Top 8 Ways on How to Cheat on a Proctored Exam

Top 8 Ways on How to Cheat on a Proctored Exam

Cheating in exams is always a major problem that is faced by many educational institutes. Dr. Donald McCabe revealed in one of his studies that almost 95% of the students did cheating during their exams, assignment, or homework. Furthermore, the fast development of technology and the extensive methods of e-learning made the way of study worse.

Additionally, education institutes will always try to adjust this problem for students by giving them much less effort and easy assignments and exams. So that the students will receive good grades in their exams and class activities. Let’s find some ways how to cheat on a proctored exam.

What is a Proctored Exam?

A Proctored Exam points in the direction of the test–takers that are observed by the invigilator during the course of the whole process of exams. The common exams were taken and invigilated by a human person. On the other hand, the online test is made sure by the special AI-based protection software or remote human proctor.

Away from educators implementing academic integrity, many techniques are used to stop students from bad behavior. Furthermore, always make sure the protection of testing materials creates a great environment for learning. With some essential assistance, it will offer test-takers for the duration of important assessments.

What is a Proctored Exam?

How Does the Proctored Exam Work?

The process of an online protected exam is so simple and conventional like the class test. Before starting the assessment, first, students need to clear some validation processes and verify their student identity. They ask to allow their web camera. Moreover, they might scan their student ID and give them a picture. After completing student verification and checking the other equipment. The students go further to proceed to their tests.

Furthermore, the online proctoring software consists of many features. the most common one contains:

  • Noise Detection
  • Blocking Browser
  • Video and Audio Recording
  • Facial Recognition
  • Verification and Authentication
  • Examination Content Protection

Can You Cheat on Proctored Exams?

The internet and other solution websites and techniques are increasing the ease of understanding the problems. These accessibilities of sources that provide the information make it easy for students to cheat in exams. Moreover, modern technology and the internet give us some benefits but on the other hand they also have some negative impacts on our lives.

In online or e-learning, technologies have played an essential role in the implementation. Furthermore, they help academic institutions and students understand the scalability, Cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of e-learning education. Now, education institutes can engage and work on some new techniques to keep the reliability of digital settings. On the other hand, the students have come up with some new techniques that will help them for cheating in exams.

Can You Cheat on Proctored Exams?

8 Ways How to Cheat on a Proctored Exam and How to Prevent Them?

Here are some easy ways how to cheat on a proctored exam that will help you when you are doing your proctored exam:


Impersonation is a very common type of misconduct in the exam. It involves asking another student to do someone else’s exam on their behalf. Impersonation is usually steadfast either in the central or previously an online exam sitting. Students can change their places with each other before the authentication. They may share their exam login or identification documents. This situation is very popular from the time when the majority of online proctoring systems conduct verification and authentication only before starting the exam.

To prevent impersonation and enhance the mechanism of authentication and make it more elaborate and dynamic. It is possible to appliance 2 or 3-factor authentication:

  • Verified ID
  • Facial Recognition
  • Ask students to put in a one-time password which is sent to their previous cell phone.


Advanced Technology and Tech Gadgets:

In this era, cheaters did not use old techniques like writing formulas on their hands or finding answers from their course books. They use various technologies and gadgets that will help them to find the solution to their problem when they do their online assessments. Here are some ways that will help the students when they are doing their online assessments.

  1. Screen-sharing software like Google Meet, Zoom, and other tools offer students to share their computer screen along with exam papers to help.
  2. Moreover, students can also use smartwatches, mobile phones, and other devices that will help them to find out the solution from the internet.
  3. By using gadgets and technologies, students can chat with helpers and store essential information.

Here are some ways that help you to prevent proctored exams:

  • AI data analysis
  • A safe exam browser
  • Noise detection
  • Tabs Switching Detection
  • Latest video and audio proctoring

Advanced Technology and Tech Gadgets

 3. Use of Virtual Machine:

The functions of a virtual machine work as a computer. While the proctoring software displays the device operating system, many students allow a virtual machine as an additional Operating system to find the best answer and techniques on how to cheat on a proctored exam question.

Here are some ways that might help you to avoid proctored exams:

  • AI-based and Automated Proctoring
  • Student Behavior
  • Extra Noise

Use of External Projector:

A lot of students know that remote proctoring software may block on-screen activities. That’s why they choose some opposite for reflecting their desktop screen to an external projector or display. So the helper will easily see your exam paper and guide you with a proper answer. The AI-based proctoring solution detects these kinds of cheating when they spot any other unusual body language of a deter in your room through video recording.

The Old-School Trick:

Well, the techniques of old-school cheating such as writing solutions on your palm and hiding a note have become not much common now. But somewhere they may still exist. Moreover, it is important to notice that they did not signify any important risk to the reliability of online proctored exams.

If you face any of the old-school tricks, they may not create any of the problems for live remote or automated proctored exams. But on the other hand, A-based software can detect student noises and movements of students without difficulty.

The Old-School Trick

Help from Experts, Friends, and Family:

When you are giving the exams from your home then you can take help from your family, friends, and relatives. They can also sit with you in the same room, see the exam paper or find the best solution for your paper for you on the Internet. However, it is not very difficult to conflict with this form of academic dishonesty by using some new proctoring technologies. This technique might help you how to cheat on a proctored exam.

Search the Answer Online:

Students may give online proctored exams from their laptop, desktop computer, or other device that might have admittance to the internet. Apart from this, allow students to study in a stress-free and comfortable environment. The Internet will always help students to find out the best and easy solution for their answers. Moreover, these types of dishonesty and cheating can be easily removed and detected, if the solution of proctoring holds the features of browser blocking.

Bathroom Break:

Students can take a bathroom break and use his excuse to open their notes and search for the solution. Moreover, they can also make apologies for a bad internet connection. After taking a bathroom break, students can ask for help from family members or call their friends for help. In this type of tricky dishonesty, it is not confirmed that the excuse of the student is fake or genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can a proctored exam see your screen?

Yes, the proctors can see your screen activities. Moreover, they can also operate your keyboard and mouse activities like they are sitting in front of you. When your exams start, your proctor will monitor all of the activities on your computer screen.

Q. Can Proctorio detect phones?

No, it cannot detect your mobile phone. But if you gaze down for a long time or take a side to use your mobile phone then the webcam will detect you.

Q. What should you not do in a proctored exam?

Do not take a screenshot or picture of your exam paper. Taking any type of screenshot or picture will not be allowed during your exam. If you are using a Mac during the exam, your proctor will turn off the ability to use the hotkeys of your keyboard.

Q. What happens if someone walks in during a proctored exam?

If you break any of the privacy rules in the testing area. Then your proctor will state the privacy issue with the student and pause the transfer of the “ARE”.

Final Take:

Academic dishonesty of students always remains a serious problem in both remote and traditional learning situations. The education institutes are introducing the latest technologies that will help them to detect any dishonesty of students. While on the other hand, students are using some new techniques for cheating in exams.

The students can use many latest gadgets or techniques to find out the best solution on how to cheat on a proctored exam. Moreover, they can also take help from their relatives, family, or friends. To reduce this dishonesty during exams. Academic institutions need to keep an eye on students’ methods and techniques for cheating.

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