How Old is Camilo in Ecanto in 2023 | Complete Details

How Old is Camilo in Ecanto in 2023 | Complete Details

Camilo Madrigal is a young character in the Ecanto feature film produced by Disney Studios. This young character is very popular among children due to his superpower, kind nature, and likes and dislikes. His age, according to the feature film producers and directors, is 15 years. He has many abilities, like shapeshifting into any living person he has seen in his life.

He quite resembles his grandfather. Camilo’s age is very concerning to the people and viewers, and they often search How old is Camilo in Ecanto. Now, you have a detailed and true answer about his age and that is 15 years.

What is Ecanto?

Ecanto is an American-based animated feature film. Walt Disney Animation Studios has produced this beautiful feature film. The film is of comedy and musical fantasy genre and equally entertaining for children and elders. Jared Bush and Byron Howard have directed this beautiful piece of art. Charise Castro Smith and Bush have written the story of this feature film.

How Old is Camilo in Ecanto

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Storyline and Crew:

This feature film is based on the story of a family that lives in the mountains of Colombia. The family lives in a magical house in a colorful town. That place is quite wonderful, and they call it Ecanto. That’s where the film gets its name and title. As it is an animated series, that is why no actors played the original character.

However, many popular actors and voice artists gave their voices to the characters of this feature film. One of the characters’ names is Camilo, and you may be wondering How old is Camilo in Ecanto. A 25-year-old popular American actor and vocal artist Rhenzy Feliz gave his magical voice to the Camilo character in this feature film.

Popular Voice Artists:

Many other popular names in the showbiz industry of the United States have given their voices to various characters in this film. John Leguizamo, Stephanie Beatriz, Diane Guerrero, Wilmer Valderrama, Sarah Nicole Robles, and Alan Tudyk are among those artists who gave voices to certain characters of the Disney animated feature film Ecanto.

The feature film has a running time of 1 hour and 42 minutes. Walt Disney Studios released this comic and musical fantasy feature film on November 24, 2021. The budget of this feature film was around $120 Million to $150 Million, and the film earned a gross revenue of $240 Million. Overall, it was a huge hit and attracted so many people from all around the world.

Who is Camilo?

Camilo Madrigel is a famous character in the animated series Ecanto. This character is very popular among children and elders. They really enjoyed the performance of this character. People, however, are often curious about the age of Camilo in the feature film. They are interested to know How old is Camilo in Ecanto.

This is because of the superpowers that Camilo has in the series. He quickly shapeshifts himself and becomes a big man from a young kid. The Camilo character’s parents are Felix and Peppa. He is the younger brother of Dolors and also has a younger brother Antonio.

Physical Appearance of Camilo:

Camilo Madrigal’s actual avatar is a 15-year-old boy. But his different abilities and superpowers to change into the person he wants are also some of his unique appearances. We will discuss the actual avatar and character of Camilo, a young boy of 15 years. Camilo has a slender, slim, and thin body with a Golden brown complexion.

He has curly brown hair in his normal avatar. Further appearance includes his green hazel eyes and a tint on his eyelids. Camilo also has freckles around his nose and cheeks, and the whole look is very unique and attractive.

How Old is Camilo in Ecanto

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Camilo has an uncanny resemblance to his grandfather Abuelo Pedro. The resemblance is mainly from their facial expressions and overall look. However, both of them has different hairstyle, complexion, and color. Camilo’s age is very interesting for people, and they search How old is Camilo in Ecanto?

Furthermore, his dressing of Camilo is also quite similar to his grandfather’s. He wears a long white shirt with his sleeves rolled upwards and a yellow garment with dark yellow straps on it. Camilo usually wears black pants and black sandals. His sandals have white etchings on them.

Hair ColorBrown
Hair TypeCurly
Eye ColorAhzel green eyes


Superpowers of Camilo:

Camilo has the great superpower of shape-shifting. He can change his body and shape to any living person he has seen in his life. When he shifts his shape to another person, his clothes and body parts also change into that person.

Camilo uses his superpower in a proper and systematic way. He uses them when he needs them and does use them for fun or irrelevant things. When he gets depressed or in a state of shock, his shape shifts automatically.

However, there are certain limitations to his shapeshifting ability. Camilo can change his body into living persons only and those whom he has seen. Furthermore, he cannot shapeshift into an animal, bird, or any other object.

How Old is Camilo in Ecanto

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He can shapeshift into someone’s character but has access to limited features of that person. He cannot obtain the complete features and qualities of that person. If he gets injured while shapeshifting, his injury will stay in character he changes himself.

He also has the ability to change his voice to the person he converts into. Camilo is fast, and quick and has good agility in his body. He can change himself into different characters while running or jumping to avoid injuries and accidents. You might wonder How old is Camilo in Ecanto and why he has these superpowers.

Likes and Dislikes of Camilo:

The Character Camilo Madrigal has many favorite activities that children usually love to do. That is why this character is very popular among children. They offer to mimic the dancing, speaking, and playing style of Camilo.


Camilo Madrigal has various hobbies, and he likes to do them very eagerly. He loves dancing, mocking relatives, playing football, singing, and pranking his partners and friends. He also likes to do shapeshifting, magic children, help others, and attend parties. Camilo often dramatizes Bruno and loves to attend guests and entertaining programs.


Camilo also dislikes many issues like confusion, lightning, and messy junk food. He also avoids family issues, magic dying, losing the house, danger, and getting caught during any mischievous activity.

Other Character Ages:

Felix50 Years
Bruno50 Years
Antonio5 Years
Peppa50 Years
Isabella22 Years
Mirabel15 Years
Dolors22 Years
Louisa19 Years
Augustine50 Years

How Old is Camilo in Ecanto

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Nicknames of Camilo in Ecanto:

Camilo got many nicknames for his character’s storyline and image. He is also known as “The Theatre Kid”. This is the most popular nickname that most people use to call him. Furthermore, “The Family Parnkstar” and “Primo Camilo” are also among the nicknames of Camilo Madrigal.

Camilo has two other nicknames for its character which are “The Mama’s Boy” and “Carlos Madrigal”. Many people often search for How old is Camilo in Ecanto to know his age because he often shifts his shape to older and younger characters.


Following are a few facts that are associated with Camilo’s Character.

  • Camilo’s name means Altar server. This name fits with the Family of Madrigal religious theme.
  • The original name of Camilo is Carlos Madrigal. His theme is also quite connected to his name Carlos.
  • You might not have noticed the birthday of Camilo in the film, which is on 28 December.
  • The name of the Camilo Madrigal character came from the Ecanto tour guide, Camilo Gracia Escobar.
  • My favorite drinks of Camilo Madrigal’s are coconut and Lemonade.
  • You may be looking for How old is Camilo in Ecanto; his age is 15 years.
  • Camilo loves dining and parties with someone accompanying him. He also loves to play football with his favorite character Casita.
  • Camilo alos has a crush. He has strong feelings for her and often reacts weirdly when she is around him. Many characters in the film are searching to know the exact reason for his weird behavior.


Q. Does Camilo Madrigal have a crush?

Yes, Camilo Madrigal has a crush. He started to act weird when she was around him. He had mixed feelings for her. Camilo has strong feelings for her and hesitates to tell her about his confession.

Q. Is Camilo older or Mirabel?

Yes, Camilo is older than his cousin Mirabel. Camilo’s age, according to the feature film directors, is 15 years, and he is older than Mirabel by a margin of a few months.

Is Camilo Pepa and Félix’s son?

Q. Camilo Madrigal is the middle child of Pepa and Félix Madrigal, Dolores’s younger brother, and Antonio’s older brother.

Bottom Remarks:

People are often curious about the age of the famous animation character Camilo Madrigal in the Ecanto film. They want to know How old is Camilo in Ecanto. So, for then, the answer is 15 years. This feature film is very popular and has gained a huge response and positive feedback from the audience.

People really liked the performance of the show and Walt Disney Animation Studios released this comedy and musical fantasy film in November 2021. Camilo’s character has gained great popularity among the people from the audience and the film was a huge hit.

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