the sensitive part clean and hygienic. If you ignore it, the unhygienic environment can cause infections and you can observe pus in the private parts. This is very painful and the person cannot even sit or relax properly.

Jewellery for Dydoe Piercing:

There are different tools and jewelry used for the purpose of piercing the private part. Usually, the jewelry is metallic beads and needles. Stainless steel, silver, platinum, titanium, and sometimes gold are the materials of this jewelry.

These metallic beads are connected with the needle on both sides. The doctors or technicians that do this piercing take this jewelry which is normally a stud or metallic bead with a needle and insert it in the upper flashy part of the sensitive point and take this jewelry out from the urinary hole of the part.

People often use that jewelry for double dydeo piercing that they have already used on different parts of their body like the nose, ears, and belly button. This is quite a complex and risky operation.


Q. Is it safe to do dydoe piercing?

Well, the answer is yes and no. It all depends on the technician or artist doing this Double Dydeo Piercing and the person whose private part is getting pierced. If you do such piercing by professionals, then there are fewer chances of any disease or complications. Further, you also have to take care of your private parts after the surgery or piercing.

In case of any mismanagement or wrong technique, you may face catastrophic problems like bleeding, Pus, Infection, and severe pain in the private part. So, it is better to not try such weird fantasies and experiences on your body and especially on such sensitive parts that upon any issue can cause damage for a lifetime.

Final Thoughts:

Double Dydeo Piercing is a process in which a person, especially a male, pierces his private parts and wears them differently on that private part. Such weird trends are quite circulating in the market nowadays.

These are certain fantasies of people and they can cross any limit to fulfil their desires. There are certain complications of doing this double piercing including pus, infection, severe pain in the private part, and bleeding. You should not try such piercings on any part of your body because of their side effects.

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