Sharksnado: Sequels, cast, release, international broadcast & Ratings

Sharksnado: Sequels, cast, release, international broadcast & Ratings

Sharksnado is an American science fiction action comedy horror disaster film with 6 parts. Anthony C. Ferrante is the director of the film released by Syfy between 2013 and 2018. The story contains a waterside that boots sharks from the sea and drops those in Los Angeles. The film’s series starts off with evolved fin and Tara “Sharksnado“, a city full of sharks, they do not find any place where can they move.

Then a friend group tries to save the city from the sharks-monster in Santa Monica. A group of friends uses a time travel capacitor made by Gil. Time travel helps them go to back the present day. Lead Monster from Sharks is a franchise. The franchise was in 1st part of the film. Let’s have a details look at this film.

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Movie Sequels:

Let us discuss all the sequels of this amazing science fiction film that people really love.

  • Sharksnado:

A monster cyclonic attack in Los Angeles begins with a person-consuming shark raised up inside the water mouth off and rushes the city with shark-take over ocean water.

  • The second One:

Even as Fin and April are in my town to sell April Wexler and attempt to stop a group of Sharks that appear there. When Fin and his wife come on a plane and land in the sea storm. Sharks attack the plane engine and kill the pilot and passenger.

While sharks killed passengers and the pilot, the fin’s wife attacked the shark with a gun, and his hand was cut off. 2nd attack is held at the airport fin warns people of the storm. After admitting April to the hospital for surgery.

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Fin calls Ellen at Bales Tower Hotel immediately, fin goes on the subway with his team holding weapons in their hands and fighting with shark storms. Suddenly Sharks drop down from the sky. Skye and Fin try to destroy the heads of the sharks. Subway filled up with storms and sharks attacked trains. In the end, fins buy a ring for remarriage with April and proposes to her.

  • Feeding Frenzy:

Oh no hell! When a ‘shark’ arrives Washington’s shark’s fighter Fin Shepard along with Gil, April, and Nova, decides to face all the deadly challenges to save the capital from defacing. The head of state and fin work together to destroy the shark storm.

Both of them fight to save the country and destroy the sharks. Fin plan is to destroy the storm from space with NASA’s help. Sharks attack NASA at the time of take-off. Nova trying to create a hole in the shark’s wall. But they do not destroy the wall of sharks.

  • Sharksnado: The 4th Awakens (2016)

The 4th Awaken’s new cast in the film covers Masiela Lusha, Tommy Davidson, Cheryl Tiegs, and Gary Busey, Imani Hakim. Fin and his team, after five years of the last shark, hire a group for this movie recasting. In this part, fin travels around the world to save their family from sharks. This Series 4th received a hugely negative review.

  • Global Swarming (2017)

The 5th Global Swarming movie was released on August 6, 2017. The plot represents that was actually keeping the fishes in stop, the upcoming storms shoot up to the point that they destroy the world, leaving behind only Fin alive until he is met by a time-replace model of his son Gill.

  • The Last one: It is About Time (2018)

Alive Fin ultimate survivor, finds himself travelling through timer-replace to meet probably-dead meat searching to recognize and stop the first of the modern-day sharks. After crushing the power of sharks in utopia, fighting for freedom, and the herbal West, Fin is capable of destroying the original shark before it can shoot up into the arena disaster he has watched, increasing a new timer in which Fin is still just the bar proprietor.

Sharknado casting

Finley (Ian Z) plays the lead character as a barkeeper. George (John Heard) is a drunk man who spends all his time at a bar club. April plays the role of Tara as Finn’s first wife. Nova is an employee of the fin.

International Broadcast

Here are some of the details of the international broadcast.

  1. UC was organized on 9 September 2013 Broadcast in Australia.
  2. The opening night on Syfy on 7 August 2013 in the United Kingdom
  3. The first performance on free-to-air TV Broadcast in New Zealand was on 17 September 2013.
  4. In Germany’s first performance on free-to-air 5 television channel on 10 January 2014.
  5. Broadcast THAILAND on free-to-air PPTV TV channel in 2017.
  6. First performance on the free-to-air GMA Network in January 2016 in the Philippines.

Sharknado Alive:

Brace yourselves for a shark-tasting experience that will make your “jaws” drop. Sunway Lagoon has finally launched its brand new attractions for its signature Scream Park theme park!”

One of the interesting factors is the usage of shark attacks as the main theme for this project. After the succession of the previous installments including Ghostbusters and even the Nights of Frights series, the addition of power boosts your experience to a different level.

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Sunway Lagoon Scream Park, “Sharknado Alive! Gives another task as well as “Sharknado Dunk Tank” and also “Sharknado Blast”. What’s more, Sunway Lagoon also presents scuba diving sessions, finished with a shark-themed outfit. There is also a special shark idol performance to fill the party.

Net worth:

Here is a streamline on this movie Alive’s net worth up to a point.

net worth earlier than appearing on Shark Tank950,000 USD(Business Valuation)
Net worth [year between appearing and now]900,000 USD
Current Net worth (2022)1 Million USD


Q. What is the Shark on a Plane movie?

By what means live a Shark and further unusual mishap? A book has been written by April regarding the Los Angeles Shark. As the plane comes in for reentry through a superstorm, it is hit by drifting sharks, and no longer has an engine.

Q. Is Sharksnado the highest-grossing movie?

This film has officially become the most successful movie of all time. It assembles $4.503 billion in “Total permit Gross”.

Q. Which Sharksnado is the best?

This Film was highly ranked in 2013. Because of its storyline, cast, and acting make that film a step above all other sequels of this movie.

Q. Is Sharksnado self-aware?

The film is completely self-aware. Yet it is the only takes its B-movie status; this movie 2 holds it full-on. The cameos are so back as to outstrip deaths by sharks.

Q. Where is Sharksnado alive?

The attraction lives at the entire top of Scream Park and gets hold of visitors through a 15-minute harrowing period through the near framework and location from the movie.

Bottom Line:

Generated a sequence of sequels for Sharksnado for the fulfillment, the last part of the series launched on 19 August 2018. Sharks are all the way down to earth due to the fact that there has never been a documented tornado that tosses white sharks into the middle of a major downtown, however, there was a real existence of horrified animal-overspread waterspouts. For more entertaining news must visit


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