What Type Of Electric Toothbrush Charger Are Best To Use?

Electric toothbrushes are very helpful for cleaning teeth. Cleansing teeth with electric brushes is a far easier and quicker method than manual toothbrushes. So, you also need a charger for such brushes to keep them charged and in regular working. Are you looking for an Electric Toothbrush Charger for your brush? This article will completely describe all the necessary features of the toothbrush charger that can be very handy and informative for you to buy any charger.

Keeping oral hygiene is very important for personality growth. You should brush your teeth twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes. It gives a refreshing sensation to you and keeps your mouth germ-free. With old-fashioned brushes, one can feel brushing is a daunting job to do two times a day. Therefore advanced technology has a solution to your problems. Electric toothbrushes allow extensive cleansing and are more reliable than old brushes. But you need quality chargers to keep those brushes running perfectly.

Below are some best chargers and they are described in a simple and proper way:

1. Merom Replacement Model HX6100 charger:

electric toothbrush charger

Key Features:

  • Highly compatible with Philips toothbrushes
  • The water resistance rating is IPX7
  • A 6-month warranty
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Great money to value electric toothbrush charger Power in wattage is not mentioned on the charger
Durable enough with included waterproof rating
Compatible with various Philips electric toothbrush models

2. MULTIM electric toothbrush charger:

electric toothbrush charger

Key Features:

  • Magnetic function on charging base
  • The waterproof rating is IPX7
  • Economical, easy to use and quite portable
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Adjustable with a lot of Oral B and IO series 7,8,9 toothbrushes
High wattage rating ensures great charging performance
Input voltage lies between 110v to 240v
Water resistance rating of IPX7 helps you for shooting in humid conditions
Overcurrent protection

3. PDAPTMAG Replacement charger base for Philips:

electric toothbrush charger

Key Features:

  • Great compatibility for charging Philips toothbrushes
  • Also provides water resistance of rating IPX7
  • Provided 12 months warranty card
  • The wattage rating is 1.4 watts
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Compatible with a large number of Philips electric brush chargers Charging performance is not up to the standards of other chargers.
Good design and water proof resistance No overcurrent protection
The warranty card is good according to the price of the charger

4. SCOVEE Electric Toothbrush:

electric toothbrush charger

Key Features:

  • Large compatibility with many toothbrush brands
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Fast Charging
  • Good connectivity options
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Compatible with brands like Vekkia, Sboly, Fairywill, Dnsly and Fairywill, variants FW-507, P11 plus pro and FWD-7 The wattage rating is not shown on the charger
USB 2.0 favours fast charging No protection if the current is overloaded
Cable is quite durable, do not bend or damage easily
Warranty of 1 year available
Has good water resistance capability

5. Magipea Oral B Electric toothbrush Replacement charger:

electric toothbrush charger

Key Features:

  • Perfectly works with Oral B toothbrushes
  • Comes in the market with a water resistance rating of IPX7
  • 1-year exchange period
  • The wattage rating is 0.9 watts
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Affordable price, one does not have to break the bank for it The charging cable is short in length
Packed and sealed perfectly, waterproof The wattage rating is low so slow charging
Decent power in watts, standard power at this price
Sleek design and rubber grip

6. Alotpower toothbrush E-series Replacement charger:

electric toothbrush charger

Key Features:

  • Ideal option for charging Philips toothbrushes
  • The wattage is labelled on the charger, 1.4 watts
  • Available with a 1-year warranty
  • Water resistance lies at rating IPX7
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Philips brand toothbrushes can be charged The design quality is compromised and mediocre type
Water resistance and warranty are satisfying Customer care service is not appreciable
A high wattage rating makes sure toothbrushes are charged fastly No short circuit protection

7. Liveimpex Electric toothbrush charger:

electric toothbrush charger

Key Features:

  • Various Philips toothbrushes can be charged
  • 12-month exchange policy
  • 30-day refund period
  • The model is designed with an IPX7 waterproof rating
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes
Philips models, HX8000, HX3000, HX9000 can be charged Wattage is not labelled on the brush surface
Water-resistant, fully sealed and dustproof Slightly more expensive than other chargers because of its wireless charging ability
Inductive charging option for ease
The firm grip of ABS material

Key features that should be observed while purchasing a toothbrush charger. They are compactly described below:

  • Power:

The first thing that should be noted is that the charger should have a good wattage rating. This rating is necessary to make sure that the charger is compatible with your toothbrush. Usually, the wattage range is between 0.9 to 1.4 watts. This range is widely accepted all over the world. All the toothbrush brands use motors that consume power in this range.

  • Compatibility:

Another key feature that should be observed is the compatibility of the charger with the toothbrush brand. The best idea is that both the charger and toothbrush should be of a similar brand. In this way, the working charger and toothbrush goes well side by side. Moreover, the efficiency of the toothbrush is not affected by the same brand charger. Because their compatibility is perfect for each other. So, always make sure your charger and toothbrush are of the same company or compatible with Oral-B or Philips.

  • Warranty:

If you are going to buy an electric toothbrush charger then you should also check whether its warranty is included or not. A long-term warranty is a positive sign of the reliability of that charger. Most of the time these chargers come with a warranty of a minimum of 1 year. Usually, a charger from a top brand provides a long-term service of 5 to 7 years.

  • Water Resistance:

The chargers are of different kinds. Most of the time the chargers are installed in the washrooms. There are wireless chargers which are fixed in the walls and the wiring is concealed in the wall. Therefore these chargers should be water-repellent. So, it’s a wise idea to check the water resistance rating of the charger. A high rating ensures that the charger has high water resistance. The parameter includes IP65 and IP67 ratings.

Closing Remarks:

I have discussed different types of electric toothbrush chargers. All of them have great compatibility, water resistance and charging methods. Therefore these models are among the top brands and are used worldwide. Few of them have lightweight designs and are easy to carry with you. Some of them are dustproof.

So, if you are looking for an electric toothbrush charger, surely you are capable enough to buy a charger for yourself. Now, this totally depends upon you which charger you are going to purchase according to your needs, specification requirements and most importantly your budget.

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