How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Vizio TV Issue?

How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Vizio TV Issue?

If you want to enjoy streaming services such as original programming, TV series, and movies. Then all of this is available for you on Disney Plus. But here the problem is a lot of people face difficulty when they use this service on Vizio TV. Furthermore, various reasons are the reason for this problem like a server outage, an error on your Vizio TV, a bad internet connection, or a glitch in your Disney Plus App.

In this article, we will provide you with complete guidelines for this problem, and why Disney Plus is not working with vizio tv. Also, we will give the solution or troubleshooting techniques so that you can easily fix it.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working with Vizio TV?

  • First, check if your device is well-suited with Disney+ or not.
  • Check the updates and route the device to the firmware setting on your device page.
  • Furthermore, from the app stores of your device, try reinstalling and deleting the Disney Plus App.
  • Additionally, with various friendly devices try login by using exact details.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working with Vizio TV?

How can you get Disney Plus on Vizio?

The first thing you should need to do is take a subscription to Disney Plus. For a monthly subscription, you need to pay almost $6.99 and on the other hand, for a yearly subscription, you have to pay at least $69.99. Moreover, a SmartCast-enabled Vizio TV is required because Disney Plus has been working with it since 2016 or onward.

  • If you’re Disney Plus not working with vizio tv. Here are some easy and simple steps for how you can get Disney Plus on Vizio:
  • First, check that your Vizio TV has an HDMI Port which is used for plugins.
  • Now, give the ability to your Vizio TV to install Disney Plus.
  • Then, catch a streaming device that plugs into your Vizio TV.
  • Furthermore, we suggest our users use Amazon Fire Stick or Roku Stick as their main Streaming player.
  • Now, you need to plug both devices into the HDMI Port on your Vizio TV. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about the model of your TV.
  • Now, you can stream Disney Plus on your Vizio TV.

How can you stream Disney Plus on your older Vizio Smart TV?

The latest Disney app will be available for you. If your SmartCast TV is connected to your internet Device. Here are some guidelines for you to get Disney Plus on your Older Vizio Smart TV:

  • First, by using the SmartCast TV Platform, download the Disney Plus app.
  • Since 2016 or Onward, Vizio SmartCast TV will support Disney+ App.
  • If you recently purchased a TV. Simply go to the platform which is SmartCast.
  • Download the APP and enjoy the streaming after signing in.

How can you stream Disney Plus on your older Vizio Smart TV?

How can you update the Disney Plus on your Vizio Smart TV?

Unfortunately, Vizio did not provide you with Firmware Updates. You just need to connect your Vizio Smart TV to your internet connection. After that, the updates of firmware return to the line till your TV is off. Moreover, at this point, the firmware update procedure will start over.

How can you update the Disney Plus on your Vizio Smart TV?

Reasons why Disney Plus not working with vizio tv

There are a lot of reasons why Disney Plus is not working with vizio tv. Some of them we are going to discuss with you.

Network Connectivity:

Router, Wireless Access Point, and Physical Obstruction will damage the quality of your Network Connectivity or Internet Connection. Furthermore, when you stream over Disney Plus on your Vizio TV. Then, you may face buffering problems.

If you face this problem, then go and check your internet connection. Make Sure that you are near the router to improve your internet speed. Moreover, to get the best connection to ensure that there is no Physical Obstruction between your Vizio TV and Access Point.

Network Connectivity

Outdated Software:

An outdated Software is a system that is not able to receive official updates and support from its developer and manufacturer. Moreover, to check that your Vizio TV is running modern software. Open the menu setting. Check the updates of the system. If the latest updates are existing, then follow the instructions to install them. Additionally, Disney+ is not working with Vizio TV, if your Software is outdated.

Firmware Issue:

Firmware Issues are used to fix bugs, prevent firmware hacks, increase your interaction, improve your security, and squash the latest features. if your firmware is outdated then, it will not let your Disney Plus work properly. That’s why make sure that you are using the modern version of firmware for Vizio TV.

Firmware Issue

Area Restriction:

If you worry about why Disney Plus is not working with Vizio TV. Then it might be the reason that your region does not support Disney Plus or Disney Plus is not available in your area. That’s why if on Vizio TV, Disney Plus is not working then check the countries list where Disney Plus is accessible.

How can you fix the trouble of having Disney Plus with vizio tv?

If you are still facing the issue regarding Disney Plus not working with Vizio TV, then you must try these solutions to fix the problem.

Solution # 1: Disney App Stuck:

  • Unplug your Switch from the wall. Wait for at least 1 minute and Restart your TV.
  • Now, open the menu of TV Remote and then further choose the System.
  • Here you can see the Reset & Admin. Pick the “Soft Power Cycle” from it.
  • When you select the soft power cycle then the unit will power off and after that start again.

Solution # 1: Disney App Stuck

Method 2: Bad Internet Connection:

  • Turn on your TV and wait for 2 minutes. Unplug the switch from the electric source.
  • Now, press the power button of the TV for at least 10 seconds.
  • After that, again plug in the power cable and turn your TV On.

Method 2: Bad Internet Connection

Solution # 3: Disney Plus App Not Responding:

  • First, you need to update the application of Disney Plus.
  • After that, update the firmware of your Vizio smart TV.
  • When you do that your problems will be fixed.

Solution # 3: Disney Plus App Not Responding

Solution # 4: Buffering Problem:

  • Keep your TV close to the router.
  • Restart your Router device.
  • Replace the old router with the latest dual-band router.
  • Make sure your internet speed is Good.

Solution # 4: Buffering Problem

Solution # 5: App Not Open:

  • Go and restart your Router device.
  • Change your DNS setting to
  • From router settings, for your Smart TV set a Reservation IP Address.

Solution # 5: App Not Open

Solution # 6: Factory Reset:

If you still face the same problem after using all the solutions, then delete the Disney Plus Application from your device and install it again. then, apply the factory reset setting.

Solution # 6: Factory Reset

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Disney Plus work on Vizio?

If your Vizio Smart TV is connected to the internet. Until then, the Disney App is accessible for you on Vizio TV. To open the Disney Plus App, press the “V” Button. After that, log in to your Disney Account.

Q. How do I update the Disney app on my Vizio TV?

To update the Disney App on your Vizio TV follow the instructions:

  • Press the “VIA” or “V” button from your remote.
  • Now, choose the App you need to update.
  • After that choose the Yellow button from your Remote.
  • If you see the Update Option here. Then click on it.
  • Approve the option by clicking on “Yes” and clicking on “Ok”.

Q. Why are my apps not working on my Vizio TV?

Ensure that the connection of your Vizio TV is good with the Internet. And the downloading speed of the app is great. Go to the menu of your Vizio and select the Network. Now, select the “Test Connection” or “Network Test’ Option.

Wind Up:

Disney Plus not working with vizio tv contains various reasons such as outdated software, Network Connectivity, Firmware Issues, and Area Restrictions. Moreover, if you are facing a problem regarding slow streaming and buffering then, you check your internet connection.

Furthermore, you can easily fix these problems by following the solutions that we will provide you in this article. After following them you will be able to fix the bugs that occur when you are trying to work Disney Plus with your Vizio TV.

Note: If the problem is still not solved then, contact Disney Plus Customer Support. They will assist you with some more techniques.

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