How to get Roblox voice chat? IOS, Android & With ID

How to get Roblox voice chat? IOS, Android & With ID

Roblox voice chat is the latest feature that will let the user talk with each other to work together in the game. previously when the players wanted to connect they had to stop their game. but now, by using these latest features Roblox allows their players to continuously play the game without stopping it. Furthermore, find out the information regarding this latest and new feature on how to get Roblox voice chat, and enjoy the new experience while playing.

How to Get Roblox Voice Chat?

Roblox voice chat provides you ease of communication while playing. Here are the simple steps that will guide you about enjoying the Roblox new latitudinal latest feature.

Step #1:

First, login to your Roblox User Account.

Step #1

Step #1

Step #2:

Find the icon of the account setting which is on the upper side of the page of the user interface.

Step #2

Step #2

Step #3:

To open the security setting of your account, select the Privacy option.

Step #3

Step #3

Step #4:

Now, slide the “Enable Voice Chat” on or off the button that lies on the lower side of the Beta Features.

Step #4

Step #4

When you enable voice chat. Now, you further have the choice of blocking and muting other players if their comments are trolling nature or abusive. To mute or block see an avatar’s head which is one upper side of the microphone icon to block, mute, or unmute the players while playing the game.

How Can I Download the Roblox Voice Chat?

At that time, the new feature of Roblox was not available for download. Go to your account setting to find out if you have this below privacy. Here you can see the toggle icon to see the on or off features.

Furthermore, the Roblox game is offered to download on iOS, Mac, Android, PC, Oculus Rift, Amazon Devices, Xbox, and HTC Vive. For your device, how to get Roblox voice chat go to their official website to download the official version.

You might get the option of voice chat when you download the latest Roblox Version. Moreover, if you are under 13 you may not get this option.

How to Get Roblox Voice Chat Without an ID?

The ID verification of Roblox lets the user get the longitudinal feature of voice chat while confirming an experience of suitable age. These steps take just a few of your minutes to complete. Here is the easy step you need to follow for ID verification.

  • Open your Roblox account on your desktop and login to it.
  • Open your account setting and choose “Account Info” from Tab.
  • Select “Verify My Age” below the Personal Section.
  • On your Desktop, a QR code appears as a pop-up, scan it. this scanning will take you to the direct “”.
  • Now, select the “Start Session”. If it asks you to take access to your camera, allow it.
  • Scan your government-issued ID from the front and back by photographing it. Moreover, you will also get a prompt that tells you to take a selfie.
  • You will quickly get the failure or success update regarding your ID verification.

How to Get Roblox Voice Chat Without Verification?

If you don’t have any ID for verification. Then there are some other ways you can follow to get the verification. you can easily get verified by using:

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Moreover, if you are accessing the Roblox Voice chat BY using alternative techniques. It means you are enjoying the less tedious and more convenient ways for ID verification. Furthermore, if you use an invalid email address or phone number, it means you will not be able to complete your verification.

Why Can’t I Enable Roblox Voice Chat?

If you are not capable of activating your Roblox account. You might have these issues:

  • ID Verification problem
  • You may be under 13.
  • Along with your account, Roblox might not use the feature of beta voice chat.
  • Moreover, you may violate the guidelines of the Roblox community regarding your chat and you may be blocked.

If you face any of these issues that might create trouble while experiencing Roblox. Then, the perfect way to solve this problem is to contact Roblox support and give details about the trouble.

Furthermore, keep in mind and be careful while taking Roblox Support. You may have a big issue that you need to talk about for a long time. so, while talking to them if they notice any misleading or false information. Then, the team will quickly remove you from voice chat.

How to Get Voice Chat Roblox on Mobile?

For desktop, and mobile the features of Roblox are the same. The official Roblox mobile version is available for both Android and iOS devices. When you download it, simply sign in by using your mobile. Further, go to the user’s privacy setting and choose “Enable Voice Chat” below the Beta Features.

How to Get Voice Chat Roblox on Mobile?

How to get voice chat Roblox on Mobile?

How to Get the Roblox Voice Chat on iPhone?

Here is the simple and easy guideline about how to get Roblox voice on iPhone:

  • To discover Roblox, visit the Apple App Store. After finding it, download it.
  • Using your iPhone device, login to your Roblox user account.
  • After that, tap on the 3 dots that are under the right side of the screen.
  • Click on “Setting”.
  • Click on “Account Info”.
  • Further, click on “Verify My Age”.
  • Now, click on “Start Session”.
  • To allow, tap on Allow to have camera access.
  • For your profile picture for your ID.
  • After completing the verification successfully, return to the setting and select “Privacy”.
  • On or off the “Enable Voice Chat” below the Beta feature.

How to Get the Roblox Voice Chat on iPhone?

How to get the Roblox voice chat on iPhone?

How to Get the Roblox Voice Chat on iPad?

The steps of how to get the voice chat on Roblox iPad are similar to the iPhone steps. Since both of them are working on a similar Apple Operating System. While playing games, the iPad gives a broader screen than iPhone. Furthermore, the features of all Apple Products are the same.

How to Get the Roblox Voice Chat on iPad?

How to get the Roblox Voice chat on iPad?

Games that Support the Roblox Voice Chat:

Roblox has not given any of the game lists that formally support the voice chat feature. Moreover, in your gaming journey, we will help you by providing some of the best Roblox Games that support the voice chat feature of Roblox.

  • Mic Up
  • Piggy
  • Flee the Facility
  • Royalloween
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Outlaster
  • Open Mic Night
  • Epic Rap Battles
  • Flex Your Account Age

Pros and Cons of Using Roblox Voice Chat:

If the Roblox voice chat spatial has some pros such as it improving the player’s gaming experience while playing. On the other hand, they also have some Cons as well. Here is a list of some pros and cons of using the Roblox voice chat:

  • Better Communication
  • Offer a Handy Mute Button
  • Increase Immersive Play
  • Security Concerns
  • Lack of Balance
  • Background Noise Distraction

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I get Roblox voice chat on mobile?

The formal Roblox mobile version is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. When you download it, just sign in to your mobile. Additionally, go to the user’s privacy setting and select “Enable Voice Chat” below the Beta Features.

Q. Can everyone get Roblox voice chat now?

First, you prove that you are above 13 or 13 years old to use voice chat. Furthermore, at that time it is locked because of some age restriction to ensure that the latest features of voice chat are not going to be misused.

Q. Why can’t I turn on Roblox voice chat?

Because this is not accessible for all accounts of Roblox. Moreover, to get access to it you must be 13 or 13+ to verify your account. Furthermore, in the Roblox setting you will not be able to see these new features of Roblox if you don’t verify your age.

Q. How to get vc on Roblox 2023?

Follow the instruction below to get the vc on Roblox 2023:

  • Visit the Account Setting.
  • Verify your age.
  • Choose the Privacy Tab.
  • Toggle the voice chat slider to ON. After that, the toggle will change its color from gray to green.

Final Remarks:

By utilizing the new feature of Roblox voice chat. Now, you can talk with your friends and other users while playing. Now, you don’t have any need to stop your game like you did in your previous games. Moreover, the response of players to this feature is amazing.

Additionally, how to get a Roblox voice chat or verify the Roblox account. Your age must be above 13 years to enjoy this Roblox feature. If you are not above 13 then unfortunately you might not be able to use this voice chat feature. Furthermore, you can also verify your account by using your Phone No or Email ID. For more vist here

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